Filled Lego Pool With 30 Million Orbeez! 

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We filled our Lego Pool with 30 Million Orbeez!
Text Us! (1-951-524-7847) @Capron Funk @Corey Funk

Get your Orbeez here:
Thank you @EverBlock

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17 apr. 2021




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Louise Cudworth
Louise Cudworth 4 dagen geleden
The dog loves it🤣
Colton League
Colton League 10 dagen geleden
Do a back flip
Glen Mark Diso
Glen Mark Diso 11 dagen geleden
wow that is awesome too swim orbeez pool so awesome
Glen Mark Diso
Glen Mark Diso 11 dagen geleden
wow that is awesome too swim in orbies pool
Vince Harrington
Vince Harrington 16 dagen geleden
You should do this with marbles
Candice Matoian
Candice Matoian 19 dagen geleden
Hey guys! My son is a HUGE fan! He had the opportunity to meet you when you came to his friends cancer fundraiser at pins n pockets in Elsinore and it's still one of the highlights of his life! Well, the boy is turning 13! In June and I was wondering if you would be able to give him a shout out in a video (we both follow you!)?? We'll be at raging waters 6/26 but his birthday is 6/27 (taco dinner in Elsinore and you're officially invited!)... He has no clue I'm attempting to get a hold of you guys sshhhhh I have every finger and toe crossed that this message finds you! Thank you, lots of love from Lake Elsinore
issy 21 dag geleden
Love your vids
killUa_ Maand geleden
“No one can take me down!!” * falls anyways *
Beau XD
Beau XD Maand geleden
Ashley Scranton
Ashley Scranton Maand geleden
This is how many times falcon terks a video👇
Muscle Man
Muscle Man Maand geleden
Money pool
SavageFam_YT /vito games
i was the top comment last time
Becky Lake
Becky Lake Maand geleden
Daven Partridge
Daven Partridge Maand geleden
do 8 back handsprings in the pool
hailey saffell
hailey saffell Maand geleden
Aubrey Peterson
Aubrey Peterson Maand geleden
Omg they did what I said last to leave
Sienna Peña’s world
You should do you milk and cereal wins $10,000
morales family
morales family Maand geleden
I see a whole bunch of kids
Zhane Greene
Zhane Greene Maand geleden
Y’all should build a mini city are hotel
Jace Perca
Jace Perca Maand geleden
24 hours in the Orby’s you can get food and water
ronas shorts
ronas shorts Maand geleden
Do 1000 snakes in the trampoline bunker last man standing
Rocco Sophie
Rocco Sophie Maand geleden
Is it just me or were the videos better at the old house?
ugollapalliyt Maand geleden
This feels like a home video instead of a NLblock video lol.
alex kokotsis
alex kokotsis Maand geleden
slime and 24 hours in the pool with fun Challenges, Dares & games throughout the night! 😎 Let's GOOO!! 💜❤️ by Leah Baxley
Carissa notfound
Carissa notfound Maand geleden
Y’all should do obleck next
Luke Talley
Luke Talley Maand geleden
do a last to leave foam pit
Kevin Palencia
Kevin Palencia Maand geleden
Do a water tank escape thing but with the orbeez and to get the weapons answer trivia weapons
Kevin Palencia
Kevin Palencia Maand geleden
Look at the comment I looked at and do that
lol chungus
lol chungus Maand geleden
Empty the water I wanna see what it look like
Aubrey Peterson
Aubrey Peterson Maand geleden
Plzz do last to leave
Mel Bella
Mel Bella Maand geleden
Lmao when everyone started doing. “pushups “
Blue Maand geleden
You should do last year now to stop moving in the orbes pool wins $15,000 Thousand dollars 💵
Qhawe Mkhwanazi
Qhawe Mkhwanazi Maand geleden
Omfg i really really miss the old Funk Bros😭
Jake Inscho
Jake Inscho Maand geleden
Hi i love your content
Psyclonic Clan
Psyclonic Clan Maand geleden
Y'all need to do more dry ice expierimant
Kevinas Telmentas
Kevinas Telmentas Maand geleden
fill the lego pool with slime pls
Charlie 68
Charlie 68 Maand geleden
Last to leave the Lego pool
Brayden mckinney
Brayden mckinney Maand geleden
Last to leave the orbees wins 10,000 dollors
Murry Richardson
Murry Richardson Maand geleden
Put 10 Tesla keys but only one is real like if you agree and every every person that does not find the real one gets a punishment
Wxffee_Gacha Maand geleden
Hi I love you guys and I think all of you should stay the night in Walmart😇🔒✨♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️
Lisa Pearson
Lisa Pearson Maand geleden
last to l eave
Johnatan Villalta
Johnatan Villalta Maand geleden
If you think about it NLblock pays for their own videos and then they pay the people that used the money that NLblock gave them to make the video
anthony smith
anthony smith Maand geleden
stay in there 24 hours
Fire god !
Fire god ! Maand geleden
Go haunted place
Supr3me playz
Supr3me playz Maand geleden
