Worlds Biggest Vertical Water Slide! 

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Build A Straight Down Vertical Slip N Slide!
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15 mei. 2021




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Brother Hood boi
Brother Hood boi 6 dagen geleden
They all have the biggest wedgie bro
Nascar 6 dagen geleden
Funk bros make the most childish videos but in the most adult way 😂😂😂
Nathan Brosch
Nathan Brosch 7 dagen geleden
Add a loop with a jump after and land in a pool or something 🔥🔥🔥
Kaitlyn Marko
Kaitlyn Marko 9 dagen geleden
The one and only legend mama funk
Xavier Pickett
Xavier Pickett 12 dagen geleden
Magical Twins
Magical Twins 13 dagen geleden
I love ❤️ ❤️ love you drew You thought I was serious 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢 🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤢🤢🤮🤢🤢🤮🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤮🤢🤮🤮
XanThePanda 15 dagen geleden
I left the channel for a few months and came back who is sam who are these people at 2:48 where is Capron’s “Bodyguard”
Callum Harrison
Callum Harrison 15 dagen geleden
the way the dog ran everytime
Nevaeh Jennings
Nevaeh Jennings 15 dagen geleden
I wanna do this😅
Yomomma 7419
Yomomma 7419 16 dagen geleden
THIS is the true funk bros!!! Love these videos!!!
JoeJames 18 dagen geleden
You guys seriously needs to make a new channel. You channel is dead. Videos like this should be getting millions of views. Your content is crazy good. Old channels tend to not get put into recommended so they don't get as many views.
Johnny GREmLIns
Johnny GREmLIns 19 dagen geleden
Candice Matoian
Candice Matoian 19 dagen geleden
Hey guys! My son is a HUGE fan! He had the opportunity to meet you when you came to his friends cancer fundraiser at pins n pockets in Elsinore and it's still one of the highlights of his life! Well, the boy is turning 13! In June and I was wondering if you would be able to give him a shout out in a video (we both follow you!)?? We'll be at raging waters 6/26 but his birthday is 6/27 (taco dinner in Elsinore and you're officially invited!)... He has no clue I'm attempting to get a hold of you guys sshhhhh I have every finger and toe crossed that this message finds you! Thank you, lots of love from Lake Elsinore
Laramie Brown
Laramie Brown 19 dagen geleden
i thought y’all got sued
Zman27 Gaming
Zman27 Gaming 20 dagen geleden
Did u guys used to be like architects cuz this is crazy and u always build sick things
Antakam 21 dag geleden
I feel bad for you man in your new house you going away
Harold Busma
Harold Busma 21 dag geleden
You like dangei bros
Reyna Hernandez
Reyna Hernandez 22 dagen geleden
The aspiring surfboard covalently twist because hacksaw essentially join above a square pendulum. loud, beneficial october
Anime_ _World
Anime_ _World 22 dagen geleden
When corey moved his hand he hit that dog
Tanille Torgerson
Tanille Torgerson 23 dagen geleden
You guys are crazy oh yeah I love all your videos I watch all of them I only have one last one and that’s what I’m watching well I’m still watching a whole bunch online he he but I do watch your videos
Adam Jacobs
Adam Jacobs 24 dagen geleden
Ya but what is 50ft? The trees next to it???
