Using Secret Room To Cheat In Hide N Seek! *I WON* 

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Using A Secret Room We Built In Our New House To Cheat In Hide N Seek!
Text Us! (1-951-524-7847) @Capron Funk @Corey Funk
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4 feb. 2021




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Ahmad Al Halabi
Ahmad Al Halabi Dag geleden
Apa yip yip or apa drive drive
Gunnar Holmgren
Gunnar Holmgren Dag geleden
my name is gunnar I have a channle gunnar Holmgren vlogs thay have no sound so its boring but im a huge huge fan
GLM VelXZ? Dag geleden
H E L L O Justin Is Cracked At Fortnite My Guy Aka Capron
Brian Paulin
Brian Paulin 2 dagen geleden
Brian Paulin
Brian Paulin 2 dagen geleden
I like the memes
Zang Yang
Zang Yang 4 dagen geleden
while saying hi he drifts xo
Bill Stank
Bill Stank 4 dagen geleden
Like video
Cape neon
Cape neon 6 dagen geleden
Your mom has the same trailer as my dad ha
noach klatzkow
noach klatzkow 7 dagen geleden
NeverFoget107 8 dagen geleden
I miss the taser hide and seek😥
Joseph Litchfield
Joseph Litchfield 9 dagen geleden
Lol when Cory said "charlie hid there last time with a blanket" and then pointed the camera down the ghost interfered with the camera
Dan Stone
Dan Stone 9 dagen geleden
I am a badass
Erik 10 dagen geleden
Was you have a cut dog I do to
Dark_phantom 123
Dark_phantom 123 11 dagen geleden
Lol I do the vent all the time because it’s not a screw in
Lilly Nobles
Lilly Nobles 11 dagen geleden
hi i woob love to see you in real life
Stephen Higham
Stephen Higham 12 dagen geleden
Appa is from avart the last air bender
Omar Vlogs
Omar Vlogs 12 dagen geleden
Love how it was a 8 second intro
Ryan Dodge
Ryan Dodge 12 dagen geleden
I was pooping and at the intro you hear an bell my poop fall right when the bell gone off, that was ment to be
h 12 dagen geleden
me *hears appa and suki* OMGGGG ALTA LITERALLY LOVE YOU GUYS
Faith Grace
Faith Grace 12 dagen geleden
Yo I was just thinking What if gunner is on the roof And then it happens
Brandon Price
Brandon Price 12 dagen geleden
1:05 is that lion real?
Reloaded Mp7
Reloaded Mp7 13 dagen geleden
These vlog styles🔥 the editing is lit
Miah Pinto Cortes
Miah Pinto Cortes 13 dagen geleden
Drage is too fat
Trey Cox
Trey Cox 13 dagen geleden
What’s up
WOLFZXGAMIN 13 dagen geleden
They live at literally a Airsoft Arena!
