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Last to leave the Ferris wheels wins $500
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3 apr. 2021




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Diego Viego
Diego Viego 13 dagen geleden
Diego viego wisn yandel
Eternal Dread
Eternal Dread 15 dagen geleden
Mr beast: hold my beer
Jo Ta
Jo Ta 16 dagen geleden
You stole this form mrbeast 😐
Astro Pooch
Astro Pooch 17 dagen geleden
3.14 13.5 squared would be 572.26 if I did my math right Btw all of the work was not used with a calculator
Nick Tirado
Nick Tirado 17 dagen geleden
Me wondering how Keaton made it halfway through the video without getting wet
Candice Matoian
Candice Matoian 19 dagen geleden
Hey guys! My son is a HUGE fan! He had the opportunity to meet you when you came to his friends cancer fundraiser at pins n pockets in Elsinore and it's still one of the highlights of his life! Well, the boy is turning 13! In June and I was wondering if you would be able to give him a shout out in a video (we both follow you!)?? We'll be at raging waters 6/26 but his birthday is 6/27 (taco dinner in Elsinore and you're officially invited!)... He has no clue I'm attempting to get a hold of you guys sshhhhh I have every finger and toe crossed that this message finds you! Thank you, lots of love from Lake Elsinore
Jack Abernethy
Jack Abernethy 23 dagen geleden
U.S minutes?
Elite Shadow
Elite Shadow 24 dagen geleden
I literally just copied Mr. beast
Maggie Leavell
Maggie Leavell 25 dagen geleden
1:37 got me
Javae Hunt
Javae Hunt 28 dagen geleden
🎒😗😝. C. Cc. C. . Cc. +. G +.
Rylan Baseball
Rylan Baseball Maand geleden
Good vid!!!!!!
William Carter
William Carter Maand geleden
Andy Six
Andy Six Maand geleden
the Pharisee wheel in my home town of grand falls newfoundland is super fast and each 2 person cage spins super fast xD its intensee
RAID Montages
RAID Montages Maand geleden
Is drage the one from the what meme
Cameron Gray
Cameron Gray Maand geleden
Bcnf Jdmd
morgan babb
morgan babb Maand geleden
Im on corys side i hate got chipe
the mobile player yes
the mobile player yes Maand geleden
I love all them chips
CaptainJackpot DiSanti
PiRsq is the equation for circumference
Madilyn Davis
Madilyn Davis Maand geleden
Not you stealing ideas from mr beast
Kenny S
Kenny S Maand geleden
When I watch one of their videos I literally end up watching every video that was within the month.
OMEGA_Darkness1 Maand geleden
Trey Sanders
Trey Sanders Maand geleden
Pineapple pizza bro come on but love the content
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 Maand geleden
Jesus is king
Spencer Bracamonte
Spencer Bracamonte Maand geleden
I love how drage delivered u guys pizza once and he is just in the crew now
Ariana Lopez
Ariana Lopez Maand geleden
I loved this video
Agalis Soler
Agalis Soler Maand geleden
Lmfaoooo 😂🍀
Morling33 Maand geleden
Accio-hpobsession Maand geleden
When Charlie looked up and the water just *bonk* 😂😂😂😂
Tami Granberry
Tami Granberry Maand geleden
Yalllll took it off of mr beast At least give them credit
Vlog Watcher
Vlog Watcher Maand geleden
For billy... let’s do pi r squared. So first we simplify pi to 3.14. Then we have to figure out the radius of the Ferris wheel squared. Hmm....
cori cyr
cori cyr Maand geleden
credit to @mrbeast for doing Last To Leave Ferris Wheel Wins! first
Ayanna Mcelwain
Ayanna Mcelwain Maand geleden
I’m feeling like there bullying charlie
Maguire Kirkham
Maguire Kirkham Maand geleden
Corey "Why are people willing to eat these" Me "Bc there good"
Kara Ragland
Kara Ragland Maand geleden
0:55 “wait u.s minutes?? Ahhhh man” im dying😂😂
Dylan Mora
Dylan Mora Maand geleden
I heard u say a youtubers name 3 times you will get pinned Radom bite Radom bite Radom bite Did it work?
EJERWIN60 Maand geleden
😂😂this is how they met 1:38😂😂
NoNameYet Maand geleden
i saw this idea befor in mr.beast chanlle who copied the other?
Zandre Smith
Zandre Smith Maand geleden
Happy boy
Giraffrey Giraffe
Giraffrey Giraffe Maand geleden
Hasn’t Mrbeast done this?
Teresia Edwards
Teresia Edwards Maand geleden
Bay Area and my dad and I will give you a nice car to see your house 🏡 and your dad
Teresia Edwards
Teresia Edwards Maand geleden
Nooooo nun of this
XxbubblyxX Maand geleden
Coreys like omg I love this “convertation”
Molly Mae The Cavachon
Molly Mae The Cavachon 2 maanden geleden
“Second is the first loser” finally youtube teaches me something! I’m gaining a brain cell! My first one!🤩😃😄😁🥳
Brooklyn Hruska
Brooklyn Hruska 2 maanden geleden
My name is Brooklyn
Kayden Dare
Kayden Dare 2 maanden geleden
Umm are you copying embassy but Mr beast had to do 1000
Gustav Højgaard Jørgensen
Gustav Højgaard Jørgensen 2 maanden geleden
You should do last to leave playground plzzzzzz
Parsaydinthesavage !
Parsaydinthesavage ! 2 maanden geleden
8:40 another one of that sound and 1:30
Parsaydinthesavage !
Parsaydinthesavage ! 2 maanden geleden
1:38 oh no
Parsaydinthesavage !
