we are splitting up... 

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Update on our lives after finding out our neighbor wants to sue us, we are splitting up,
Text Us! (1-951-524-7847) @Capron Funk @Corey Funk

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19 mei. 2021




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Victor Jacobsen
Victor Jacobsen 19 uur geleden
I think you don't let your neighbor tell you what to do with your life
Stay Positive With Shy
this is happing with me to but they. are scared that they are getting sued 🥺😞😔☹️
Molley Haase
Molley Haase 2 dagen geleden
Shadow 3460
Shadow 3460 2 dagen geleden
seeing Billy be serious it so weird i want funny Billy
TheRealQueenK 4 dagen geleden
This video literally made me cry....its crazy how everything happen but I know that all of you guys are going to succeed in life and I know that you guys are always going to be in each others life as friends and family 💙💙 Funk Bros 4 Life, High Road 4 Life, The MOB 4 Life 🤞🏽💙💙💙
Jayson Street
Jayson Street 4 dagen geleden
I've been watching them since the beginning! I love them so much! Will forever be a fan and subscriber! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜💖🤎🖤🤍🥺😩😫😭
jayace 5 dagen geleden
What the hell its been bairly a year with them in that house
Blaze Smith
Blaze Smith 6 dagen geleden
Hold up this is so fucking sad but the way casy left drag hanging is sad as wall
Mya Williams
Mya Williams 6 dagen geleden
Get your own where house so this won’t happen again
TillerFN 6 dagen geleden
Wow I didn’t know you guys were together
Beach_Vibz 8 dagen geleden
Kazu 10 dagen geleden
I hope the channel isnt gonna die, I would be satisfied with 1 video a month if all the crew is there.
Trin G
Trin G 12 dagen geleden
Drew and Billy: We are seriously a family and I’m going to miss this so much and I’m so upset Kasey and Drage: Okay we have a plan to take over the Mob followers *Me trying not to laugh while they are being serious*
David,s 🥳🥳😓😨😱
I feel bad
OceanWolfGamer 13 dagen geleden
Who wouldn’t want the funk bros as neighbors? That would be the greatest thing ever in my opinion.
yes Bunny minecraft 2
yes Bunny minecraft 2 14 dagen geleden
Today u need new neighbor
yes Bunny minecraft 2
yes Bunny minecraft 2 14 dagen geleden
So bad neighbor hood
engotjven 14 dagen geleden
Who else thinks the neighbor is just jealous of there fun
Alice The Malice
Alice The Malice 14 dagen geleden
Why do people suck
XanThePanda 15 dagen geleden
We didnt know we were making memories, We just knew we were having fun. -Winnie the Pooh, I think
Liam Burnett
Liam Burnett 15 dagen geleden
Monica Velazquez
Monica Velazquez 17 dagen geleden
I know haw y’all file I’m moving to after 20 years
Josiah Schaffler
Josiah Schaffler 17 dagen geleden
you guys are amazing i hope that you find an awsome place with no one around that will destroy your fun, hope you guys continue your videos cause i love this channel
Amanda King King
Amanda King King 17 dagen geleden
Personally and this is me I’d fight it but I don’t know the full extent of the codes
Brice Jensen
Brice Jensen 17 dagen geleden
I’m so sad you can not do this capron and Corey we all still love you and we want you to still be with everyone
Money Chump
Money Chump 17 dagen geleden
Those neighbors are horrible
Elliexoxo 18 dagen geleden
I comment to mr beàstt to help u
Elliexoxo 18 dagen geleden
I feel so bad for capron cause he just had a son and he has to do this use are so strong guys xxxxxx
Aryanna Council
Aryanna Council 18 dagen geleden
I feel bad.. I hate unhappy ending. But stop crying n come up with stunts or investment to gain followers or money up.. it's more than just there decision to break up so change the people who trying to disband d u and gang up
USE_CODE_PRESTIGE 18 dagen geleden
Dayna Migdal
Dayna Migdal 18 dagen geleden
Yall need to pray ask God for help its ok to ask for help I recommend God please pray
It’s Kchanny
It’s Kchanny 18 dagen geleden
Petition for them to buy their own land and make their own house with no neighbours
legendary 19 dagen geleden
my dad brother is a lawyer i will help you
Chadrick Chand
Chadrick Chand 19 dagen geleden
Sucks to hear ;(
Jrocks 19 dagen geleden
Buy Roman Atwood old house. You could have so much content with the pond and your far away from neighbours
Ana Guillet
Ana Guillet 19 dagen geleden
Billy is so thankful and I love it
∆Your daily random friendly positive stranger∆
✨Split up or not,you are still the Funk Bros, don't let anyone tell you otherwise,YOU are the Funk Bros,and bros are bros,no matter what,we still love you for all that you've done, keep it up,stay in contact with each other,keep staying you ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜✨
Candice Matoian
Candice Matoian 19 dagen geleden
Hey guys! My son is a HUGE fan! He had the opportunity to meet you when you came to his friends cancer fundraiser and pins n pockets in Elsinore and it's still one of the highlights of his life! Well, the boy is turning 13! In June and I was wondering if you would be able to give him a shout out in a video (we both follow you!)?? We'll be at raging waters 6/26 but his birthday is 6/27 (taco dinner in Elsinore and you're officially invited!)... He has no clue I'm attempting to get a hold of you guys sshhhhh I have every finger and toe crossed that this message finds you! Thank you, lots of love from Lake Elsinore
Pankake plays
Pankake plays 20 dagen geleden
I'll never unsubscribe ❤
KayFig19 20 dagen geleden
i will never forget their christmas video
Kobe Brown
Kobe Brown 20 dagen geleden
Imma go watch some videos and watch all the ads
J’Kaia Bell
J’Kaia Bell 20 dagen geleden
I love how everyone is talking genuine and Kacey and Drage are just talking about steeling followers and kicking people in the face
J’Kaia Bell
J’Kaia Bell 20 dagen geleden
I wanna know who tf said to buy the neighbors house cause I wanna talk to them.
