Hide N Seek From A Helicopter! 

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We played hide and seek against a helicopter! Thanks @Aviator Wild
Text Us! (1-951-524-7847) Shoutout to @Drage Kamerman
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11 feb. 2021




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Milo Figueroa
Milo Figueroa 20 dagen geleden
When I heard my name MILO I just smiled so cool.
Austin Rides
Austin Rides Maand geleden
Ella Johnson
Ella Johnson Maand geleden
They forgot about drags and milo when they were doing the the car part
Tess Linder
Tess Linder Maand geleden
In the forster round they didn’t find milo
TempVo 2 maanden geleden
rip milo they done forgot he was in the tires and done left him lol
TempVo 2 maanden geleden
wait what about the kid in the tires lol?
Ciara Clarke
Ciara Clarke 2 maanden geleden
Cool video with helicopter
Jacob Simmons
Jacob Simmons 2 maanden geleden
5:10 some one on roof
Flynn Rippon
Flynn Rippon 2 maanden geleden
Love your vids
Please Potato Chips
Please Potato Chips 3 maanden geleden
Y’all have good eyes GOD
Giselle Mwaka
Giselle Mwaka 3 maanden geleden
The kids name is MLO
sillyaqt 3 maanden geleden
This reminds me of that one mission in modern warfare
Alt1X 3 maanden geleden
josh morast
josh morast 3 maanden geleden
CHINMAY BHAVE 3 maanden geleden
You should have included paintball
Koltyn Lloyd
Koltyn Lloyd 3 maanden geleden
I wish I was milo being able to hangout with them
Emily Lontay
Emily Lontay 3 maanden geleden
i am a big fan i love your viedos
Brad Woods
Brad Woods 3 maanden geleden
Cory love you 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Sam Sluga
Sam Sluga 3 maanden geleden
Ok that intro was one point
Marshy 3 maanden geleden
Sweet girl telling bad people
Hammer Cap
Hammer Cap 3 maanden geleden
What about milo
lol chungus
lol chungus 3 maanden geleden
do what morejstu did with underground bunker
Gdaboss 3 maanden geleden
The kid gone
Allen Mihai
Allen Mihai 3 maanden geleden
why arent you posting about apex and playing scoot???
Ashnuel Santiago Cortes
Ashnuel Santiago Cortes 3 maanden geleden
my guy capron love the vides me and my littel brother play fortnite can u add ma plzz run som tioes just-nugget03 or o3
JOSEPH JACKS 3 maanden geleden
either way its fun seeking or hidin
Brock Newton
Brock Newton 3 maanden geleden
The zip line sounds like a 6.0 diesel
Cobroz 4 maanden geleden
Captions code name should be Apa
Patrick D. Simas
Patrick D. Simas 4 maanden geleden
Rip Kobe
Pon 4 maanden geleden
This seems a lot like the hide and seek with the thermal drone video
Omar Plays 400 omar
Omar Plays 400 omar 4 maanden geleden
Dereck Keilty
Dereck Keilty 4 maanden geleden
They forgot about the kid twice lol
maddox Dicaprio
maddox Dicaprio 4 maanden geleden
Good video
Bomie 4 maanden geleden
Is it just me or just for a helicopter fuel its like 6 jeep G Wrangler bc i got a helicopter too and the fuel is expensive
Milo Shadid
Milo Shadid 4 maanden geleden
This was such a fun vid!
Anonymous 4 maanden geleden
I thought coronavirus was a thing....
bag chasin.a c
bag chasin.a c 4 maanden geleden
he new where they were the whole time revwatch it
jayden Martineau
jayden Martineau 4 maanden geleden
Love your guys videos without a doubt im here everyday watching you guys wanna eventually get your merch💓😊
Tyreke gaming
Tyreke gaming 4 maanden geleden
Can you go in the woods for 24 hours next video.
Corey Newlands
Corey Newlands 4 maanden geleden
Love the funk bros
Mommie Smith
Mommie Smith 4 maanden geleden
I love capron Hannah Corey caperin's wife and I love Drew and I love Drew's girlfriend and then I love Billy and I love all the other friends that you have at your house I am a big fan of you I would miss you I really know feeling has a girlfriend
aka Matsku
aka Matsku 4 maanden geleden
699th comment yeet
LazerGator17 4 maanden geleden
kenziemomful 4 maanden geleden
Thanks to Funk Bros I have been able to keep my emotions that are caused by my servre anixety under control. From Mckenzie Thanks to Corey and Caperon
Jozef Klimczak
Jozef Klimczak 4 maanden geleden
i whatch funk bros im stil sadd that nova is gone
GAMES EXPLORATION 4 maanden geleden
C Pick
C Pick 4 maanden geleden
not me Kayzz
Stephanie Olivier
Stephanie Olivier 4 maanden geleden
Jaidaistoswaggyforyou. 4 maanden geleden
Who doesn’t like the funk bros??
