Hide n Seek vs Police Sheriff! 

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the cops got us
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18 jan. 2021




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Tony Aguirre
Tony Aguirre 2 dagen geleden
Yo i love when they like try to escape so funny
ronald briones
ronald briones 5 dagen geleden
thats airsoft weapons not real its not real sheriffs
Freddy The Frog
Freddy The Frog 8 dagen geleden
Btw those are fake guns
Adrian Taylor
Adrian Taylor 9 dagen geleden
What if u guys hired 13 swat and all of those 13 swat had to hunt down all 13 of u guys separately
Diego Viego
Diego Viego 14 dagen geleden
Diego viego wisn yandel
Francisco Patinoquilo
Francisco Patinoquilo 20 dagen geleden
Jennifer Teng
Jennifer Teng Maand geleden
Hmm sheriff with air soft guns hmmmm…
Cohen Green
Cohen Green Maand geleden
Is that an air soft gun
عدي الجبوري
عدي الجبوري Maand geleden
midnight Maand geleden
elis arrest man
Instagram and Snapchat
This is for the sheriffs Are those real guns
Jacob Yngman
Jacob Yngman Maand geleden
So cool i like thise video❤️❤️
Sharon Helton LaRue
Sharon Helton LaRue Maand geleden
Yousef Enaya
Yousef Enaya Maand geleden
fake guns lol
Eileen2015 Deidieva
Eileen2015 Deidieva Maand geleden
DOGE_NEWS Maand geleden
Dude the sheriff dept had toy guns if you look you can see they have fake guns because of the orange
Khalil Bourguiba
Khalil Bourguiba Maand geleden
Dudde stop stop this is not real police stop and sherif don t play dudde
Tane Mahuta
Tane Mahuta Maand geleden
If corey was armed both those cops would have died..... Notice how they didnt invite a black friend.....
Ivan Ivic
Ivan Ivic Maand geleden
Toy guns
Shoeidog27 Maand geleden
In Roblox I have swat unlocked
William Mayorga
William Mayorga Maand geleden
Can you other please
Quynh Nguyen
Quynh Nguyen Maand geleden
.7ees6gj6 I am going to be-
Aulii Silva
Aulii Silva 2 maanden geleden
Brit really said ✨parkour✨
Blair McCarty
Blair McCarty 2 maanden geleden
Brit was being very funny
Sean Farrell
Sean Farrell 2 maanden geleden
I’m Aussie we don’t have laws
Gaming time with suop85
Gaming time with suop85 2 maanden geleden
I saw the orange tip on the gun so it means it is fake
Camiel van Surksum
Camiel van Surksum 2 maanden geleden
zijn dat echte wapens
Ciara Clarke
Ciara Clarke 2 maanden geleden
Fab video
Reflex_ Isaac
Reflex_ Isaac 2 maanden geleden
They had BB guns😭
jesseca Gray
jesseca Gray 2 maanden geleden
Fack gun
jesseca Gray
jesseca Gray 2 maanden geleden
Rack gun
Tony Palm
Tony Palm 2 maanden geleden
Brit is cute
Aub No name
Aub No name 2 maanden geleden
I feel like they go Easier on women then men
Gracie Mckay
Gracie Mckay 2 maanden geleden
This is so good
Pubg Goran
Pubg Goran 2 maanden geleden
Copy Braco gajic
Jakobe Harman
Jakobe Harman 2 maanden geleden
Walmart police
Mike Amaya
Mike Amaya 2 maanden geleden
They are not real cops
Mike Amaya
Mike Amaya 2 maanden geleden
Dude there guns are so fake
Chill z w i x!
Chill z w i x! 3 maanden geleden
Nice fake gun bois🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sarah O Mahony
Sarah O Mahony 3 maanden geleden
Fack guys
LukePlays 3 maanden geleden
You already know their fake Sheriff's when they say "SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT!" Only officers say department. Sheriffs say office. Nice fake guns too. You can tell they are fake by having the orange bit on the end. 😂😂😂 Not spreading any hate.
Krissy Hertzog
Krissy Hertzog 3 maanden geleden
Those sheriffs are fake their guns have orange tips
Raphine Walker
Raphine Walker 3 maanden geleden
Those are real gun
EJ IsNumberOne
EJ IsNumberOne 3 maanden geleden
do hide n Seek vs Police Sheriff with mob
Spxks CLIXZ 3 maanden geleden
I like how no one noticed the fake guns
JW Creates
JW Creates 3 maanden geleden
The dude in the camo helmet was not playing lol
Van B
Van B 3 maanden geleden
They are shooting air soft
Ryder Holmes
Ryder Holmes 3 maanden geleden
I feel like ive watched this before but it says i havent 😂😂😂😂😂😭
Diego Viego
Diego Viego 3 maanden geleden
Diego video wisn yande
Edith Laridean
Edith Laridean 3 maanden geleden
Do you see the orange tip on the gun
Tremaine Coleman
Tremaine Coleman 3 maanden geleden
ok fun
Aiyana Tennant
Aiyana Tennant 3 maanden geleden
aww man i would do that if i could hah police dont always win do they mhm.?