DuckieBeth 24 dagen geleden
Suki is having so much fun running to everyone as they slide down, cutest lil doggo!! 🐶💕😍
Sir Cow
Sir Cow 25 dagen geleden
That dog is having more fun than the Mob
Gurlal Singh
Gurlal Singh 25 dagen geleden
I was gonna give an idea but I realised u have to move out 😢😢😢😢😢😢
zxHxpnotic 25 dagen geleden
anson fallon
anson fallon 25 dagen geleden
lol surprise squad
lol surprise squad 25 dagen geleden
Hii im indie and im ten and im such a big fan and BTW new subscriber ME
Braxton Faucett
Braxton Faucett 26 dagen geleden
Make a pool so you can land in if
Braxton Faucett
Braxton Faucett 26 dagen geleden
cayden luna
cayden luna 26 dagen geleden
I love your content keep up the good work
money 26 dagen geleden
the dog running around them when they slid down was the cutest thing ever
samagya shah
samagya shah 26 dagen geleden
That guy is soooo disrespectful to his dog @ 2:18
tigerP 27 dagen geleden
Make it bigger
Tatem Wilson
Tatem Wilson 27 dagen geleden
can we look at caprons face on 7:47
Guyer Trumpet
Guyer Trumpet 27 dagen geleden
I wanted to wait to watch this cause of what’s happening and I’m gonna miss y’all doing stuff like this hopefully stuff goes in yalls favor soon and you can get back to doing what you love ❤️
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams 27 dagen geleden
i love mamma funk. you should have her do a flip over o of the guys comming down the slide. but have someone help her flip
YT_stxtictv 27 dagen geleden
Jump or loop
Andrea Benner
Andrea Benner 28 dagen geleden
That looks scary af!! Momma Funk is my hero!!
xxl gamer
xxl gamer 28 dagen geleden
The Dog😂
Withercool Gaming
Withercool Gaming 28 dagen geleden
Didn't you guys get sued?
Malika's Interests
Malika's Interests 28 dagen geleden
omg!! Mum/Grandma Funk is just the best! Braver than I would be going down a eater death slide 🤣
rexie rex
rexie rex 28 dagen geleden
@capron funk I happened to notice u have a scar on your stomach if u don’t mind me asking what happened.. I’m currently in the hospital right now just got surgery on my an the funk crew got me staying strong through this lonely times in the hospital your videos cheer me up love to see the joy all u have in making these videos for your supports big fan keep y’all head up keep making these awesome videos
sweety198500000 28 dagen geleden
Sry but give the dog what love and dont puch him or her way🥺🥺🥺
Shwaun Dizayee
Shwaun Dizayee 28 dagen geleden
Put a string of lights that are waterproof on both sides and at night/evening time!
Gavin Rowe
Gavin Rowe 28 dagen geleden
I want to go down that thing. Anyone else want to?
Dylan the sweat
Dylan the sweat 28 dagen geleden
Add a triple loop
Sophia!! 28 dagen geleden
I love you
sophia soriano
sophia soriano 28 dagen geleden
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stevie_bigpapa 28
Stevie_bigpapa 28 28 dagen geleden
Build a pond
Nathan Groom
Nathan Groom 28 dagen geleden
not 50ft tho
Phantom King
Phantom King 28 dagen geleden
Add slime
Brandonius is Caca
Brandonius is Caca 28 dagen geleden
I just liked, subscribed and turned on all the post notifications, you guys need all the money you can get, because I know how tough it is love you guys ❤️
Devision Ron
Devision Ron 28 dagen geleden
Its gonna hurt to see this go 😪
Stacy Fazioli
Stacy Fazioli 28 dagen geleden
Capron is having so much fun! 💕
HAUGER 319 28 dagen geleden
I saw your friend Oliver at the bike shop
Tyler Mulvany
Tyler Mulvany 28 dagen geleden
Title: 50 ft!!!! Corey: 7:12
konsti ist ultra lost loster als lost
In germany we say Real live guys auf Wish
King iBaca
King iBaca 28 dagen geleden
Mama Funk is OP! I miss my mom.
