we are being sued & forced to sell our house.. *sad update* 

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This sucks, being sued and forced to sell our house..
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8 mei. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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steezcontrol 21 uur geleden
Move on a farm that has no neighbours!
GLXY_springz 21 uur geleden
When your 4 years of your childhood got ruined
Tyler Edwards
Tyler Edwards Dag geleden
I doesn’t matter just live your life you a my impression
WitherStormBoss 2 dagen geleden
that fricker is stupid
ER ZX 3 dagen geleden
Corey, I just wanna say, the neighbours are complaining about you disturbing the peace, and you also didn’t want to get sued or kicked out, maybe you should have reconsider stop making this crazy videos that might disturb and u can consider making videos that doesn’t required loud or disturbing items
Cool Raihann
Cool Raihann 4 dagen geleden
To be honest I fucking hate the neighbours
David Foxx
David Foxx 4 dagen geleden
Why the fuck
David Foxx
David Foxx 4 dagen geleden
Why fuck
Thomas Marmarou
Thomas Marmarou 4 dagen geleden
he cod fuckng move
Brayden Adams
Brayden Adams 6 dagen geleden
Y’all have been doing this for so long and that was your dream house and I will never know how that felt but I know it’s very heart breaking
Jorene Lim
Jorene Lim 6 dagen geleden
The neighbor are so dumb 🙄
Pyro man36
Pyro man36 6 dagen geleden
F you’re stupid neighbors they ruined the dream
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson 6 dagen geleden
i dont see the point i it is your property you shouldnt have been sued i asked my mom who works with laws and this wasnt one that was illegal-
Coop Diddy
Coop Diddy 6 dagen geleden
Whoever sued u they are CRAPY oops
Conner Sutton
Conner Sutton 6 dagen geleden
Get thw nieghbors ip he wont have any internet obce i get my hands on his internet
Victor 8 dagen geleden
imagine these 400 demons disliking the video
Kameron Bell
Kameron Bell 8 dagen geleden
dababy 9 dagen geleden
No. 😭😭
B and G Bros
B and G Bros 9 dagen geleden
How do you spell your name
jaccarroll123 9 dagen geleden
Omg love you guys can’t believe that had to happen so BS
Rachel Groves
Rachel Groves 10 dagen geleden
Stay strong you guys got this!!!
Rachel Groves
Rachel Groves 10 dagen geleden
What I think you guys should do is go buy some property by no one and then build a house and then you can do stuff without interrupting someone peace or whatever he was complaining about! Love you guys🥰
Rachel Groves
Rachel Groves 10 dagen geleden
Stay strong!
Chiera Seager
Chiera Seager 10 dagen geleden
I love you guys I am so sad
Cole Jarvis
Cole Jarvis 11 dagen geleden
Just wondering why your mob channel is private... Wtf happened!?!?!?!?!?
nolan beenauer
nolan beenauer 11 dagen geleden
Love you funk bros💗😭😭
nolan beenauer
nolan beenauer 11 dagen geleden
The neighbor is so mean plz like for good luck for funk bros
Isaiah Brown
Isaiah Brown 11 dagen geleden
Shi give me the channel
matthew kelly
matthew kelly 13 dagen geleden
Do not leave places😢
Kayden Fogg
Kayden Fogg 13 dagen geleden
hayden maurier
hayden maurier 13 dagen geleden
this is bull shit i have been watching you guys for like 2 or 3 years and i have watched you guys earn all you equipment and shit with you money and you guys finally got your dream house and then this happend i feel so bad for everyone that has to find there own place and you guys its suck alot and pls do not end the channel and i wish you guys the best in finding a house
Moto Kid 507
Moto Kid 507 13 dagen geleden
That’s just screwed up man 😔
OceanWolfGamer 13 dagen geleden
Why was the neighbor so toxic? He didn’t even try to talk to Corey.
Raydan Playz
Raydan Playz 13 dagen geleden
Stay Strong And Why Is He Suing u 🤦🏽‍♂️
Raydan Playz
Raydan Playz 13 dagen geleden
Noooooooooooo Don’t Sell The House
Shannon Spath
Shannon Spath 14 dagen geleden
O sorry hope you get a better house try living in the Country and no neighbors
Psycho200good Mejia
Psycho200good Mejia 14 dagen geleden
F**k the neighbour he gay and also doesn't have a life
Carson Osborne
Carson Osborne 14 dagen geleden
no why:((((
DargonPvp 14 dagen geleden
Let’s hope you find a better home with a beautiful view and nice neighborhood with neighbors that will understand why you do this but in the end I wish you the best of luck.