Yesenia Gamino
Yesenia Gamino 20 dagen geleden
Yesenia Gamino
Yesenia Gamino 20 dagen geleden
Jedaiah Ra
Jedaiah Ra 20 dagen geleden
THIS IS SO SAD😭 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Gxmpy 20 dagen geleden
I don’t understand why they can’t buy a new land with no neighbors.
niam saenz
niam saenz 20 dagen geleden
I am relly sad
Adam Rodriguez
Adam Rodriguez 20 dagen geleden
Make a tiny where all subscribers can donate $1 we would help y’all out a lot I promise !
William Harrison
William Harrison 21 dag geleden
They didn't get kicked i just watched a video from 3 days ago and this video is from 6 dats
muzi playz
muzi playz 21 dag geleden
And buy the other house
muzi playz
muzi playz 21 dag geleden
Take a loan
Levi Winkowitsch
Levi Winkowitsch 21 dag geleden
You guys just need to get everything together then come back we all will still be waiting for you
Kethan Grant
Kethan Grant 21 dag geleden
Never seen billy act like this 🥺
E Cobery
E Cobery 21 dag geleden
I grew up watching them seeing them breaking up is so sad i'm crying I loved them honestly these neighbors ruin everything like the last guy and now this guy they haven't even been in this house for a year
Kristen Gautreau
Kristen Gautreau 21 dag geleden
Cayden Dudek
Cayden Dudek 21 dag geleden
But yall have gone to far together ....So sorry
FUNK BROS FAN 21 dag geleden
Hi I am a huge fan I know what you are going through because I got sue to but I hope you live your lifes
Ammar aa Albuqaish
Ammar aa Albuqaish 21 dag geleden
Miiguel 21 dag geleden
Maybe buy a big space where u are far from people, so no one complains
Justin Burke
Justin Burke 21 dag geleden
If i lived there ill let you cause i have no problem having fun cause most of us work every day and never get a break i miss having fun
Christina john
Christina john 21 dag geleden
They should all buy 1 house and then live there and the funk bros can live in their own house
Alex Cronin
Alex Cronin 21 dag geleden
So unfair it's your property and you should be allowed to do what you want on that property I wish I was your neighbour as I would have been asking about you joining in your videos as you look like you're having so much fun and now you've got to move from your dream home or because of a shity neighbour
Bryan Giuffre
Bryan Giuffre 21 dag geleden
us as the fan base have to start doing something to give back for what joy and happyness they gave us like i feel like that there is something i can do but i dont know what i feel that i can help this .like what do we do to give back to the people that make us happy. one thought that i had was start a gofundme so we can raise money to help them find another group home to keep eveything going its to big to just end they come to far to stop like this we need to get together and do something about this we need to help. It's just not right for this to happen i hope that the next step could be finding a new group home to make more of this amazing content that is prodused by the people that inspire us feel that i have to do something i just dont want to sit here and watch this happend to evybodys life .everybody there is to good and to amazing to have to split up this makes me feel that i can a have to help so funk bros if there is anything i can help you with i am here ok i was here and i will always be on your side hopeing and praying for the best so if there is anything i can do to help just let me know
Chaoses Child Brother
Chaoses Child Brother 21 dag geleden
So haha where u live at ima pay a visit to ur neighbors
Kaseq 22 dagen geleden
Maybe get a huge farm or warehouse
Lego Mario adventures
Lego Mario adventures 22 dagen geleden
POV: you say that TikTok and came to the video
Ethan O'Dowd
Ethan O'Dowd 22 dagen geleden
I haven’t been on NLblock a lot and keeping up with videos but when I went into NLblock and found this in my suggested I about cried. You guys have been such and inspiration and you’ve helped so many people. I hope that this is not the end of the channel and I hope to see the entire mob succeed in their up coming journeys
Ex0tic Qu3z
Ex0tic Qu3z 22 dagen geleden
@FunkBros get a warehouse so no neighbors sue you
Jacob Saechao
Jacob Saechao 22 dagen geleden
Why don’t you guys just build a another house in a different land since ur selling your current house
mrlaw103 22 dagen geleden
Why just why❤️->💔
mrlaw103 22 dagen geleden
No you guys do not have to split up please no🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😢😔😔😔😔😔😔😞☹️🙁😓
Twiggy 22 dagen geleden
Preston E
Preston E 22 dagen geleden
Easton Burton
Easton Burton 22 dagen geleden
You guys should buy a warehouse
The Fortnite Boys
The Fortnite Boys 22 dagen geleden
I will mis thise
Anime_ _World
Anime_ _World 22 dagen geleden
Drew is my favorite
HUSTLING JAY 23 dagen geleden
Find a house that has no neighbors for miles
GABRIEL AGUIRRE 23 dagen geleden
why don't you all split the cash to your neighbor and Pay extra so he can just stop .
