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Last to stop riding their scooter, skateboard or bike wins! Don't fall off!!
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27 nov. 2020




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RSCYRsemi-sports 22 uur geleden
Do you know Ethan Burge
Isla Brislen
Isla Brislen 2 dagen geleden
At 1:04 did Corey swear or say frick
Oleg Mindzyak
Oleg Mindzyak 2 dagen geleden
No oreos were harmed in the making of the video
Ana Paula
Ana Paula 3 dagen geleden
Riding bike is ez for me
Eden 3 dagen geleden
I subscribe
Breme IQ
Breme IQ 4 dagen geleden
Ur doing tricks that are un-real
jenas biembongo
jenas biembongo 9 dagen geleden
Aren't you toching the floor because how do you push a scoter
ML Boy Jansen ML
ML Boy Jansen ML 9 dagen geleden
Ey that silvia I saw it's nice
Ricky Bryant jr
Ricky Bryant jr 10 dagen geleden
You do crazy stuff
Crystal Buckland
Crystal Buckland 10 dagen geleden
Charlie’s ability is WITCHCRAFT
Blaine Martin
Blaine Martin 11 dagen geleden
Yea chail
Mean Girl
Mean Girl 11 dagen geleden
You are the best and only one that I love to watch and you’re so fanky 🥳🥳🥳😝😝😝
Stacy Sanchez
Stacy Sanchez 11 dagen geleden
Omg I love you guys
Jakob Hukelmann
Jakob Hukelmann 13 dagen geleden
Good that corey is wearing a helmet ⛑
SH9HA_OP Adlam
SH9HA_OP Adlam 13 dagen geleden
Let’s do a scooter montage then shoes a bike like bruh
Taylor Gildea
Taylor Gildea 14 dagen geleden
The whole time I was thinking how soar there wrists might be
Deborah Aguilar
Deborah Aguilar 18 dagen geleden
this is in piru, ca
infusion 22 dagen geleden
i watched this 17 times
sduncan000 25 dagen geleden
You guys should go to youth activity Park in Missouri it is a super fun skate park it is so big it as well
Bm Outdoors
Bm Outdoors 27 dagen geleden
Charlie got off he lost one life at the beginning
BoomingBillion 27 dagen geleden
I think you should call yourself a Funk Pro’s
Soccer Siblings
Soccer Siblings 28 dagen geleden
i feal like charlie has a cruse on kacey
Pug Master
Pug Master Maand geleden
GG casey
Jackson Sports and games
I have a literally watch this video more than five times it’s so good and so funny
Brandi Hall
Brandi Hall Maand geleden
KyleRB Playz
KyleRB Playz Maand geleden
NO ONE: Literally no one: Kacey: falls
Wyatt Dunstone
Wyatt Dunstone Maand geleden
That editing tho, good job with content and editing
Sleevy Gaming
Sleevy Gaming Maand geleden
Please post more scooter videos
It’s spinxx and Spoder
Khy Gaming
Khy Gaming Maand geleden
I saw somebody push when they was talking about 360 flat
ethan kenny
ethan kenny Maand geleden
L have already watch this vld over 10 times. Great content. Squash it
Leo Alverez
Leo Alverez Maand geleden
Are u guys in Fillmore
Bennett Holzschuh
Bennett Holzschuh Maand geleden
the fun house and awesome house
Who likes the new intro
the fun house and awesome house
And can doo a wilea
the fun house and awesome house
And I can grind
the fun house and awesome house
I like scoot riding so much i can doo a tailwip
Legendary Tim
Legendary Tim Maand geleden
Forest Wang
Forest Wang Maand geleden
I hate Casey!
Stacey Thomas
Stacey Thomas Maand geleden
You guys are so fun funny
Shannon Kinney
Shannon Kinney Maand geleden
Funk Bros
Declan Harris
Declan Harris Maand geleden
I love your deck I got it and it’s so durable and worth the money definitely recommend
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha Maand geleden
Pause at 4;50
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha Maand geleden
He won btw
Levi Clark
Levi Clark Maand geleden
Walter Peer
Walter Peer Maand geleden
Charlie’s not bad
Harrison Dicello
Harrison Dicello Maand geleden
I really don't like funk Bros because they do way to much clipbate and Corey just wants to show of way to much!!