Loriane Mcdonald
Loriane Mcdonald 13 dagen geleden
Tbh when you use these types of spot I don’t think that count as cheating cause it just an awesome hiding spot
paul dennis
paul dennis 14 dagen geleden
For God sake stop coping the dangie bros with your crap channel please
Eduardo Silva
Eduardo Silva 14 dagen geleden
Did he say Eduardo Bc that’s my name
Declan Quist
Declan Quist 14 dagen geleden
Hi this is apps my flying bison
Ethan Terveen
Ethan Terveen 14 dagen geleden
Who's the new girl jed and how do u spell it
Karissa Harris
Karissa Harris 14 dagen geleden
Jennifer Serrano
Jennifer Serrano 14 dagen geleden
he crakt my forniget my guy ahh
Finley Love
Finley Love 14 dagen geleden
Hi this is Judy 🤰🏻 she gives birth at 1000 likes
Tizzlen 14 dagen geleden
At 1:50 I literally thought he was a mannequin lmao
Abdullah KANDERI
Abdullah KANDERI 14 dagen geleden
The other thing is the first day that we are on a Saturday or Friday morning or Friday afternoon so that you have the best time in a while for your family for your help in a few hours so that I could have the kids in your family for your birthday 🎂 birthday 🎉 so that I could have them in a while I was going for you guys and your mom so you guys are so excited 😆 see the other guys and your mom I have some great 😌 for the kids I don’t have any family in your life and I’m just so thankful 🥲 is a good 😌 I don’t have any of that I know that we can help but you have the family in a relationship that we are doing so you know that I have no problem 😌 I will have a great 😊 family I know that we can get your own stuff done ☑️
Sloane Barto
Sloane Barto 14 dagen geleden
Yes ! Y’all should do a video we’re u go to pets mart and Buy 20 of the animals for 24hr
Riley Brooks
Riley Brooks 14 dagen geleden
These videos are so entertaining 😁
JCG Ecards
JCG Ecards 15 dagen geleden
U found all of them but I bet u can’t find it dad
xUnborneKnightx 15 dagen geleden
Thx for saying my name a thousand times
Cobroz 15 dagen geleden
I’ve been a fan for three years u guys are the beeest❤️
Thomas Jr Grenier
Thomas Jr Grenier 15 dagen geleden
Hi crapron
Aiden Krumaker
Aiden Krumaker 16 dagen geleden
Capron: "This is my car Apa!" Also Capron: *Avatar mode engaged*
Abdullah KANDERI
Abdullah KANDERI 14 dagen geleden
Jackson F
Jackson F 16 dagen geleden
The Tiger has the same name as me
Aubrey Fordyce
Aubrey Fordyce 16 dagen geleden
Shaemar Cherew-Gordon
Shaemar Cherew-Gordon 16 dagen geleden
why does the mom live in a camper? lol
josh blanchette
josh blanchette 16 dagen geleden
Rydels closet I wonder why
Omkar Devaki
Omkar Devaki 16 dagen geleden
No point of watching it if you already one
Blasty 16 dagen geleden
Stealing from dangie bros
Kiki Klips
Kiki Klips 16 dagen geleden
You guys are littery the best
xrt_ ghost
xrt_ ghost 16 dagen geleden
your videos suck i miss your scooter videos
U us
U us 17 dagen geleden
3:02 and he be cracked at hide and seek kinda
U us
U us 17 dagen geleden
8:25 2029 gunner gets more subs than funk bros
Lari Huikari
Lari Huikari 17 dagen geleden
Capron vented
Gabriel Hanks
Gabriel Hanks 17 dagen geleden
capron sell me the honda yall wreck
DL RunningDoritoBoi
DL RunningDoritoBoi 17 dagen geleden
Sssssss Comment hi if Yu saw this
Ian McWhirter
Ian McWhirter 17 dagen geleden
You should do a hide and seek video with a k-9 to find people
Makenzie Long
Makenzie Long 17 dagen geleden
Capron is ImPoStEr Report button: 🔴
Kacee Magee
Kacee Magee 17 dagen geleden
I miss suki show her more
Julia rose
Julia rose 17 dagen geleden
Kelly Purpura
Kelly Purpura 17 dagen geleden
When cory went in the droor he said it was easy because hes the smallest guy
rimsha Ali
rimsha Ali 17 dagen geleden