Wrldofempty 4 maanden geleden
My grandma
Ultimate Gaming
Ultimate Gaming 4 maanden geleden
Play hide and seek On a plane
logan 4 maanden geleden
I miss you guys my dad said he doesn't want me watching you guys since 2019 but I subbed today so here I am
logan 4 maanden geleden
@Arkansas Anglers idk dude
Arkansas Anglers
Arkansas Anglers 4 maanden geleden
Mohamed Raihan
Mohamed Raihan 4 maanden geleden
If I was playing round 2 and had a tesla I would straight go to a tesla supercharger and just wait
Taytum Reeves
Taytum Reeves 4 maanden geleden
Video idea : abc challenge but add a cool touch to it ( the abc challenge is wear someone says a letter and you have to do a skill to match the letter you can also add words or something )
24k_ballervibez 4 maanden geleden
Is this man rich a helicopter 😱
Nicholas Mussen
Nicholas Mussen 4 maanden geleden
If thats drage's uncle then you should have him in more vids who agrees?
CrazyHorizon 4 maanden geleden
Justin 12
Justin 12 4 maanden geleden
I love the funk bros
Jillian Sparen
Jillian Sparen 4 maanden geleden
Lol why is the views so up yt is so broken
Elie 4 maanden geleden
Have a good day god love you
Crazy Clan
Crazy Clan 4 maanden geleden
Ireland boys wants to box you please box them I am a big fan of both of y'all so let see who is the upper man
Jackofn 4 maanden geleden
Corey could join the police air with those eyes 👀
㫑等郛屻岥木hi 4 maanden geleden
Zildjian Jones
Zildjian Jones 4 maanden geleden
What I thought this was private....
Xd_clapz_Xd10 Xd_Xd10
Xd_clapz_Xd10 Xd_Xd10 4 maanden geleden
Ok we’re just Bored
Ok we’re just Bored 4 maanden geleden
what the
DZ 4 maanden geleden
How to escape the cops :101: run on foot it's much harder to see you
Anis Zukic
Anis Zukic 4 maanden geleden
Aaliyah Turner
Aaliyah Turner 4 maanden geleden
Love Funk Brose
julie medina
julie medina 4 maanden geleden
My birthday party is tomorrow February 13
Emry Sosensky
Emry Sosensky 4 maanden geleden
I love you funk bros u Are awesome I am subscribed to your brother you and Riddell
Dylan Romero
Dylan Romero 4 maanden geleden
Hi funk bro
LeLand Rowell
LeLand Rowell 4 maanden geleden
hay i got an idea for something to do in a video you take drunk goggles and try to put it over the lens of camera and try to film a hid and seek video with it and also today is my b-day
RUWEYDA HASSAN 4 maanden geleden
Who is a fan btw you don’t need to like 😸
Cash Saltsman
Cash Saltsman 4 maanden geleden
Who is watching in 2062
rachellecruzer 4 maanden geleden
Hi how are mom
Nic FourOhSix
Nic FourOhSix 4 maanden geleden
Whatever happened to Billy and Drew?
Jacob Polichnowski
Jacob Polichnowski 4 maanden geleden
I love your videos and I subs
Tiff ღ
Tiff ღ 4 maanden geleden
*I'm glad we see Gunner in this video! We never see him anymore!* *😭🙂*
J Varun Bharathi
J Varun Bharathi 4 maanden geleden
These guys play hide and seek In all different ways possible 😂
Manu Editzzz
Manu Editzzz 4 maanden geleden
Say 'helicopter'- helicipote :(
Aiden Van Wie
Aiden Van Wie 4 maanden geleden
Milo won
Danny Danny
Danny Danny 4 maanden geleden
Next Level!
Gabriel Jockisch
Gabriel Jockisch 4 maanden geleden
I hate the funk bros they are selfish
Stevie Jones
Stevie Jones 4 maanden geleden
Who loves funk bros
Levi Macken
Levi Macken 4 maanden geleden
Levi Macken
Levi Macken 4 maanden geleden
Levi Macken
Levi Macken 4 maanden geleden
Levi Macken
Levi Macken 4 maanden geleden
Levi Macken
Levi Macken 4 maanden geleden
Levi Macken
Levi Macken 4 maanden geleden
Levi Macken
Levi Macken 4 maanden geleden
Levi Macken
Levi Macken 4 maanden geleden
Dricus Naudé
Dricus Naudé 4 maanden geleden
Bell 505
RELXO CLAPZ 4 maanden geleden
Are you guys going to nitro circus
Evelyn Hargett
Evelyn Hargett 4 maanden geleden
I saw my cousins house
Leyla Mettler
Leyla Mettler 4 maanden geleden
Capron: Alright we need to do another- Ad: I’ve been obsessed with belts for a long time.
Miles Swan
Miles Swan 4 maanden geleden
I rather enjoyed this video. If you have more access later to the helicopter, there are so many other things you can do. You should try a capture the flag/paintball type match on your property with everyone. You have the people and the space to make it quite amazing. I believe in you guys!
Zilo 4 maanden geleden
Seen this come out the other day then it said it wasn’t here then I was sad then it got posted again
Oliver Olas
Oliver Olas 4 maanden geleden
i hit the like button with my painted pinky toe
Prophecy LJ
Prophecy LJ 4 maanden geleden
Hide N Seek Inside A Zoo!
Hide n Seek vs Police Sheriff!
Lorde - Solar Power
Weergaven 10 mln.