First To Finish Ninja Warrior Course Wins! 

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First To Finish Ninja Warrior Course Wins!
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6 jan. 2021




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Jhon Abapo
Jhon Abapo 5 dagen geleden
I hate drage
Nika Smith
Nika Smith 6 dagen geleden
I am already subscribed
Julia Cooper
Julia Cooper 8 dagen geleden
At 1:59 billy so me but straight into the first wall
CAUTION Games 9 dagen geleden
He made this in my birthday
Jayden Kanyion
Jayden Kanyion 9 dagen geleden
You’re my most favorite NLblockrs
XD_damiann 12 dagen geleden
notice how capron beat coreys time by exactly 1 second
Uili Ana Sonasi
Uili Ana Sonasi 12 dagen geleden
kasey is drews sister i did not kown that
Isaac Reynolds
Isaac Reynolds 15 dagen geleden
ik your copying somone from a youtuber
emy kemp
emy kemp 18 dagen geleden
that "hI MoM" tho 😂
jayjay okay
jayjay okay 21 dag geleden
Who else wanted to give em' each a push on that rope? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tenzin Choeying
Tenzin Choeying 26 dagen geleden
Does he mean the Bruce lee movie enter the dragon?
Maisie Beadle
Maisie Beadle Maand geleden
It is so funny but just before eli goes 13:33 you see hannah &corey kissing in the background
Alex The Gamer
Alex The Gamer Maand geleden
Corey should be on American Ninja Warrior
Dafney Bentel
Dafney Bentel Maand geleden
Dude this looks Awesome!! Where is this at??💥💯
QTDUCK Vlogs Maand geleden
Corey:now you get punishment
Hope Flickinger
Hope Flickinger Maand geleden
Everyone at 1:50 come on Billy! Also Billy at 1:54 jumps and also died from how high he jumped 😂😂😂
Sunny Dog
Sunny Dog Maand geleden
They move the cameras so much that I’m dizzy 😣
Doley Bell
Doley Bell Maand geleden
I hate you guys 🤗😎
Megan Thee Pony
Megan Thee Pony Maand geleden
Haha the way Cory said “ohh hi mom” 🥰😂
Jalynn Maand geleden
Corey: WOAH..... Hi mom
BearintheArctic ///
BearintheArctic /// Maand geleden
Charlie got 11.69, that’s impressive for the number 69 😂😂😂
Zaiga Melo
Zaiga Melo Maand geleden
Billy’s laugh makes my day
Damian Sanchez
Damian Sanchez Maand geleden
You guys should change edit style
Martin Rodriguez
Martin Rodriguez Maand geleden
did anyone realize they all wearing the same socks LMAO
ofk dae
ofk dae Maand geleden
So many different youtubers have been in that trampoline park now i want to go :/
Kydin Reed
Kydin Reed Maand geleden
I died when Cory said I want to be on TV oh hi mom
Aubree Pensak
Aubree Pensak Maand geleden
I love hearing Corry ask hannah if she is good he is so sweet to her
Yurkidjayfromyt Welcome
May. I get a shout out
Lily Arseneault
Lily Arseneault Maand geleden
You guys are AMAZING!!! I love watching your videos. Your videos have such good content.
Lily Arseneault
Lily Arseneault Maand geleden
I just subcribed on my computer because I couldnt sub on my tv. But I have watched all of your vids
Liam Chavez
Liam Chavez Maand geleden
My sister who has homework watching Corey doing it 👁👄👁
Aman Virk
Aman Virk Maand geleden
Guys bring the tazer back
Janet Grant
Janet Grant Maand geleden
Lol is one of the girls in under wear
Holly Hodge
Holly Hodge Maand geleden
Skkkkeerrr ow
Kira P
Kira P Maand geleden
You guys should collab with Risk House
Giahoa do
Giahoa do Maand geleden
Me as a 11 year old. I think I can beat sum of them
Mike Symonds
Mike Symonds Maand geleden
Nice job Dreage
saad legend
saad legend Maand geleden
who else was gonna go to the ninja warrior YT to see if they were in it?
Corza 33
Corza 33 Maand geleden
Roses are red violets are blue I came from tik Tok and so did you
Damian Jooste
Damian Jooste Maand geleden
I though capron had Covid-19
Anthony Bell
Anthony Bell Maand geleden
So therefore Charlie cheated
Anthony Bell
Anthony Bell Maand geleden
Charlie didn't even do the whole thing of going up them ramp before hitting it like Cory and Capron and doing the full 180
Hugo Thien Xi Lun
Hugo Thien Xi Lun Maand geleden
I like it when that guy like den de da den de da lala
Kahlil Jordan
Kahlil Jordan Maand geleden
I’ve been to defy but I live in Michigan
nolan rosser
nolan rosser Maand geleden
U guys should bring back the funk it challenges every video
Javier Polanco
Javier Polanco Maand geleden
People say Coreys gonna die in 30 days
Sam Coote
Sam Coote Maand geleden
You are so energetic1
DMareonbuilds GG
DMareonbuilds GG Maand geleden
Shoes catch more grip
Shane Elizabeth
Shane Elizabeth Maand geleden
Where’s drew?
