Hide N Seek From Sniper! *if found, get shot* 

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Hide n seek vs the best sniper in cali! Don't get shot or you lose! Thanks @Tac City Airsoft
Text Us! (1-951-524-7847) @Corey Funk @Capron Funk
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Follow The Sniper! taccityairsoft?hl=en


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13 feb. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Skyler Vera
Skyler Vera 11 uur geleden
Who else been here is since 2016?
Albie Moore
Albie Moore 15 uur geleden
Do a aid soft battle with every one in you house
Ian Liu
Ian Liu 5 dagen geleden
So one person starts with a flare then the other person haz it
Ian Liu
Ian Liu 5 dagen geleden
It’s bomb tag
Ian Liu
Ian Liu 5 dagen geleden
Hey funk bros I have an great idea of a video idea
Tate Taylor
Tate Taylor 8 dagen geleden
me to
Stuart Cameron
Stuart Cameron 9 dagen geleden
like and subbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb if you watch these legands
Blaine Martin
Blaine Martin 9 dagen geleden
Corey is a better sniper than those people
Chase Flannery
Chase Flannery 9 dagen geleden
You should have got silo
Kacey Pike
Kacey Pike 10 dagen geleden
Capron cory you should do a vidio were you spy on drage for 24 hours and if he finds u prank him and then carry on spying lol
K- Dijah
K- Dijah 10 dagen geleden
Donkey Bottom
Donkey Bottom 11 dagen geleden
Who else liked the vids at the old house more
Axel Elwahidi
Axel Elwahidi 11 dagen geleden
these guys r soooo underrated
SevyGod 11 dagen geleden
The macabre karate selectively impress because tooth tinctorially hope modulo a difficult sleet. bite-sized, utopian atom
Callan Bowman
Callan Bowman 11 dagen geleden
Your telling me that guys a pro and he held the gun on top of his shoulder
Coop Outdoors
Coop Outdoors 11 dagen geleden
That thumb nail how he’s holding the gun that’s a total rick moment.😂🤣😅
Richie Shell
Richie Shell 11 dagen geleden
Good job funk bros
REDACTED 11 dagen geleden
why does Hannah sound like addison rae when she says 321
jeremías 11 dagen geleden
3:12 im alive but im dead,im alive but im dead, im ali- dea-, eh 😂
UrSistersHot 12 dagen geleden
im so mad i loved the video but i got 3 ads in the first 8 minutes of the video
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 12 dagen geleden
Jesus is king
C2 Flashy
C2 Flashy 12 dagen geleden
Get funk bros to 7 million ❤️❤️❤️❤️
C2 Flashy
C2 Flashy 12 dagen geleden
Love u funk fan and bros ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥 get them to 8 million
C2 Flashy
C2 Flashy 12 dagen geleden
Love u funk bros ❤️❤️❤️💀💀
Harley Marshall
Harley Marshall 12 dagen geleden
Corey should get into airsoft and I even go it’s really fun
H 13 dagen geleden
“We got real life snipers” but got people from air soft
The VlogingCAT
The VlogingCAT 13 dagen geleden
So you didn't invite Silo or Novrtisch?
Sophia Chavez
Sophia Chavez 13 dagen geleden
Hide and seek is getting boring no matter what twist you put on it
Jason Phillips
Jason Phillips 13 dagen geleden
No it is not
Lisa Sandefeldt
Lisa Sandefeldt 13 dagen geleden
We wanna ser more of zuki
David Swinburne
David Swinburne 14 dagen geleden
I miss the days they would just vibe at tempest
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 14 dagen geleden
Love the hide and seek videos well love them all they've got me through lots they have always a laugh when watching so thank you for making the channel and videos you guys are the best would be good to see hide and seek in a museum
Marissa Longo Gabriel Scott
24 hour challenge in the treehouse
Nathan Hovey
Nathan Hovey 14 dagen geleden
is there a way to get those couns from 2 years ago to canada
Dyno 14 dagen geleden
The people that immediately new the "pro" in the intro was Corey.