tyler 14 dagen geleden
I'm bouta pull up to his house with a tank
Sharon Guinn
Sharon Guinn 14 dagen geleden
Go do what you want
Elijah Stilen
Elijah Stilen 14 dagen geleden
I fell so bad
Efren Segundo
Efren Segundo 14 dagen geleden
I have an idea just buy i new house where there is no other house
Eden Mihaka-Ushaw
Eden Mihaka-Ushaw 14 dagen geleden
I hate your neighbors stay strong
Silverbullet 2.0
Silverbullet 2.0 15 dagen geleden
Funk Bros please promise me this, do not stop making videos.😩😩😩😩
Robert Mattia
Robert Mattia 15 dagen geleden
Stay strong guys I know you can do this and find your way, that said I had an idea of buying land somewhere isolated with the money from the house and build a new house so you don't have to worry about neighbours complaining. Just you, your friends, family, and wide-open space to do whatever.
Blade Bunney
Blade Bunney 17 dagen geleden
I say you should try get a house on some property
The goat 🐐
The goat 🐐 17 dagen geleden
Click bate
Troy Hankin
Troy Hankin 17 dagen geleden
Your are so amazing and just know no matter what you do I'll still be here for yous
W-M-J 17 dagen geleden
This is so sad.
crystals ASMR
crystals ASMR 17 dagen geleden
No hate and I know that you love this house but maybe look into getting a large piece of land with a big house and just have no neighbor it just sucks I’m for real sorry
Jiselle Domingo
Jiselle Domingo 18 dagen geleden
It's ok we all love you we are supporting you
Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones 18 dagen geleden
i’m so sorry that you have to sell your house
Jakey 554
Jakey 554 18 dagen geleden
I hope that person goes to ...... hell
Candice Matoian
Candice Matoian 19 dagen geleden
Hey guys! My son is a HUGE fan! He had the opportunity to meet you when you came to his friends cancer fundraiser at pins n pockets in Elsinore and it's still one of the highlights of his life! Well, the boy is turning 13! In June and I was wondering if you would be able to give him a shout out in a video (we both follow you!)?? We'll be at raging waters 6/26 but his birthday is 6/27 (taco dinner in Elsinore and you're officially invited!)... He has no clue I'm attempting to get a hold of you guys sshhhhh I have every finger and toe crossed that this message finds you! Thank you, lots of love from Lake Elsinore
Nolan Kowski
Nolan Kowski 19 dagen geleden
Go buy land build your dream house you guys have earned it keep doing what you love
Chris Van Lill
Chris Van Lill 20 dagen geleden
Bro I cried
Jeffdabmoose 20 dagen geleden
You could buy a farm
gacha queen
gacha queen 20 dagen geleden
:( noooooo😭😭
Brynixia 20 dagen geleden
i’m so sorry for you guys i feel terrible for you!!! I’ve always wanted to meet you!!!You can work threw this hope your ok!!
IGK GOATGOD 20 dagen geleden
Y’all should move where I live there acres of land for sale and y’all can build your house and y’all can do anything y’all want bc cops don’t show at all
niam saenz
niam saenz 20 dagen geleden
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funk bros
Adam Rodriguez
Adam Rodriguez 20 dagen geleden
Wow the neighbor is a real piece of shit.
Adam Rodriguez
Adam Rodriguez 20 dagen geleden
I hope the neighbor feels like horse shit.
Cailyn Richardson
Cailyn Richardson 20 dagen geleden
Please can everyone subscribe so that they can get more money bc they deserve it
Quan Dtm
Quan Dtm 20 dagen geleden
He's a Carin
Pearl Lin
Pearl Lin 21 dag geleden
I would do anything to help you guys 😖😭
CHANCE SOLDNER 21 dag geleden
This is 😞
Huskychamp10 21 dag geleden
This is so sad all they wanted a dream and it just go ruined
Amanda O
Amanda O 21 dag geleden
I literally just found out about the funk bro's like 2hrs ago And I've already cried Why does the neighbor have to be like that😞
Robloxifer 21 dag geleden
That neighbor is messed up, They got there dream house and the neighbor wants to be in drama and threatens to sue them.
bluz 21 dag geleden
Jennifer Warren
Jennifer Warren 21 dag geleden
Bro that's fucked all the way up
Yael Ocasio
Yael Ocasio 22 dagen geleden
Bye 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 well miss you
Lucky Plucka
Lucky Plucka 22 dagen geleden
People should toughen up and let the world have fun, just cause you are a cranky bastard doesn’t mean you have to screw everyone else over
NiCe_tRy I_WoNT_LiE
NiCe_tRy I_WoNT_LiE 22 dagen geleden
drop his address let the fans sort him out
Heather Emerson
Heather Emerson 22 dagen geleden
I feel so bad for you guys and I hope you find a great place😢💔
Vincent Lewis
Vincent Lewis 22 dagen geleden
“Im asking you to repsect our neighbor” MAN FUCK SND I MEAN FÙÇK YO NEIGHBOR!!!!!!!!