Nicole Beebe
Nicole Beebe Maand geleden
they didnt show the prize for charlie :(
Nicole Beebe
Nicole Beebe Maand geleden
they didnt show the prize for charlie
Flaming LeagueFan
Flaming LeagueFan Maand geleden
Charlie cheated he didn't go fully up he just touched the lower bit
Phoenix Rand
Phoenix Rand Maand geleden
I love how u just hear Cory slide down and go ow
Charisse Florida
Charisse Florida Maand geleden
Hiii :( I’m relly sad today so if anybody with a comment that coud cheer me up woud mean alot
The AlphaZ
The AlphaZ Maand geleden
Dude theres a youtober called 2 hype who plays many times there try chek em out they play basketball
Hayz Bros
Hayz Bros Maand geleden
You and tanner fox should have a scooter contest for $1,000 each
Sl4yz_rex Maand geleden
Hanna ur really pretty no offence to Cory
Jamie Lord
Jamie Lord Maand geleden
Jamie Lord
Jamie Lord Maand geleden
3:21 Corey 😂🤣
Jamie Lord
Jamie Lord Maand geleden
Corey and Charlie are mad athletically😂🤣
Jamie Lord
Jamie Lord Maand geleden
Corey’s mad athletically😂🤣
Jamie Lord
Jamie Lord Maand geleden
Poor Drage getting tired after the first thing 😂🤣
Jamie Lord
Jamie Lord Maand geleden
The edits that happen now like the face zoom is so funny
Dakoda Morgan
Dakoda Morgan Maand geleden
Billy’s laugh always brings me a smile
Kiara Green
Kiara Green Maand geleden
I'm imposter run
Tha Tutti
Tha Tutti Maand geleden
Jan 6 is my bday
James Hirst
James Hirst Maand geleden
Corey should go on ninja warrior
Avery Swain
Avery Swain Maand geleden
Corey: high five *slaps butt*
Leopard Potato
Leopard Potato Maand geleden
Jumbony Maand geleden
I remember when I was younger just watching all your guys videos all day
PolarPaladin Maand geleden
They are so great friends with so much respect for each other, i feel this is more for fun than just a competion because the way they treat each other. So amazing
Black guy named Requis
does kamera man hsve depression?
Pia Korkmaz
Pia Korkmaz Maand geleden
True skate gamer
True skate gamer Maand geleden
When is the next funk fam tour if u do come to Australia and go to every state.
Liam Cornwell
Liam Cornwell Maand geleden
Last time Corey got 11 74
moshy Florez
moshy Florez Maand geleden
HIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I loveeeeeeeeee u guysssssssssssssss ╏ ” ⊚ ͟ʖ ⊚ ” ╏(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
Baseball Nation
Baseball Nation Maand geleden
Love the vids guys🔥🔥
Robin Patche
Robin Patche Maand geleden
Corey and cape on had great runs but Charlie is a beast
Tyler Hunt
Tyler Hunt Maand geleden
Hi mob I love you all and wanna say that cory inspiered me to scooter and capron
Landon Abernathy
Landon Abernathy Maand geleden
I thought Capron had rona
Just Kyle
Just Kyle Maand geleden
Corey: high five Also Corey:Slaps bum
Walter Peer
Walter Peer Maand geleden
I like Corey better
Hayden's REView
Hayden's REView Maand geleden
What song were you using when baily did the ninja coarse
Jak Kiepe
Jak Kiepe Maand geleden
Who thinks they should make it funk fam now bc or Rydel
Gabriel Evans Saiz
Gabriel Evans Saiz Maand geleden
Y'all should download geo cashing and go exploring for treasure
CaseyBig Maand geleden
copied 2hypes video
og duckie
og duckie Maand geleden
Can everyone in the comments go check out my NLblock e
LionelVentureKid Maand geleden
Let me tell you something life passes fast and you have been through around four or five years of your NLblock channel you see how fast life comes bye
Sam Burns
Sam Burns Maand geleden
20:19 was hilarious just because the way caption laughed
Jaxxon Pickering
Jaxxon Pickering Maand geleden
Love your guises videos
Branden Cawkwell Elite
You dont understand what I would do to visit the funk house and come have fun with yall for a couple of days it would be my dream come true.
Alfie Hobbs
Alfie Hobbs Maand geleden
Drage: “ok billy, are you ready?” Billy: “nyoes” 😂😂
Cody Wegner
Cody Wegner Maand geleden
I'm sorry to say, but it is not even cool that Drage doesn't try his hardest. It is kind of sad to me.
Covertrug Maand geleden
Love ur vids but I watch one min and go bored because I thought drew dirikson and other sweats were heee
PC_ Psychofn
PC_ Psychofn Maand geleden
Billy looks like pewudie pie
gavin dehart
gavin dehart Maand geleden
That would be awesome I think they should do that to.
Maddy B
Maddy B Maand geleden
Y did they decide to post it now they did this like a month ago?😂
Waylan Hang
Waylan Hang Maand geleden
I thot Capron had rona
RAYLEE KESSICK Maand geleden
OMG am i the only one who things billy looks like shaggy from scooby-doo :O
Casandra Barta
Casandra Barta Maand geleden
All the girls should do a competition in ninja warrior
Gabriella Franco Estevez
Love your videos!!!!! capron prank corey!!!!!
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