Parsaydinthesavage ! 2 maanden geleden
1:30 that Sound
Sleepzyyy_co 2 maanden geleden
Sleepzyyy_co 2 maanden geleden
Kendall Shipe
Kendall Shipe 2 maanden geleden
The poor operation guys 😂😂😂
Maynard Muyoti
Maynard Muyoti 2 maanden geleden
That catch by Hannah was fire
Aislyn Mx girl 03
Aislyn Mx girl 03 2 maanden geleden
I know right 😂
Lauren Flannery
Lauren Flannery 2 maanden geleden
dose any body remaber wet socks
John Harbin
John Harbin 2 maanden geleden
Happy boy
SpotXGamer YT
SpotXGamer YT 2 maanden geleden
You saw Carter sherer copy cat
Gavin Cardani
Gavin Cardani 2 maanden geleden
Imma just guess y’all don’t watch mrbeast
Taco man
Taco man 2 maanden geleden
UTLI Gucc Stewart
UTLI Gucc Stewart 2 maanden geleden
OmegaX 2 maanden geleden
Alternate Title: Man Children get splashed with water whilst on a Ferris Wheel
Itsme Juju
Itsme Juju 2 maanden geleden
If that’s 30 Philippine minutes it’s gonna be 1hr😂
Rouge Jay Martin
Rouge Jay Martin 2 maanden geleden
LOL, so funny guys!
Sky TrexZ
Sky TrexZ 2 maanden geleden
U.S minutes???? What other minutes are there
shannon hogan
shannon hogan 2 maanden geleden
You should make a amusement park in your back yard
rattterspog 2 maanden geleden
corey is what keeps me alive
GTsnipZ -
GTsnipZ - 2 maanden geleden
Capris is a simp
Sabrina Gonzalez
Sabrina Gonzalez 2 maanden geleden
I love turbos flamas 😁
juliem_1986 2 maanden geleden
Ok you guys had some awesome workers! Loved it that they were apart of the whole thing!
juliem_1986 2 maanden geleden
I was gonna say "Corey doing a intro?! That's new!" lol
Kara Lefevre
Kara Lefevre 2 maanden geleden
Lisandro Wolfs
Lisandro Wolfs 2 maanden geleden
I’m dying laughing
WYATT FUHRIMAN 2 maanden geleden
Capron is a simp
WYATT FUHRIMAN 2 maanden geleden
nevermind there married
Caitlin Lockie
Caitlin Lockie 2 maanden geleden
Stylz Roberson
Stylz Roberson 2 maanden geleden
its the laugh for me
Stylz Roberson
Stylz Roberson 2 maanden geleden
BENJAMIN KHANIMOV 2 maanden geleden
love your videos
Toast 2 maanden geleden
Not a copy of mr beast. Mr beast did 1000 laps, not last to leave.
Trey's Roblox Vids
Trey's Roblox Vids 2 maanden geleden
Christine Wong
Christine Wong 2 maanden geleden
Was that a Ferris wheel or an water attraction park
Auri Harmon
Auri Harmon 2 maanden geleden
Katrina Mezera
Katrina Mezera 2 maanden geleden
Is Casey pregnant that is what the funks said
Bernie O Toole
Bernie O Toole 2 maanden geleden
Emperor Guy
Emperor Guy 2 maanden geleden
I know fact or cap are with you why haven’t you made a video with them yet
Amy ODwyer
Amy ODwyer 2 maanden geleden
I love the part how billy is like my inner carnival kid is coming out
Jesse Vizcarra
Jesse Vizcarra 2 maanden geleden
I remember these guys, I used to be their man maid back in lake Matthew corona California 😂😂
Diego CGP
Diego CGP 2 maanden geleden
You copie from mrbeast lol dont care really just do you
Trey's Roblox Vids
Trey's Roblox Vids 2 maanden geleden
Mr beast did 1000 laps, not last to leave
Beckham Bebout
Beckham Bebout 2 maanden geleden
That’s a complement shorty😂
XB0X 2 maanden geleden
I wonder what their neighbor thinks of this
Debra French
Debra French 2 maanden geleden
hahaha i couldn't stop laughing 😆
Night vision hunts
Night vision hunts 2 maanden geleden
Cory just vibing
Monsta Monstas
Monsta Monstas 2 maanden geleden
Kasey's laugh is hilarious
Brea Regans
Brea Regans 2 maanden geleden
Christ the lord has risen, he died on the cross for your sins. Salvation is a free gift given by grace once you believe.
Melissa Winegeart
Melissa Winegeart 2 maanden geleden
Hi Hi Hi Die ummmm not Die it’s Hi Hehehhehehhehheh
Bojan Siljanov
Bojan Siljanov 2 maanden geleden
I will sub to funkbros
FTB__ Tr3o
FTB__ Tr3o 2 maanden geleden
So I’m eating ice cream and he says oh sukie is taking a sh**
ENR 4 2 maanden geleden
I dare you to last to stop bouncing👍🙏🏻
AJ Torres
AJ Torres 2 maanden geleden
You guys are my favorite NLblockr I live the content your the best youtubers I hope to meet you one day keep up the great content .
Stephanie Mcshane
Stephanie Mcshane 2 maanden geleden
How can u stay on that wheel
Ketter Hellakivi
Ketter Hellakivi 2 maanden geleden
TennisBear23 2 maanden geleden
My last name is Ferris
spongebob quarey pants
spongebob quarey pants 2 maanden geleden
The way hannah screamed when corey said ill buy her a ring
Kendal Unsworth
Kendal Unsworth 2 maanden geleden
This was so funny 😂 😆
Sabeen Chourbagi
Sabeen Chourbagi 2 maanden geleden
Who was watching this and feeling such from all the turns
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