Elias Hembree
Elias Hembree 14 dagen geleden
Sometimes I get so sad because of how inspired I am from you and that I just wish I could live a free and fun life like you especially when you guys do a pool montage
hallie mcrobie
hallie mcrobie 14 dagen geleden
Benjamin Griffith
Benjamin Griffith 14 dagen geleden
Freedom Warrior
Freedom Warrior 14 dagen geleden
8:05 doesn’t use commando grip and grabs barrel
Tanner Bogart
Tanner Bogart 14 dagen geleden
3:24 I love how suki was running after him
Gavin Mongan
Gavin Mongan 14 dagen geleden
I feel bad for the guy in the fire tbh
Brennen Koehl
Brennen Koehl 14 dagen geleden
Lol 3:20
red pandas Boomer
red pandas Boomer 14 dagen geleden
You guys should invite sed TO your house to funk bros
Brock Newton
Brock Newton 14 dagen geleden
Cory should name your baby Connor so then it’s the three c’s Cory Capron and Connor
paul dennis
paul dennis 14 dagen geleden
Make up your own stuff for got sake please stop coping the dangie bros wich are way better than you because you copy which I hate
s7mpathy 14 dagen geleden
Who else was here since one million?
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 14 dagen geleden
I never thought of having the best channel in the world, they are the best
Asher Kalauli
Asher Kalauli 15 dagen geleden
Can you join you please
Mean Girl
Mean Girl 15 dagen geleden
Hay fank bro can you do a video that you can do the Bast Parkour please
Kendrick Avila
Kendrick Avila 15 dagen geleden
imagine not being subbed to funkbros
Panther gaming boys
Panther gaming boys 15 dagen geleden
Can you please shout me out
Estela Morales
Estela Morales 15 dagen geleden
I have a airsoft gun and im a big fan
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 14 dagen geleden
I can’t wait for baby funk and his name
Wayne Mead
Wayne Mead 15 dagen geleden
Are those real guns are
AREEBA KHAWAJA 15 dagen geleden
The funk Bros are amazing and inspiring!! Can't wait for baby funk!! OMGGGGG
LilDrano Saldana
LilDrano Saldana 15 dagen geleden
Seeing if famous youtubers wil respond to my comment please respond
Zackattack 15 dagen geleden
Javon Najair
Javon Najair 15 dagen geleden
I got shot with a gun on a hurt so bad in my shoulder
Robert 15 dagen geleden
The funk bros should go back and return to the funkisode. I must admit it has been 5 crazy years and you two have both come so far
LOURDES ORTIZ 15 dagen geleden
Hi hi
teri phelan-ruden
teri phelan-ruden 15 dagen geleden
That's got to hurt Yikes!
Ben owen and Sophie Dedman’s
Guys never say bad words
Original Tbnr Marshmello
Original Tbnr Marshmello 15 dagen geleden
Use full auto if u wanna hurt them real bad
Aussie p
Aussie p 15 dagen geleden
Swo that but
Will Hahn
Will Hahn 15 dagen geleden
Am I the only one who saw the SSG10 A1 and clicked
inti cell
inti cell 15 dagen geleden
objecktive: survive
Brian Kaufman
Brian Kaufman 15 dagen geleden
I can’t wait for baby funk and his name
Stinaso21 15 dagen geleden
Yall should do like how yall filled a pool up with hot coca in a pool yall should fill a pool up with popcorn
Ford Country Brody
Ford Country Brody 13 dagen geleden
broooo!!! yess!! definitely!!!