Put snakes in it and you have to leave yo feet in in for 24 hours the person who win gets to do whatever they want to loserz
Cristopher Jimenez
Cristopher Jimenez Maand geleden
Do hot coco
cookie 567
cookie 567 Maand geleden
You should do last to leave pool full of 50 million orbees but have mini challenges while your doin it 😍😘
mynamejeff jeff
mynamejeff jeff Maand geleden
Golf balls
Maguire Kirkham
Maguire Kirkham Maand geleden
Drop a watered down gummy bear and first to fined it gets $1,000
Ninja Red
Ninja Red Maand geleden
p3trick st3r
p3trick st3r Maand geleden
Last to leave wins
Nicholas McAlister
Nicholas McAlister Maand geleden
Belly flop
HITYASHOTSGG Maand geleden
Last to leave Lego pool full of cold water and ice
Melissa Randall
Melissa Randall Maand geleden
Just a last to leave maybe but it's not the best idea.
Michael Vande Walle
Michael Vande Walle Maand geleden
Fill the pool with glue or maple syrup
Harrison Elsegood
Harrison Elsegood Maand geleden
Where is the bounty hunter olympics
Lysander Maldonado
Lysander Maldonado Maand geleden
Do a color challenge of food and prizes please
Anthony Collard
Anthony Collard Maand geleden
Can I have a shout out pls I love you guys
Alex G
Alex G Maand geleden
Spend 24 hours in it
Typical Gersham
Typical Gersham Maand geleden
put a 2 chips and who ever finds 1 wins 5,000
Alexander Rice
Alexander Rice Maand geleden
Last to leave
deacon miri
deacon miri Maand geleden
have a orbee fight
i love the KFAM
i love the KFAM Maand geleden
thats sick
Rebecca Mckenna
Rebecca Mckenna Maand geleden
Sell it on eBay
Conor Ferguson
Conor Ferguson Maand geleden
Last to leave in the obese
ElectricityCld Maand geleden
Last to leave the orbeez pool!
Raziya Maand geleden
24hrs in the pool
Brogan Crabtree
Brogan Crabtree Maand geleden
Brogan Crabtree
Brogan Crabtree Maand geleden
Put slime in like concrete last to leave slime wins
Allie Neal
Allie Neal Maand geleden
Okay I have a really important question!!! What happened to squash it!!!! If you are true fans you will know🙃
charlie soan
charlie soan Maand geleden
put melted chocolate
Nevada Kirkland
Nevada Kirkland Maand geleden
they should do snicking into mcdonlads /last to leave wins $2000
AG Schop
AG Schop Maand geleden
Put oobleck in it
Joshua Schul
Joshua Schul Maand geleden
Do obleck
Kyra Lacelle
Kyra Lacelle Maand geleden
Fill a pool with Hot dogs
lavaun Dyer
lavaun Dyer Maand geleden
Last to leave Tree House wins $10,000
Jason Strambu
Jason Strambu Maand geleden
yeah put skittle amd first to find gets a prize or some sort if not jump of the crane int here
Kayden & Kai
Kayden & Kai Maand geleden
Can u do last to leave the obeezs pool 🥰🙏 please
No. K4p
No. K4p Maand geleden
Or make a game of flip in the orbies😜
No. K4p
No. K4p Maand geleden
Everyone hide in the orbies and 1 shoots with an airsoft and u only got 3 shots and whoever gets hit gotta bellyflopp in it🔥
Jeff Cornett
Jeff Cornett Maand geleden
Put corn start his and water in it
Laura Pyakutch
Laura Pyakutch Maand geleden
fill the lego pool with oobleck
The Savages Melo' s
The Savages Melo' s Maand geleden
fill with lego pls pls
deccrr Maand geleden
they never see my texts
Minecraft Pro642
Minecraft Pro642 Maand geleden
Yes obeds
cristermarkkus liiv
cristermarkkus liiv Maand geleden
why did u clickbate us at the start of the vid
thefrenchiestfrie 81
thefrenchiestfrie 81 Maand geleden
Super in the pool of orbees
Cohen McLean
Cohen McLean Maand geleden
Put all the orbs underneath the trampoline bunker and spend 24 hours with challenges and dares
Ganza Olivier
Ganza Olivier Maand geleden
Do who can stay under the longest wins $5000 please 👍
April Jones
April Jones Maand geleden
last to leav orbees
Charlotte Lees
Charlotte Lees Maand geleden
Se how many flips you can if you win 2000000
Charlotte Lees
Charlotte Lees Maand geleden
Se how many friends you can do and win 1000000
Jason Fehr
Jason Fehr Maand geleden
I feel so bad for what happens to Corey’s skin after this
justinlameasf Maand geleden
holy i feel so old i remember when Cory first got the corvette
Charity Robinson
Charity Robinson Maand geleden
Stay and there for 2 days/48 hours👉🏼👈🏼
Zay Jasso
Zay Jasso Maand geleden
Do last to find iPhone keeps it
Kellen Campbell
Kellen Campbell Maand geleden
Last one to leave the orbeez pool wins 10,000 dollars
Zoe Alband
Zoe Alband Maand geleden
help i just came here and last time i was here they had the “i love you i love you i love you i” OMGG intro
Swish Lushest
Swish Lushest Maand geleden
Fill it with Oobleck
Justin English
Justin English Maand geleden
Is thunder still Alive? And congrats to Capron and Rydel on there newborn baby
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Migos - Why Not (Official Video)
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