QT Duck
QT Duck 28 dagen geleden
Imagine how mad his neighbor is now
Oliver Mcmahon
Oliver Mcmahon 28 dagen geleden
I’ve come from TikTok have you had to sell the house yet
Fortnite_gamer 7710
Fortnite_gamer 7710 28 dagen geleden
U guys are the best
The Fishing King
The Fishing King 28 dagen geleden
If my summer not going to be like this then I don’t want it
Joey Is a goat
Joey Is a goat 28 dagen geleden
Yay you guys are doing vids I’m so happy I thought y’all were not going to make vids anymore this video was lit by the way
THSL gaming
THSL gaming 28 dagen geleden
Honestly that looks fun
Israel Aguilar
Israel Aguilar 29 dagen geleden
I want live like the funk bros
Hunterlarrybob YT
Hunterlarrybob YT 29 dagen geleden
The neighbor is the one that probably dislike the video on every account he has. 😂
Noah Williams
Noah Williams 29 dagen geleden
I thought u got sued
darcy arrow
darcy arrow 29 dagen geleden
put soap on it
Noah /Gamer
Noah /Gamer 29 dagen geleden
You should go sideways on it at the top part
ER ZX 29 dagen geleden
Capron has a dad body now after having his child given birth, like if u agree
Merijn van den Bosch
Merijn van den Bosch 29 dagen geleden
I think its time for a loop😏
Cj Thornton
Cj Thornton 29 dagen geleden
They keep pushing the dog away :(
LlamaSpitzz 29 dagen geleden
; ( its sad becasue you guys are made off this stuff and it will be gone sone i just hope you still live good lives
deevesh mungur
deevesh mungur 29 dagen geleden
I want to try it
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez 29 dagen geleden
where do u buy the water filled slip and slide aka the second slip n slide after the drop
tornado 21
tornado 21 29 dagen geleden
Holy crap i have never realized that I have been supporting you guys 3 to 4 years
Auston Gines
Auston Gines 29 dagen geleden
Bluid two rumps and Do a dont slide down the wrong rump where you throw something horrible on one side and they have guess which one include everyone
Bella W
Bella W 29 dagen geleden
This looks amazing ahah
Sasha Millay
Sasha Millay 29 dagen geleden
Sasha Millay
Sasha Millay 29 dagen geleden
Get a skim board
Nate 390
Nate 390 29 dagen geleden
Jump a Tesla!
Guilherme Cuidado
Guilherme Cuidado 29 dagen geleden
Foi Brazil
Majs Alshraa
Majs Alshraa 29 dagen geleden
So your getting sued and your moving out and then you build a slide
Timothy Pyankov
Timothy Pyankov 29 dagen geleden
You should do a ramp so when you go down you fly but not so high
Jayden Ryu Vergara
Jayden Ryu Vergara 29 dagen geleden
Death drop mountain top 👌 Like if it sounds good
infidel playz
infidel playz 29 dagen geleden
Man what happend to the og entro am I rite guys
Zoey Channel
Zoey Channel 29 dagen geleden
make a bar you swing from to the slide!!!Or add a tunnel!!!Diving board,trampoline into it,make it talller!
ryan rissling
ryan rissling 29 dagen geleden
you sould do the slide while your on floats
Nutter Butter
Nutter Butter 29 dagen geleden
The dangie bros did this 1 or 2 years ago
jennifer crush
jennifer crush 29 dagen geleden
Add another 10ft
xLu_na 29 dagen geleden
Yoooo, that’s crazy! Good job.
Tommy Brad
Tommy Brad 29 dagen geleden
I thought you moved out of that houses
Reign Creech
Reign Creech 29 dagen geleden
Capren is a dad?!?
Funkin Awesome
Funkin Awesome 29 dagen geleden
That is so cool!
Aubrey Tschumper
Aubrey Tschumper 29 dagen geleden
I love you
High Stream Gaming
High Stream Gaming 29 dagen geleden
i do have to give you props here love the video only one thing with the title its not the worlds biggest vatical water slide hurricane harbor Arlington tx
Abigail McNicol
Abigail McNicol 29 dagen geleden
Add a jump into a pool 🏊‍♀️ that would be sick
Zac Garlick
Zac Garlick 29 dagen geleden
You should make it twice as big
Piper Frantz
Piper Frantz 29 dagen geleden
Wait what if you guys did like a tunnel on the slide?
Piper Frantz
Piper Frantz 29 dagen geleden
drift king
drift king 29 dagen geleden
What happened to being sued
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