TJ G 3 maanden geleden
Drags always ends up on the ground 😆
SevyGod 3 maanden geleden
The political parade reilly learn because airport tinctorially bat atop a woebegone form. helpless, innate men
Amy Mc Donald
Amy Mc Donald 3 maanden geleden
That would be soo scary if they were just hunting u down
Cheese 3 maanden geleden
Did anyone else see that they exposed the safes code
gunner kennow
gunner kennow 3 maanden geleden
i like to watch you but the amount of fake is mean
dda.chungas 3 maanden geleden
Fake guns
lil food
lil food 3 maanden geleden
There fake cops
Asher Kalauli
Asher Kalauli 4 maanden geleden
Can you join your you tuber please
BLUE COOKIES 4 maanden geleden
Where are their gloves at 😂😂
aiden plays
aiden plays 4 maanden geleden
You should do a hideandseek vid against swat and one of you have a air soft pistol
teri phelan-ruden
teri phelan-ruden 4 maanden geleden
Where did Kasi go? I still I see in your introduction, but don't see in there.
ryan hop
ryan hop 4 maanden geleden
2:54 harly from dc?
Nick Mckenna
Nick Mckenna 4 maanden geleden
Lamo they are fake af
Zayah Gaming
Zayah Gaming 4 maanden geleden
Why do the have BB guns
Jack Philion
Jack Philion 4 maanden geleden
imagine thinking this is real 🤡🤡
Pubg Goran
Pubg Goran 4 maanden geleden
Copy Braco Gajic
Nevaeh Mcangus
Nevaeh Mcangus 4 maanden geleden
Bruh they always got to have there guns out
Crimson 4 maanden geleden
i like u guys im so sorry for the bully
Crimson 4 maanden geleden
good luck cory
Crimson 4 maanden geleden
this is fake gun and fake shref because i was a shref in 2013
jadon white
jadon white 4 maanden geleden
Not actually areasted because how would they post the video
Crunchy Official
Crunchy Official 4 maanden geleden
Such cute guns😂
Cassy Heil
Cassy Heil 4 maanden geleden
At 8:15 he thought he was going to get away
Josh Kim
Josh Kim 4 maanden geleden
wats a police sherrif
X PLAYZ YT 4 maanden geleden
Who ever does not sub to funk bros ur doing crack cocaine
Laura Seddon
Laura Seddon 4 maanden geleden
You guys are the best NLblock's ever
Anonymous 4 maanden geleden
Not even 5 seconds in *cocks gun* Me: oh shite
THE DRAGON KID gaming 4 maanden geleden
Chris Wilcoxson
Chris Wilcoxson 4 maanden geleden
Y'all should run from cops with search dogs
sogreyisthenewblack 4 maanden geleden
did they really leave them sitting in handcuffs after they're arrested?
music monkey
music monkey 4 maanden geleden
7:18 if you saw this with the context that this was a video with cops you would think terrible things about this society
Alex Carter
Alex Carter 4 maanden geleden
Nobody is gonna talk about how they are using guns with orange tips and wearing a army helmet?
stylish gaming
stylish gaming 4 maanden geleden
you guys should play freeze hide and seek: if you get found you need to be tagged if you get tagged you need to freee in place, you're fellow hiders/runners can tag you to unfreeze you so you can move again. you're also allowed to just run around you dont need to hide since you need to be tagged. would love to see something like this ps: keep up the great content the videos from the entire funk fam really help me in these difficult times.
Kitchen Mafia Jr
Kitchen Mafia Jr 4 maanden geleden
The gun is fake as heck
Rick Duncan
Rick Duncan 4 maanden geleden
Me:looking at the guns See's:Orange piece on gun Mind:thinking it fake
brooklyn luckovitch
brooklyn luckovitch 4 maanden geleden
There was an orange cap on the gun. Dosent that mean it's fake or something?
Maria Gutierrez
Maria Gutierrez 4 maanden geleden
Maria Gutierrez
Maria Gutierrez 4 maanden geleden
Maria Gutierrez
Maria Gutierrez 4 maanden geleden
Ray Ratcliff
Ray Ratcliff 4 maanden geleden
Did you guys do something bad or are you just playing hide and go seek
Hunter Burch
Hunter Burch 4 maanden geleden
he checked the toilet
Tafawa Adridge
Tafawa Adridge 4 maanden geleden
sheniya gang
sheniya gang 4 maanden geleden
Are those real guns or chocolate
Lucky_ Gunner_101
Lucky_ Gunner_101 4 maanden geleden
I know the guns are fake and that good
Quahir Perry
Quahir Perry 4 maanden geleden
Is the fake guns for me
Caelan Quilter
Caelan Quilter 4 maanden geleden
anyone else notice that the "cops" were carrying airsoft guns not real ones
Drew Kassing
Drew Kassing 4 maanden geleden
Those were fake guns
Logan Willette
Logan Willette 4 maanden geleden
The cops have fake guns
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Cam Tavanlar 1. Bölüm
Weergaven 2,7 mln.
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