Sledding Through Impossible Shapes! *100MPH* 

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30 dec. 2020




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Tate Wernke
Tate Wernke 3 dagen geleden
How was your agent called Grage
Ventz 23 dagen geleden
You guys are the best and y’all are cracked at Fortnite my guy uuuuhhhhh
Jaymie Butcher
Jaymie Butcher Maand geleden
How the heck is he wearing shorts and a t-shirt !! ;)
Chris Fisher
Chris Fisher Maand geleden
I just look back now you guys were a big part of my childhood man
Madison Herrin
Madison Herrin Maand geleden
So are we not gonna talk about Bobby with no shirt....ok then
KyleRB Playz
KyleRB Playz Maand geleden
They say 100mph in the Tittle but it’s really like 15mph😂
Andrew Lopez
Andrew Lopez Maand geleden
I love them
Liza Oakes
Liza Oakes Maand geleden
Liza Oakes
Liza Oakes Maand geleden
Wow cool
Peyton Maand geleden
Liam Cornwell
Liam Cornwell Maand geleden
Bobby and Drage are brave because Bobby has no t- shirt Drage has no shorts
nick nelson
nick nelson Maand geleden
dude i wanna see billy skie in a snow vid
K3NZIO AUA Rapper Maand geleden
Casey Little Bear
Casey Little Bear Maand geleden
Your videos are legit helping me through this tough time dealing with the virus thanks for such great and funny content !!❤️❤️
David DuBose
David DuBose Maand geleden
Do more snow ❄️ Videos
Dexterity Games
Dexterity Games Maand geleden
Probs to the editor
crazed pumpz
crazed pumpz Maand geleden
why do u have masks on i not because of covid but your outside like wtf
agfae Maand geleden
There still in a public area so I'm guessing the people that run that place make u have to wear them
E.L. Ferguson
E.L. Ferguson Maand geleden
Why is nobody talking about the guy with no shirt
the best of the best
the best of the best Maand geleden
drage i recon your the best out of the mob
Leyah Lewis
Leyah Lewis Maand geleden
hey not trying to be mean but is cory and hannah still together
Landon Davidson
Landon Davidson Maand geleden
Are we not gonna talk about how it says 100 mph when none of them went over 2 😭
J G Maand geleden
Totally love the editing on this one id love to chill with the mob😍😍
Margaret Love
Margaret Love Maand geleden
When is there gonna be another video on this channel
dean Warren
dean Warren Maand geleden
pay eli more
Yalexis Rivera
Yalexis Rivera Maand geleden
I love you Guys your videos are perfect ❤️🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄👋
Yalexis Rivera
Yalexis Rivera Maand geleden
hbk_fux Maand geleden
Hey funk bros my cousains said they painted your guys house there names are hector and dylan and chris
Professional Chimp
Professional Chimp Maand geleden
Make Elijah Watz one of your members🙏🏼
Louie Kress
Louie Kress Maand geleden
You guys are the best
Louie Kress
Louie Kress Maand geleden
When I watch your videos It makes me in a good mood
Clair Allen
Clair Allen Maand geleden
Can you guys so more Oobleck vids
Jan Janakat
Jan Janakat Maand geleden
It should be fun
Jan Janakat
Jan Janakat Maand geleden
Hi👋🏻 Why don't you guys do a horse video or something🐎🐴
Bentley Dickson
Bentley Dickson Maand geleden
Where’s Rydel
MML Maand geleden
Fun fact Eli lives in a van
WaltzyBros-23-13 games
Wow I didnt know 100 mph was that slow
Idsia Rocha
Idsia Rocha Maand geleden
WOW it snow's there
Ruben Segovia
Ruben Segovia Maand geleden
You guys should bring back the Oobleck
Ahlanna Easter
Ahlanna Easter Maand geleden
How is drage wearing shorts and a T- Shirt
Rachel Ben Wizeman
Rachel Ben Wizeman Maand geleden
Can you please shout me out
The Space Sisters
The Space Sisters Maand geleden
I just found your channel and I subscribing UwU
Sprung Family
Sprung Family Maand geleden
I nobody gonna talk about how bobby doesnt have a shirt on
Sebastian Quezada
Sebastian Quezada Maand geleden
Capron is so mean to girls i wonder how he treats his wife
Mason Rahmani
Mason Rahmani Maand geleden
What’s with the dislikes we need likes on this video
Ethan McA
Ethan McA Maand geleden
Very funny Video!
Rejected Abortions
Rejected Abortions Maand geleden
Can you intrudes elijahwatz
Brayden Wyant
Brayden Wyant Maand geleden
i saw drew and billy on faze rugs channle it was so cool please shoutout me it will mean a lot to me
Big AL gaming And vlogs
You guys are the first you tubers that I knew so that is craszy
Jaydono Rl
Jaydono Rl Maand geleden
Drage is a savage Sledding in shorts and a t shirt What a legend He won before they started
Yo it’s Ian
Yo it’s Ian Maand geleden
I live an hour from there
Levi Moody
Levi Moody Maand geleden
Corey is just a savage
Jaydah Edmonds
Jaydah Edmonds Maand geleden
Ben Jackson
Ben Jackson Maand geleden
Dang. I’m coming back after about 8 months of not watching. Y’all fell off hard :(
nini dawn
nini dawn Maand geleden
i havent watched them for so long.. the last time i have watched them is when they put stuff in the trampoline and tanner was there to.
