Using Secret Room To Cheat In Hide N Seek! *I WON* 

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Using A Secret Room We Built In Our New House To Cheat In Hide N Seek!
Text Us! (1-951-524-7847) @Capron Funk @Corey Funk

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4 feb. 2021




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Mary Hill
Mary Hill 5 dagen geleden
You mean hider
Steven Oldham
Steven Oldham 17 dagen geleden
James Morgan 62 (STUDENT)
James Morgan 62 (STUDENT) 20 dagen geleden
hi .......
Animegirl67 20 dagen geleden
I'm a big fan of hide and seek, and now I'm a big fan of yall , lol yall so funny definitely in the burger King lol
Mercie Ison
Mercie Ison 20 dagen geleden
So cute Corey.. 😍🇵🇭
Rainer saat
Rainer saat Maand geleden
that lion looked actually real though
Tom Leadbitter
Tom Leadbitter Maand geleden
Great spot Bravo👍👍👍👍👍
Eddie Broadway
Eddie Broadway Maand geleden
Not me realizing just now that your dog suki is from Atla and than there’s Appa
Darby Dodo
Darby Dodo Maand geleden
There is 999 comments and I just made it 1k
??? Maand geleden
4:21 he say: "the hole look kinda sus" but in video he check the CAR not the HOLE ?!?!
Football Boys
Football Boys Maand geleden
Football Boys
Football Boys Maand geleden
Football Boys
Football Boys Maand geleden
Football Boys
Football Boys Maand geleden
Football Boys
Football Boys Maand geleden
Football Boys
Football Boys Maand geleden
Football Boys
Football Boys Maand geleden
Football Boys
Football Boys Maand geleden
I’m going to be the 1000 comment
VeryCoolEgg Maand geleden
VeryCoolEgg Maand geleden
Lucius Borkowski
Lucius Borkowski Maand geleden
15:22 , ahahahha, “ouw”
Sarah Valeli
Sarah Valeli Maand geleden
funk almost sounds like fuck why why wait wat i say right ummmmmm ummmmmmmm oh yes oh no ummmmmmmmmm i don't know ok shit
Chris Dudley
Chris Dudley Maand geleden
Sheesh that is a good spot I love the vids keep up the good work can I get a shout out
Forged Void
Forged Void Maand geleden
Why is that camper nicer than my house
Frozen_Hot_Sauce Maand geleden
I’m still so confused about why Corey used his camera for a flashlight instead of using the normal flashlight 🤣
Avery Berven
Avery Berven Maand geleden
I don’t think Cory was in the trunk and the dog. That’s just sus cause don’t you think the dog would cry and Cory would be hurt. Don’t you think that’s sus they stupid the cideo
Avery Berven
Avery Berven Maand geleden
Charrene Allen
Charrene Allen 2 maanden geleden
I can’t believe he didn’t look up 👀
Brooke Marisa
Brooke Marisa 2 maanden geleden
I am 4 feet 10in
Payton Conway
Payton Conway 2 maanden geleden
My sister:hides under bed Capron: pff armature *crawls in vent*
David Bert
David Bert 2 maanden geleden
thats pay back i respect
dirtbike and atvs
dirtbike and atvs 2 maanden geleden
1:30 funniest part
Ciara Clarke
Ciara Clarke 2 maanden geleden
Great hiding spots good video
Tristan Vigliotti
Tristan Vigliotti 2 maanden geleden
Even tho parts are faked it’s still good content
pat bevitt
pat bevitt 2 maanden geleden
Carron is the one who sucks
Brodie 2 maanden geleden
Wait there’s a coles in America
Rustin Fitzgerald
Rustin Fitzgerald 2 maanden geleden
fitzgerald is my last name
NUGGIE 2 maanden geleden
Izaak Goldammer
Izaak Goldammer 2 maanden geleden
No doubt about it Cory and Hannah we'll get married I'm sure of it They make a good couple And can you do me a favor and give me a shout out please
Allie Thebeau
Allie Thebeau 2 maanden geleden
CAN I have that Appa car omg
Billy Ashley
Billy Ashley 2 maanden geleden
What is wrong with cory in that car
Topz 2 maanden geleden
are gunner and drage brothers O_O
Danny_rblx 2 maanden geleden
Am i the only one who thought the mannequin was a actual person 😂
Austen F.
Austen F. 2 maanden geleden
The tiger name is my last name
kimberly Padilla
kimberly Padilla 2 maanden geleden
I love your vids there so positive and make me laugh great content 10/10
Redbone 2 maanden geleden
Octopus not dog
Octopus not dog 2 maanden geleden
Is that tiger real
ayriel pirius
ayriel pirius 2 maanden geleden
Is no one gonna talk about how he just said lion when it was a tiger
Abbey Powers
Abbey Powers 2 maanden geleden
Kimsin Daniels
Kimsin Daniels 3 maanden geleden
I'm your biggest fan of your NLblock channel wednesday was my birthday
Rachael Begley
Rachael Begley 3 maanden geleden
the way capron got hannah to come out got me 😂
Carrie Brunner
Carrie Brunner 3 maanden geleden
Alecia Lange
Alecia Lange 3 maanden geleden
::ᵐʸ friend     ʰᵉʳᵉ  ʲᵘˢᵗⁱⁿ  ʰᵉˢ already taken   ᵃⁿᵈ hes     ᶜʳᵃᶜᵏᵉᵈ  ᵃᵗ  ᶠᵒʳᵗⁿⁱᵗᵉ my  guy Uhhh 😩🤚😁😂😏🥺😅
Brittny Williams
Brittny Williams 3 maanden geleden
You’re the best
Larson Spencer
Larson Spencer 3 maanden geleden
I feel weird asking but are mama and papa funk still together because i haven't seen papa in a while
Alt1X 3 maanden geleden
