We Built A Giant Racetrack In Our Backyard! 

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Coreys dream came true and we turned our backyard into a race car track!
Text Us! (1-951-524-7847) @Capron Funk @Corey Funk
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20 feb. 2021




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Scuffed _minecraft
Scuffed _minecraft 3 uur geleden
69! MMMMM WHAT A? GooD CHOic like just reply with yes if u know
Eastin Sorenson
Eastin Sorenson 14 uur geleden
Eastin Sorenson
Eastin Sorenson 14 uur geleden
Eastin Sorenson
Eastin Sorenson 14 uur geleden
Just trying to hit 1,000 coments
Eastin Sorenson
Eastin Sorenson 14 uur geleden
Eastin Sorenson
Eastin Sorenson 14 uur geleden
vanessavince2004 Dag geleden
Hannah:almost died Me:that’s why seatbelts r made and that’s why bousters r made
MotoLog Dag geleden
Do a pit bike track
Lilac TheWolf
Lilac TheWolf 2 dagen geleden
Is hannah okay!? I got so worried when she hit her head
Sherene Woodard
Sherene Woodard 3 dagen geleden
I am Kyle
Jesse Vizcarra
Jesse Vizcarra 3 dagen geleden
Hey I remember these guys I used to work for them up in lake Matthews 🤫
TheDanyDavito. Com
TheDanyDavito. Com 3 dagen geleden
That’s happened to me Hanna but it was a metal bar
Skeletonas 3 dagen geleden
Who doesnt like this comment never be drifter
Max Jones
Max Jones 4 dagen geleden
go Corey
RealBabytVlogs 4 dagen geleden
She prolly has a concussion. And why is Corey so idk ...
Vlog Watcher
Vlog Watcher 4 dagen geleden
They should start two cars facing each other and put cinderblocks on the gas pedal and watch them smash in to each other.
HAYDEN CHAUVIN 5 dagen geleden
It will be funny if it was smart cars on big jumps
Colton Voll
Colton Voll 5 dagen geleden
88 is the new 69
TiloRex 5 dagen geleden
i like the celica
Teigan Anderson
Teigan Anderson 5 dagen geleden
Roseyinthetrees_ 6 dagen geleden
i really do feel bad for hannah but when she hit her head it really got me
Ashley Tefs
Ashley Tefs 6 dagen geleden
Teresa Lazo
Teresa Lazo 6 dagen geleden
Briley Mitchell
Briley Mitchell 6 dagen geleden
Hannah gets hit Corey checking to make sure the car was fin
PhantomCarGuy 6 dagen geleden
What was the song at 6:20?
SevyGod 6 dagen geleden
The level system neurophysiologically bruise because office pivotally boil aside a uncovered eggplant. scattered, tall dahlia
Yasin Gaming
Yasin Gaming 6 dagen geleden
Gunner wish version of drayge or btec verzion
Scottfitz14 6 dagen geleden
I’m a car enthusiast and this video is soo good
Kian Caughey
Kian Caughey 6 dagen geleden
I'm a new subscriber
Shaughna Crew!
Shaughna Crew! 6 dagen geleden
Bro Hannah is a keeper she will do anything for Corey...
dodo laga
dodo laga 6 dagen geleden
ok here me out toy drift cars things on the track
Algis Veiksys
Algis Veiksys 7 dagen geleden
Can u give a moment of silence how that cup stayed up on the windshield 9:51
J'son Cat
J'son Cat 7 dagen geleden
Cory in ALL seriousness A M A n on tiktok said you have cancer and only have 2 DaYS TO lIVE is that true
bailey thompson
bailey thompson 7 dagen geleden
funk bros always make me laugh when the do insane stuff
Alex Field
Alex Field 7 dagen geleden
to the funk bros carry on the amazing work you guys and you always make me happy and wet socks =]
jefferson james Zamayla
jefferson james Zamayla 7 dagen geleden
Bobby s t-shirt is eren s titan idk why I'm saying this
Austin Burt
Austin Burt 7 dagen geleden
Wait who else thought funk bros vs dangle bros race on this? It’d be so fun to watch and have 3 matches the funk bros and a good friend and the danger bros
demoslay Gamer
demoslay Gamer 7 dagen geleden
The song at the end it fire
Michael Cruz
Michael Cruz 7 dagen geleden
Toyota celiac is a good car that is going to be my first car need help buying cost 5000
Gavin Stewart
Gavin Stewart 7 dagen geleden
I can already image Caprons video teaching his son to drive here
E Oxendine
E Oxendine 7 dagen geleden
Have y’all ever asked billy about jocks vs choir kids
Jack Doodson
Jack Doodson 7 dagen geleden
Hannah was too busy filming on her phone to notice she's about to die
Marissa Longo Gabriel Scott
24 hours in the tree house Build a full trampoline park Race course Tree house slip n slide
Shashank Vlogs
Shashank Vlogs 7 dagen geleden
Your an OG if you remember quote of the Vlog and the gold coins hunting
Madison Outdoors
Madison Outdoors 7 dagen geleden
Just wondering I’m trying to start a NLblock channel and I was wondering what y’all’s music is called and where y’all got it
Joshua Singh 08
Joshua Singh 08 7 dagen geleden
You guys should put like concrete stone on it to make it like a proper track
Stacy Fazioli
Stacy Fazioli 7 dagen geleden
3:54 that's a caring boyfriend right there. ❤❤
Meeshi 7 dagen geleden
Yo i saw u at fish and grill in riverside
Alexander Fyenbo
Alexander Fyenbo 7 dagen geleden
Love you guys good content👍
Alexander Fyenbo
Alexander Fyenbo 7 dagen geleden
Hello i am the biggest fan from Danmark🇩🇰
liam2460 liam2460
liam2460 liam2460 7 dagen geleden
liam2460 liam2460
liam2460 liam2460 7 dagen geleden
what heppend to the covid 19 bunker
Samelsend Bros
Samelsend Bros 7 dagen geleden
You guys are my favorite
Princess Alexiss
Princess Alexiss 7 dagen geleden
Yayyy Charlie’s back
Mia DeLuca
Mia DeLuca 8 dagen geleden
Its like funny bc Drage is just serous when he drives and the other people are smiling and laughing! lol
M A R K 8 dagen geleden
U should use your guys dirt bikes and ride on the track ...... Use a HELMET with this idea, no 1 wanna end of Hannah
YARED KIFLE 8 dagen geleden
Drage lost because of his weight 😂😂😂😂😂
BoondockDaKid 8 dagen geleden
U know the white car to nice to f*** up can i take it home😂
Noah Stewart
Noah Stewart 8 dagen geleden
Yeah the 199 king
Vage Night
Vage Night 8 dagen geleden
number one poor hannah number two i love you guys
Tim Bar
Tim Bar 8 dagen geleden
Lol I love stages game face 🤨
lIWolfieIl 8 dagen geleden
Can I buy the totaled civic for $1?