Coco Andbatman
Coco Andbatman Maand geleden
I want fun funkin friday back
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 Maand geleden
Jesus is king
Ada Mae Engesvik
Ada Mae Engesvik Maand geleden
Nobody: Billy: HAHAHAHA
Gerritt Thoonen
Gerritt Thoonen Maand geleden
Can you give me a shout out
Sally Poore
Sally Poore Maand geleden
corey like capron now we are so good at this we can go through a brick wall and plywood now capron umm ye ok
Jaimy Zevenbergen
Jaimy Zevenbergen Maand geleden
good edits bro
Bridget Childers
Bridget Childers Maand geleden
Excuse me but why aren’t y’all helping the dude with a place to live
Toonami20 Maand geleden
Craziest snow sledding fun ever.
Alyssa King
Alyssa King Maand geleden
Where is this at?
Brayden Mitzel
Brayden Mitzel Maand geleden
Do some scooter videos please
William Boehmer
William Boehmer Maand geleden
Pay your employees you make all this money and only pay minimum wage the man is living in his car. Treat him
Aidan Harding
Aidan Harding Maand geleden
You and Corey should play a game of scoot
Lucy Reed
Lucy Reed Maand geleden
I built a six foot gap jump yesterday and flew five feet up so this doesn't look super impressive but it still looks super fun
Tomes55 Marcos
Tomes55 Marcos Maand geleden
I wonder have you guys made a giant candy cane before if not can you guys please do that it wood be a sick video
Danielle Cordone
Danielle Cordone Maand geleden
your sooooooooooooooooooooooooo luckly you got snow
Rblxtwins Maand geleden
you guys should do a collab with sofie dossi but this time u go to her house :)
Diandley Maand geleden
When comes new content with the treehouse ?
BRN_BHS Maand geleden
is it just me or does capron look like the leader singer from Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive
hadley wr
hadley wr Maand geleden
just me that thinks these are so cool like what they do
Grant Scheld
Grant Scheld Maand geleden
Click bait
Dubway Maand geleden
Capron can you adopt me?
Danielle Brown
Danielle Brown 2 maanden geleden
He on x games mode 🤣🤣🤣🤣
niall chambers
niall chambers 2 maanden geleden
You should do kickball in a store again
Thingsville Fun land with the sisters
Who ever edits your vids 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 your awesome
Emeri Hinds
Emeri Hinds 2 maanden geleden
Why y’all wher in masks?!?!?
Tate Schmit
Tate Schmit 2 maanden geleden
I love how the title is Literally so click bait
Pam Durdon
Pam Durdon 2 maanden geleden
What is the temperature there
Scare Crow
Scare Crow 2 maanden geleden
You guys should play hide and seek with Brazil on wheels. Skates, rollerblades, scooters, and skate boards
Karen Valle
Karen Valle 2 maanden geleden
Happy new year
Just Ride
Just Ride 2 maanden geleden
How did Bobby not get frost bite.
Aboo H
Aboo H 2 maanden geleden
The fear in Caprons eyes when Corey said "hey Capron we're pretty much getting so good at this we could just go through brick walls and plywood now"
BLK Management
BLK Management 2 maanden geleden
I live in Kettering
Natashea Vance
Natashea Vance 2 maanden geleden
I can almost to a bar spin
Awesome Sauce
Awesome Sauce 2 maanden geleden
Capron: sweatshirt and snow pants Drage: shortsleeved and shorts Also drage: it’s only son it’s not that cold
Abbie Lewis-clarke
Abbie Lewis-clarke 2 maanden geleden
Why is everyone wearing proper snow stuff then drage is wearing shorts and a short sleeve top and Bobby didn’t have a top on near the beginning
Halie 2 maanden geleden
Really good editing today!!!
Sara Arsenault
Sara Arsenault 2 maanden geleden
Everyone is commenting on the that drage isn't Wearing a coat. It's fake snow man. Come to Canada and try doing snow angles on shorts and a t shirt that's cold
steizi eleni
steizi eleni 2 maanden geleden
I love frunk bros ❤🤭
qt Zelo
qt Zelo 2 maanden geleden
It’s fake snow
abbyy 2 maanden geleden
My dream is for you guys to do a collab with the Dolan Twins!
Jacob Caskenette
Jacob Caskenette 2 maanden geleden
wait can u sill go to the mountains with covid out or do u have to pay later on so u can go to do this let me know plz
Mouse House
Mouse House 2 maanden geleden
Me waiting for billy to pull out his skis 👁👄👁
Michael Krause
Michael Krause 2 maanden geleden
What’s with all these city slicks wearing carhart clothing. That is for working. It’s not a styling brand. Carhart is for working
Gacha_. Bells
Gacha_. Bells 2 maanden geleden
Is Bobby immune to the cold??? He is literally wearing no😃
Gacha_. Bells
Gacha_. Bells 2 maanden geleden
Bobby U
Bobby U 2 maanden geleden
Cause I’m half polarbear
Rosie Bennett
Rosie Bennett 2 maanden geleden
I love you guys
Ryan Stead
Ryan Stead 2 maanden geleden
Fuck I hate capron he’s that gay
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