yolo 22 dagen geleden
nooo you have got to fight it you were my child hood plssss dont stopp i am so sad
Layton Ward
Layton Ward 22 dagen geleden
Yo yall just need to move to idaho there is lots of acres and everyone is hella chill
Kristian Sparks
Kristian Sparks 22 dagen geleden
But some land in the country and build your dream house and you’ll have lots of space and no one will care cause it’s the country
lxNxght 22 dagen geleden
That neighbor is pathetic
Damian Ramirez
Damian Ramirez 22 dagen geleden
I fell sorry for that
XxCursemarkGodxX 22 dagen geleden
The neighborh should have talked to them first
FallenArt Brony
FallenArt Brony 23 dagen geleden
You need to find house with yard, and no other neighbors arownd
David & Caroline Nisbet
David & Caroline Nisbet 23 dagen geleden
Wassim Almawas
Wassim Almawas 23 dagen geleden
Just buy his house and destroy it and done ✅
Braylon King-randall
Braylon King-randall 23 dagen geleden
Come to montana man
Zander Arant
Zander Arant 23 dagen geleden
This is so missed up people like that is what is making are world so hard to live in😔
Ayden Jackson
Ayden Jackson 23 dagen geleden
Hope after all this trouble I hope GOD BLESSES all you guys🙏🙏🙏
Ayden Jackson
Ayden Jackson 23 dagen geleden
Sorry to hear that hope it get better😢
Hasnain Shaikh
Hasnain Shaikh 23 dagen geleden
My heart shattered hearing this.
Daz does Stuff
Daz does Stuff 23 dagen geleden
I am crying 😟
Tyler Harris
Tyler Harris 23 dagen geleden
this is just a suggestion and I wouldn't know if this would work but can you move to a place where you would have no neighbors.
Ethan Boden
Ethan Boden 24 dagen geleden
Ok I’ve only watched 1 of your videos like 2 years ago. And I cried watching this
TheCriminalViolin 24 dagen geleden
Sounds about right. Arrogant neighbour with tons of money suing knowing full and well that you'd have a lack of funds to fight back. It's proof of cowardice too, seeing that those kinds of people only do that when again, they known fully the people/person they're suing or threatening to has far less money than they do, since the justice system is built currently around whoever has the most money and the highest ranked and paid lawyers. Isn't arrogance and corruption grand? Got to love it. I'd have a really tough time not being deeply bitter toward a ahole like that. At least it shows their true colors, and what they're really like, making it clear they're not anyone you'd ever want to be around nor allow your energy or theirs to interact. They're not worth the drain & negativity. Besides, it's usually more of a reflection of where they're at in their lives, than that of who they deflect those negatives onto, in this case, you guys. Meanwhile if you had been able to buy the property outright, it would have been legally your property, land & home, which would have in turn meant it would be wholly up to you how you used your house and land. Most ordinances, laws & statutes would cease being legally applicable at that point. Some obviously still would have been applicable, but most wouldn't have. Considering when you mortgage a home, that makes it technically owned by a bank, the one in charge of the mortgage/mortgage company, thus it'd really be up to them to dictate how you can use the home & property. I think people often failed to realize that more often than not, people are shallow, and often self-serving aholes, especially in locations like these kinds of places in SoCal. It's more about how they appear, and status, than anything else. Thus, they buy up large homes with acreage, have expensive cars, and try to attend galas, red carpets, premieres, golf clubs, etc to gain further appearance and status. They aren't ever truly happy, either, seeing as this does nothing for a person's well-being or happiness, and in fact long term gives out a negative hit on their overall health and self-value. And, it seems that neighbour of your at that house is just that textbook kind of person, too. Either way, you all have established yourselves in the creator community really well, so I doubt any of you will find much trouble in gaining ground in life, and finding your footing going forward after this shunt to the forehead. So all the best to you all going forward, I know you all will find even more success through this!
Houle Simon
Houle Simon 24 dagen geleden
😓🥲🥲🥲😭 so fkg fkg sad.
Mark Lheonard Resma
Mark Lheonard Resma 25 dagen geleden
Greatest team of fun people gets broken up by some neighbor who hates fun. That's just sad
Naruto Uzamaki
Naruto Uzamaki 25 dagen geleden
Caleb Johnson
Caleb Johnson 26 dagen geleden
Mal B
Mal B 26 dagen geleden
No matter how tuff times get you will get through! Just believe and stay friends no matter what! You will always be the same people no matter what happens.❤️❤️
Rocket Games
Rocket Games 26 dagen geleden
I feel bad because Caprn sounded like he was gonna cry..
we are splitting up...
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