Mahli Smith
Mahli Smith 8 dagen geleden
Lol not surprised Hannah smacked her dome, her fault for not wearing a seat belt
McKenna Wood
McKenna Wood 8 dagen geleden
Hey Funk Bros I have a question.When did you guys come to the conclusion that you guys wanted to be youtubers?
Nic 8 dagen geleden
Hu, so this is why the wet the stock car track
Rea. 8 dagen geleden
Now THIS is content
Coinmoon 8 dagen geleden
I subscribed to y’all 4 years ago and haven’t watched y’all since, (sorry) and I’m glad y’all’s personality has stayed the same. ☺️
Rodrigo Marconell
Rodrigo Marconell 8 dagen geleden
draige out here driving with one hand
skidxrowe 8 dagen geleden
how did you make the introw
Coinmoon 8 dagen geleden
Easy, you grab a drone, film, slow it down a tad, you go to text, type in how long you want it to be there, cut the film, once you’re done with cutting it, you voice over the text so you don’t have to time it perfectly afterwards, and you’re done. You grab extra films, and add the video, and you edit that! You’re done! Srry for this lol
Grant Bahnsen
Grant Bahnsen 8 dagen geleden
Hannah’s dad is gonna be scared now every video
Dexter Lubchenko
Dexter Lubchenko 8 dagen geleden
Seat belts
NRG Pound
NRG Pound 8 dagen geleden
desiree briddell
desiree briddell 8 dagen geleden
ima race this year! i cant wait for my 14th bday
Danielle Martens
Danielle Martens 8 dagen geleden
Danielle Martens
Danielle Martens 8 dagen geleden
also why I know so much about the celica my dad had the same one and type
Tanisha Mac Isaac
Tanisha Mac Isaac 8 dagen geleden
Kramer 8 dagen geleden
love the vids
Nikeo Cabrera
Nikeo Cabrera 8 dagen geleden
That’s why you put your seat belt on kids
Alex /
Alex / 8 dagen geleden
They should invite like travis p or Cleates Micfarland
maria carlsson
maria carlsson 8 dagen geleden
Kingdom Games
Kingdom Games 8 dagen geleden
And this is why kids, we always wear our SEATBELTS!!!
Curtis Vandervelde
Curtis Vandervelde 9 dagen geleden
This is gonna be capron bringing his kid to school when he is late
BaconBoi 9 dagen geleden
Mabey next time put a seatbelt on HANNA
theamateurcritic 9 dagen geleden
I can see it now, this is what kids will watch in schools to talk about why you should wear your seatbelt. *for real wear a seatbelt, she’s lucky she didn’t go flying through the windshield.* Glad you’re okay Hannah. Have fun with these stunts but not at the cost of getting hurt. Stay safe!!
Andrew Jordan
Andrew Jordan 9 dagen geleden
Do that track with your corvette
TB Rides
TB Rides 9 dagen geleden
seat belt hannah
Packer Yt
Packer Yt 9 dagen geleden
I was abt to comment where Charlie then I seen him and forgot he had to get surgery on his arm
Harry Walker
Harry Walker 9 dagen geleden
You should totally go to a track hire a cop to try bump u off the track
xTrash.Gamingx 9 dagen geleden
I didn’t know about the rest but I’d love to see more videos with your Lexus IS300. It’s literally my dream car and your wrap on it makes it look soo good. Like if you agree?
HCW Figure matches
HCW Figure matches 9 dagen geleden
Is this rallying
smokee 9 dagen geleden
it looks less dramatic than it sounds
The Angry Animals
The Angry Animals 9 dagen geleden
Hi funk Bros you should get a new 2021 Can-Am to jump your driveway
Luka Pajkic
Luka Pajkic 9 dagen geleden
Waterslide from roof
juliem_1986 9 dagen geleden
Protective Corey gotta love it
Josh Hemphill
Josh Hemphill 9 dagen geleden
I gave them this idea in the last video 🥺
CallMeMONGOOSE 9 dagen geleden
_oh no XD those poor cars_
CallMeMONGOOSE 9 dagen geleden
_those FWD, automatic, cars_
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson 9 dagen geleden
8:55 what did Cory do to his hand
Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo 9 dagen geleden
Kool Kyler
Kool Kyler 9 dagen geleden
I need to get a test run on that
Edeni E
Edeni E 9 dagen geleden
dude this was fun to watch i love watching cars racing
ZestyZoopickle 9 dagen geleden
Drage is fat🤣
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