That oculus kid
That oculus kid 23 dagen geleden
No no no my childhood will no longer be finished and I am sorry for you guys but there really anything I can do because I am 12 when I started watching you I was like 7 or 8
Hugo V
Hugo V 23 dagen geleden
Leave dam along
Super _Jacko Walker
Super _Jacko Walker 23 dagen geleden
I am sorry i am crying just watching i have beeb watching since the filling tramps videos. Again i am truly sorry
Derrick Base
Derrick Base 23 dagen geleden
I would tell him I’m a NLblock and I’m having fun with my friends
Derrick Base
Derrick Base 23 dagen geleden
That number sucks
Kolby Coggins
Kolby Coggins 23 dagen geleden
Plaguehydra9934 23 dagen geleden
This prolly isn't going to be seen by you guys but I just wanted tell all of you guys thank you so much for making all these videos and I will miss the mob. I have been watching you guys since like a year or two after you guys started your channel and you guys have inspired me so much and I just wanted to say thank you so much for making the channel, you guys are the best youtubers ever and im so happy you guys are doing so good, and I hope the mob can all have a full and successful life. I will miss you guys so much, tell everyone I love them so much.
Drevin Ernul
Drevin Ernul 23 dagen geleden
I'm literally so mad i live you guys do much and this Damn neighbor can't lets these adults live there life to the fullest you only live once and I live how they are just living life together and now one person ruined that whole thing and its sad how they work so hard for us to have good videos to watch and im just sad to see them split up😢💔
Guyer Trumpet
Guyer Trumpet 23 dagen geleden
This is my second comment and I know y’all like want to be respectful to that guy but it’s like why screw him get your lawyers on it and see what you can do you know settle things down a little so you don’t get in trouble then once you see what you can do you resume it you know this is one person but his dumb Karen actions ruined a dozen peoples lives it’s stupid he thinks he’s the overlord when that isn’t true I have so much respect for y’all being able to keep control cause you know if I had been in y’all’s situation during that conversation with him I would’ve knocked him bro it pisses me off when I see one person ruin a bunch of peoples lives because they are too selfish and self centered to realize what is really happening and that he probably isn’t actually getting bothered by it he just wants to be a dick
Guyer Trumpet
Guyer Trumpet 23 dagen geleden
Honestly I know y’all like California atleast I assume you do but I think y’all should move to a different state cause like morejstu they don’t have any problem with neighbors I could go on with more but just seeing what they do it’s pretty similar to what y’all do and you in fact their neighbors love them and they make videos together sometimes
JamoneSeniora4 23 dagen geleden
Yo......... the intensity
Lān dān sī mã kã bù Léi
I think you should buy a private island and a house so you don't have this problem
Vivs Reds
Vivs Reds 23 dagen geleden
The fact that this pain of a neighbor singlehanded ended a business, left people “homeless “ and unemployed is just crazy, yeah I get noise complaint, but they tone it down, offered scheduling, offered time frames and he just said no. He is out there making excuses and blaming you all for his own attitude issues.
Brandon Ponath
Brandon Ponath 23 dagen geleden
I'm so sorry that happened to you I I don't know what to say I'm sorry 😔.
Mohamed 23 dagen geleden
When u realize the next video is them having fun
Diyar 23 dagen geleden
Where they g@y?
Warpking42 24 dagen geleden
Damn, i feel like they could have gotten the majority of neighbors who knew them on their side and won in court. I'm just sad to see everyone split
Michelle Guegold
Michelle Guegold 24 dagen geleden
You can all move in to the same house but all of you pay fore the house
Alfie Gamez 500
Alfie Gamez 500 24 dagen geleden
Cynthia Lefebvre
Cynthia Lefebvre 24 dagen geleden
FRICK those neighbors
Bræden 24 dagen geleden
I wish they wouldn't fucking clickbait smh
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