“Roses are dead “Violets are dying" “Outside i’m smiling" “But inside i’m crying "I just wish people would notice my content and give me a chance".........
Melissa Hunter
Melissa Hunter 3 maanden geleden
Should I check in the bank
Cameron Newville
Cameron Newville 3 maanden geleden
I’m 16 I shouldn’t be watching these but NLblock been so boring lately
Ahmad Halabi
Ahmad Halabi 3 maanden geleden
Apa yip yip or apa drive drive
Gunnar Holmgren
Gunnar Holmgren 3 maanden geleden
my name is gunnar I have a channle gunnar Holmgren vlogs thay have no sound so its boring but im a huge huge fan
VelXZ 3 maanden geleden
H E L L O Justin Is Cracked At Fortnite My Guy Aka Capron
Brian Paulin
Brian Paulin 3 maanden geleden
Brian Paulin
Brian Paulin 3 maanden geleden
I like the memes
Bill Stank
Bill Stank 3 maanden geleden
Like video
Cape neon
Cape neon 3 maanden geleden
Your mom has the same trailer as my dad ha
noach klatzkow
noach klatzkow 3 maanden geleden
anonymous_.8973 3 maanden geleden
I miss the taser hide and seek😥
Joseph Litchfield
Joseph Litchfield 3 maanden geleden
Lol when Cory said "charlie hid there last time with a blanket" and then pointed the camera down the ghost interfered with the camera
Dan Stone
Dan Stone 3 maanden geleden
I am a badass
Dog_lover 3 maanden geleden
Was you have a cut dog I do to
Dark_phantom 123
Dark_phantom 123 3 maanden geleden
Lol I do the vent all the time because it’s not a screw in
Lilly Nobles
Lilly Nobles 3 maanden geleden
hi i woob love to see you in real life
Stephen Higham
Stephen Higham 3 maanden geleden
Appa is from avart the last air bender
Omar Vlogs
Omar Vlogs 3 maanden geleden
Love how it was a 8 second intro
repoWave 3 maanden geleden
I was pooping and at the intro you hear an bell my poop fall right when the bell gone off, that was ment to be
h 3 maanden geleden
me *hears appa and suki* OMGGGG ALTA LITERALLY LOVE YOU GUYS
Faith Grace
Faith Grace 3 maanden geleden
Yo I was just thinking What if gunner is on the roof And then it happens
Brandon Price
Brandon Price 3 maanden geleden
1:05 is that lion real?
Reloaded Mp7
Reloaded Mp7 3 maanden geleden
These vlog styles🔥 the editing is lit
Miah Pinto Cortes
Miah Pinto Cortes 3 maanden geleden
Drage is too fat
Trey Cox
Trey Cox 3 maanden geleden
What’s up
Top Dribbler
Top Dribbler 3 maanden geleden
They live at literally a Airsoft Arena!
Loriane Mcdonald
Loriane Mcdonald 3 maanden geleden
Tbh when you use these types of spot I don’t think that count as cheating cause it just an awesome hiding spot
paul dennis
paul dennis 3 maanden geleden
For God sake stop coping the dangie bros with your crap channel please
Eduardo Silva
Eduardo Silva 3 maanden geleden
Did he say Eduardo Bc that’s my name
Declan Quist
Declan Quist 3 maanden geleden
Hi this is apps my flying bison
Ethan Terveen
Ethan Terveen 3 maanden geleden
Who's the new girl jed and how do u spell it
Karissa Harris
Karissa Harris 3 maanden geleden
Sophia erazo
Sophia erazo 3 maanden geleden
he crakt my forniget my guy ahh
Finley Playz
Finley Playz 3 maanden geleden
Hi this is Judy 🤰🏻 she gives birth at 1000 likes
Tizzlen 3 maanden geleden
At 1:50 I literally thought he was a mannequin lmao
Abdullah KANDERI
Abdullah KANDERI 3 maanden geleden
The other thing is the first day that we are on a Saturday or Friday morning or Friday afternoon so that you have the best time in a while for your family for your help in a few hours so that I could have the kids in your family for your birthday 🎂 birthday 🎉 so that I could have them in a while I was going for you guys and your mom so you guys are so excited 😆 see the other guys and your mom I have some great 😌 for the kids I don’t have any family in your life and I’m just so thankful 🥲 is a good 😌 I don’t have any of that I know that we can help but you have the family in a relationship that we are doing so you know that I have no problem 😌 I will have a great 😊 family I know that we can get your own stuff done ☑️
Sloane Barto
Sloane Barto 3 maanden geleden
Yes ! Y’all should do a video we’re u go to pets mart and Buy 20 of the animals for 24hr
Riley Brooks
Riley Brooks 3 maanden geleden
These videos are so entertaining 😁
Mezifi 4 maanden geleden
U found all of them but I bet u can’t find it dad
xUnborneKnightx 4 maanden geleden
Thx for saying my name a thousand times
Cobroz 4 maanden geleden
I’ve been a fan for three years u guys are the beeest❤️
jujubat13 4 maanden geleden
Hi crapron
Aiden Krumaker
Aiden Krumaker 4 maanden geleden
Capron: "This is my car Apa!" Also Capron: *Avatar mode engaged*
Abdullah KANDERI
Abdullah KANDERI 3 maanden geleden
Jackson Fitzgerald
Jackson Fitzgerald 4 maanden geleden
The Tiger has the same name as me
Aubrey Fordyce
Aubrey Fordyce 4 maanden geleden
Shaemar Cherew-Gordon
Shaemar Cherew-Gordon 4 maanden geleden
why does the mom live in a camper? lol
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