Stinaso21 15 dagen geleden
@leo the lemon i do speak English i was typing fast
Leo The Lemon
Leo The Lemon 15 dagen geleden
Leo The Lemon
Leo The Lemon 15 dagen geleden
Do you even English
XBOX-Edwin 16 dagen geleden
It's called hop-up... Hopper is the paintball version of magazine / feeding tube
lukemulligan 16 dagen geleden
I wonder what they were shot with what if it was with real bullets or just nerf bullets lol comment NERF if you think it was shot with one and like if you think it was a bullet
mr a
mr a 16 dagen geleden
Why aren’t you wearing eye protection
Poo Poo
Poo Poo 16 dagen geleden
I've got a video idea paint ball wars
Poo Poo
Poo Poo 16 dagen geleden
Hi cory and capron
The Wraith
The Wraith 16 dagen geleden
Ivan is a stud.
Tiffany Key
Tiffany Key 16 dagen geleden
Corey can you talk to me I’m anonymous
NerfDudeTx_gamer_777 16 dagen geleden
3:12 To me it’s one of the most funniest thing I the world for do reason
Cleetus PlaysYT
Cleetus PlaysYT 16 dagen geleden
can you shout out my channel its Cleetus PlaysYT
Reese Hamilton
Reese Hamilton 16 dagen geleden
Lol Imma live but I'm dead... Imma live but I'm dead... Imalavadead😂😂😂
Keely McCarthy
Keely McCarthy 16 dagen geleden
Can you do a hide and seek teaser
OVER KILL 16 dagen geleden
Its not called hopper its called hop-up And I love airsoft videos
royal pain
royal pain 16 dagen geleden
oof that had to hurt
Leah Hodges
Leah Hodges 16 dagen geleden
Is Jason Cory and capon brother
FortniteClapz Sir
FortniteClapz Sir 16 dagen geleden
Libby Burrow
Libby Burrow 16 dagen geleden
Y’alls hide in seeks videos are the best !!
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 16 dagen geleden
If it wasn’t for my poor WiFi, I would have been first -_-
Abdul Meher
Abdul Meher 14 dagen geleden
Your wifi is really poor because you're 1 day late
Aniah Rose
Aniah Rose 16 dagen geleden
that intro was smooth
Drip Squad
Drip Squad 16 dagen geleden
Can y’all make a pool pls
Gianni Suri
Gianni Suri 16 dagen geleden
The sniper that has the cope on( the one that Corey was using) looks like the novritch sniper 🤷🤔
Hope Blogs with dogs
Hope Blogs with dogs 16 dagen geleden
how bad did it heart scale from 1/10
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 16 dagen geleden
I had experience from an airsoft sniper. It didnot end well.
Bigboy 16 dagen geleden
Accuracy does not make a sniper. And there guys aren't that Accurate
BilMar Gaming
BilMar Gaming 16 dagen geleden
Sub to bilmar gaming for fortnite
Salina Flach
Salina Flach 16 dagen geleden
You guys should totally try to do hide and seek while wearing sumo or dino suits 😂😂
rowin akers
rowin akers 16 dagen geleden
Hi I have been watching for about six years
Kinley Kester
Kinley Kester 16 dagen geleden
I loveeee these vidss🥺🥺🥺🥺pls reply
Whole lot of random
Whole lot of random 16 dagen geleden
Jason us the best guy ever ngl
ARF-Trooper9999 16 dagen geleden
0:24 he was starting to sing DNA😂😂
Puppy Boy
Puppy Boy 16 dagen geleden
It’s Jason funk really your brother
Andrew Willard
Andrew Willard 16 dagen geleden
They are trained to study every little detail like they gonna find you but dope vid
Olivia Alcock
Olivia Alcock 16 dagen geleden
Do 10,000 balloons in moving druck
Slick Ace
Slick Ace 16 dagen geleden
Y’all should remake the orbeez truck video but put soap in the truck
Nathan Burns
Nathan Burns 16 dagen geleden
Corey needs to get into airsoft he’s really good
FaZe Elijah
FaZe Elijah 13 dagen geleden
Katie Reyes
Katie Reyes 13 dagen geleden
You are right.
Mohamed Bahi
Mohamed Bahi 16 dagen geleden
Best video in the world
Hide N Seek From Bounty Hunter!
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