Ronnie Buck
Ronnie Buck Maand geleden
I 've watched this video 16 times not clickbait
christy Mothershead
christy Mothershead Maand geleden
High have been watching you guys for 2 years
Aramis Flores
Aramis Flores Maand geleden
Hey funk bros spend the whole day spinning
regie caballes
regie caballes Maand geleden
The bike girl im better but still i gotta be nice foo im in gang
50fps_alex Maand geleden
Dude that’s we’re my grandma lives piru California
Zoe Mills
Zoe Mills Maand geleden
Zoe Mills
Zoe Mills Maand geleden
I miss the old intro
Landon S
Landon S Maand geleden
You guys should do 24 hours in a skatepark
Sara Sweesy
Sara Sweesy Maand geleden
I we not going to see how one of them touch the ground nobody seen it
Soul sniper
Soul sniper Maand geleden
At 6:52 Charlie stuped off
Emily Padula
Emily Padula Maand geleden
“NiCe NiCe VeRy NiCe”-Corey
ChunkStar 486
ChunkStar 486 Maand geleden
6:48 the guy in the white shirt touched the ground with his foot
Crystal Henderson
Crystal Henderson Maand geleden
They are riding scooters wow jk good to see a bit of the scoot
T J Fulton
T J Fulton Maand geleden
You said you had 3 strikes but corey touch the ground once and you said he was out
Chris Spencer
Chris Spencer Maand geleden
I love the old intro but is it me or is capron wearing an invincible helmet
So cool
FATEL MISTAKE Maand geleden
Its funny bc charlie is puting his foot on the ground
Micah Peru
Micah Peru Maand geleden
Do you guys know we’re this is at
William O'Connor
William O'Connor Maand geleden
Pierce Wagner
Pierce Wagner Maand geleden
Dude you guys so good
Mihal Ordolli
Mihal Ordolli Maand geleden
Mark Beaver
Mark Beaver Maand geleden
It's my bday today in 11 and I'm a big fan of you funkers squash the like butten
Le Diamondé
Le Diamondé Maand geleden
Who else has a regular scooter a foldable scooter and a foldable electric scooter?
Brayden Mcloughlin
Brayden Mcloughlin Maand geleden
It looks so fun :me: 🤔🤔🤔
Jace Smith
Jace Smith Maand geleden
Layla Bramstedt
Layla Bramstedt Maand geleden
I am really big fan😀😃
Carlos Zamora
Carlos Zamora Maand geleden
I went to that skate park a month ago
Oli Good
Oli Good Maand geleden
Charlie did when he was siting
Barnaby Macdonald
Barnaby Macdonald Maand geleden
Get the gang back
kayden korner
kayden korner Maand geleden
Kacey tell drew I said hi and say hi to the puppy for me
Claudia S
Claudia S 2 maanden geleden
Red fee de e
Matthew Brewer
Matthew Brewer 2 maanden geleden
At 3:15 the guy in the back pushed off his foot
gothx angle
gothx angle 2 maanden geleden
frick your scotor 😂😂😂
ETH Cool
ETH Cool 2 maanden geleden
Hi Kasey
Jessica Gladwin
Jessica Gladwin 2 maanden geleden
Keasha Page
Keasha Page 2 maanden geleden
Matt Hedke
Matt Hedke 2 maanden geleden
Hi no hahahaha
Savage Bros
Savage Bros 2 maanden geleden
Wow Casey was putting her feet on top of her bars Charlie put his feet down and no one saw it
Joel McClure
Joel McClure 2 maanden geleden
I would have gone out for the iPhone 12
Hunter Menghini
Hunter Menghini 2 maanden geleden
When they were in the bowl one footed When Charlie got out Capron put his foot down
Justina Hakimi-Hezghia
Justina Hakimi-Hezghia 2 maanden geleden
So cool
EB Gaming
EB Gaming 2 maanden geleden
6:50 he said we haven't touched the ground with our feet right when he touched the ground
Cesi Marquez
Cesi Marquez 2 maanden geleden
Did anyone see that he put his foot down
Cooper Preston
Cooper Preston 2 maanden geleden
3:31 charlie pushed with his foot -disqualified-
renarz 2 maanden geleden
Watc from10:00 capronf didnt ride his scooter
Jonathan Holland
Jonathan Holland 2 maanden geleden
Chad Westfahl
Chad Westfahl 2 maanden geleden
3:15 Charlie put his foot down
Angelina rosales
Angelina rosales 2 maanden geleden
I saw somebody in the background touch the ground
Fallon Morgan
Fallon Morgan 2 maanden geleden
Do you mean to watch
Adrian Ralat
Adrian Ralat 2 maanden geleden
I want a gold pro scooter so bad😔😔😔
Daniel Adams
Daniel Adams 2 maanden geleden
there should be a game called skate bros.
Jordy The gamer
Jordy The gamer 2 maanden geleden
9:07 lol
muscled panda
muscled panda 2 maanden geleden
Actually miss when u guys actually rode the scoots in alot of your videos those are by far the best videos u have made funk fam but keep up the good work
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