Thay are copying dangie bros
Brody Blackmon
Brody Blackmon 17 dagen geleden
Camron has been making dad jokes
Nicholas Andrews
Nicholas Andrews 18 dagen geleden
corey did this hide in vent along time ago
Elie 18 dagen geleden
Have a good day god love you
Jailen Hughes
Jailen Hughes 18 dagen geleden
capron looks like a 40-year-old dad lol
Harry Waide
Harry Waide 18 dagen geleden
Me thinking what I didn’t actually know they got a tiger and it’s real as well
Cedric Scruggs
Cedric Scruggs 18 dagen geleden
yoo hooo broooooooooooooo
Jamie Simmons
Jamie Simmons 18 dagen geleden
your copying dangie bros dum dum
Karen Clarke
Karen Clarke 18 dagen geleden
So are you the one are you Justin because I’ve heard this NLblockr say hi Justin oh no it’s Justin if you get if we get a win off if you get pickaxe kills 15 kills on Fortnite just pick axing
Um Weirdo
Um Weirdo 18 dagen geleden
Man not thirty dollars but thirty subscribers :)
Ryan Hoffman
Ryan Hoffman 18 dagen geleden
The tiger has the same name as my teachers name
Furqan PLAYZ
Furqan PLAYZ 18 dagen geleden
ᵐʸ friend     ʰᵉʳᵉ  ʲᵘˢᵗⁱⁿ  ʰᵉˢ already taken   ᵃⁿᵈ hes     ᶜʳᵃᶜᵏᵉᵈ ᵃᵗ  ᶠᵒʳᵗⁿⁱᵗᵉ my  guy Uhhh
Um Weirdo
Um Weirdo 18 dagen geleden
Sry but wtf
Kalezon 19 dagen geleden
10:48 thats what she said
Alyssa Kos
Alyssa Kos 19 dagen geleden
When do Drew, Kacey,and Billy come back???
Quentin Hamilton
Quentin Hamilton 19 dagen geleden
Wait you have all that land and your mom lives in a trailer
Charlotte Lancaster
Charlotte Lancaster 19 dagen geleden
No one gonna talk about how these guys copied dangie bros
Keely Rae
Keely Rae 19 dagen geleden
I laughed so hard when they found Corey in the trunk 😂😂😂
River bottom Gaming and outdoors
So the lion real
Austin Kohlman
Austin Kohlman 19 dagen geleden
Y does your mom live in the camper
TheCriminalViolin 20 dagen geleden
Wow Capron, you were really scraping the grave with that joke And that's how you top the already terrible "dad" humor with even worse dad jokes.
RubyTheGreatest 20 dagen geleden
Capron stole this vid idea from preston
Braulio Alvarado
Braulio Alvarado 20 dagen geleden
this is the first time i’ve watched them in years
keith butler
keith butler 20 dagen geleden
Thats not a lion is a white tiger
Archie Orrell
Archie Orrell 20 dagen geleden
Your bro was driving your car it was in e
Mackenzie Cohall
Mackenzie Cohall 20 dagen geleden
11:44 that dresser is on its last leg of life I think it's time for a new one
Max Smith
Max Smith 20 dagen geleden
Did he just call that a lion it’s a tiger
Eduardo Cubilette
Eduardo Cubilette 20 dagen geleden
That’s my name
Avery Strang
Avery Strang 20 dagen geleden
i think jen likes you
Jeff Burrow
Jeff Burrow 20 dagen geleden
You know what would be cool? If the funk bros did a collab with sofi dossi and did a hide and seek video
Landan Mackay
Landan Mackay 16 dagen geleden
They did that already
Keaton Williams
Keaton Williams 20 dagen geleden
Stole this from dangle bros
stuff 20 dagen geleden
Well if course ya won your in a secret fucking room
grayden lamb
grayden lamb 20 dagen geleden
What happens why is the helicopter one private
Levi Martin
Levi Martin 20 dagen geleden
Why do you and the Dangie Bros have all the same videos
OFFSETGAMING 20 dagen geleden
Capron is gay
Eric Shiloh
Eric Shiloh 20 dagen geleden
Bobby got a aot shirt
Whatever B**ch
Whatever B**ch 20 dagen geleden
Dont be suspicious dont be suspicious
lol chungus
lol chungus 20 dagen geleden
Cheat against FBI!
Juelyen Padin
Juelyen Padin 20 dagen geleden
Is that a real tiger
RavenSoul_ 20 dagen geleden
James Oblouk
James Oblouk 21 dag geleden
I’d use the civic for a daily driver that things low key nice
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