Escaping 100 Layers Of Cardboard! *Unbreakable Box* 

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We had to escape an unbreakable box of 100 layers of cardboard!
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26benwal01 Maand geleden
Chance Nordgren
Chance Nordgren Maand geleden
Why does it look like Corey is always depressed
Austin BOSTON 2 maanden geleden
wow pop
Row Dog
Row Dog 2 maanden geleden
Who wants Kacey as a friend
Gamer Gabe
Gamer Gabe 2 maanden geleden
My dog is also named suki. A picture of her is my profile picture
snny _brn
snny _brn 2 maanden geleden
my dogs called suki
Christeena White
Christeena White 2 maanden geleden
Why is me and my sonny just now hearing of you guys? 😭 Sorry about that! BUT WE ARE NEW SUBSCRIBERS and we find this awesome and entertaining. This is how me and my son bond at times so I’m glad we can giggle around and enjoy time watching y’all create amazing content so far! We are binge watching right now 🙌🏼 stay up stay blessed and always stay safe and god bless you and all of your family and friends 😇😇♥️♥️
sharpie nwordson
sharpie nwordson 2 maanden geleden
u copied this from unspeakable -_-
The every thing Channel
The every thing Channel 2 maanden geleden
Why is everyone copying unspeakable
WarriorNMP 3 maanden geleden
When Kasey can't properly swing an axe
BrayBirds Teen life
BrayBirds Teen life 3 maanden geleden
Scooters I want scooters please please .....
Brooklyn Fideldy
Brooklyn Fideldy 3 maanden geleden
Hi I love you guy and the team
Aidan Cooper-Kuchel
Aidan Cooper-Kuchel 3 maanden geleden
can you plzz do scootering again
James Figaro
James Figaro 3 maanden geleden
How the hell do they have so many subs...
duchess Kay perry.
duchess Kay perry. 3 maanden geleden
Caprons new name should be 'dad bot' lol
Zozeyplays 3 maanden geleden
Hi drew
Landry Pham L
Landry Pham L 3 maanden geleden
Never been in the top 1000 comments
Fun Daily
Fun Daily 3 maanden geleden
Can you pls come to Australia so I can meet you
Ty_xxgaming 3 maanden geleden
You guys are my favourite youtubers
Lauren Evette
Lauren Evette 3 maanden geleden
Lord Suki done the besttt
AmericanHades 3 maanden geleden
Lol the elf scene
John O'Halloran
John O'Halloran 3 maanden geleden
zuki did collataral damege
Jenna Bennett
Jenna Bennett 3 maanden geleden
Why is Rydel never in videos on the funk bros channel
Nolan Stone
Nolan Stone 3 maanden geleden
Where’d Corey go, he seems tired of the videis
Crunch 3 maanden geleden
Wtf. 14:06 me and my friends started saying “mo nyano” like Corey was like a month ago😂 I had like deja vu or something😳
It'syeeOLEDskoolFurry 3 maanden geleden
Suggestion??: Colab with Braile Skateboarding!??
April Greenwood
April Greenwood 3 maanden geleden
Do more wall stuf anything
Till Hump
Till Hump 3 maanden geleden
At the end of the day I think this proved that no matter how many zombies are coming at your house card board can save you😏
Tyshaun Bridges
Tyshaun Bridges 3 maanden geleden
If you steal an idea give credit to the person who did it first.
J J 3 maanden geleden
Unspeakable just did this soooo that means you copied him but it’s ok tho I like Watching you more because you both are pretty funny
Aiden Nettles
Aiden Nettles 3 maanden geleden
Me and my lil brother has that scooter Lol
dsmp fan
dsmp fan 3 maanden geleden
Hi love your vids i subbed
ZoWww 3 maanden geleden
Michael Hackett
Michael Hackett 3 maanden geleden
Idc but you kinda copied unspeakable and this was lmao materiel like every vid
Toeu Thet
Toeu Thet 3 maanden geleden
The end tho- XDDDDDDD
lol chungus
lol chungus 3 maanden geleden
man razor scooters hurt when you get ankled
Beautiful One
Beautiful One 3 maanden geleden
Brayan Skero
Brayan Skero 3 maanden geleden
Bruh they just copy unspeakable
The Minecrafter
The Minecrafter 3 maanden geleden
You guys are the best funk bros
The Minecrafter
The Minecrafter 3 maanden geleden
I have 0 subscribers 😢
Scrappy Yeet
Scrappy Yeet 3 maanden geleden
@Funk bros please listen this may be a cool idea to built a big bunker but with water inside like a bunkerpool?
Chase Mckelvey
Chase Mckelvey 3 maanden geleden
Capron is the MVP
Michael Esteban
Michael Esteban 3 maanden geleden
Damn Casey
Ryan Hall
Ryan Hall 3 maanden geleden
Capron is becoming a dad u can tell From the videos
Ryan Hall
Ryan Hall 3 maanden geleden
He is always trying to help
Ryan Hall
Ryan Hall 3 maanden geleden
The only person I will ever need to is lord Suki
Mason Moss
Mason Moss 3 maanden geleden
Where has rydel been?
Jules Caver
Jules Caver 3 maanden geleden
you are one of my favorite NLblockrs
monkey lol
monkey lol 3 maanden geleden
My birthday is March 28 and I was wondering if you would do a taser hide and seek again
Edward Uzell
Edward Uzell 3 maanden geleden
Vis idea trying to break out of a cement block
Niko Hernandez
Niko Hernandez 3 maanden geleden
Jacen Smith
Jacen Smith 3 maanden geleden
Your next video should be hide and seek in Dave and busters
Dearbhla 3 maanden geleden
What happened to Danny funk
nikola stankovic
nikola stankovic 3 maanden geleden
2.823.753 приказа•08.04.2017 trampolin with cichen look at this video its better look at the edit music its just better
Marco Vasquez
Marco Vasquez 3 maanden geleden
Didn’t unspeakable make a video like this ?
Evan Hankins
Evan Hankins 3 maanden geleden
Who else thought when they landed on suki they were gonna wack suki against the wall and was concerned
Jackson__ 69
Jackson__ 69 3 maanden geleden
You guys need to start posting scootering again I really miss you guys on the scoot
Zak Conayne
Zak Conayne 3 maanden geleden
“Okay stab and pull down” *viciously slashes
Lawrence Lopez
Lawrence Lopez 3 maanden geleden
Hello I just wanted to say you make me laugh and smile every time I watch your guys videos and I just wanted to thank you for making this kind of content and making people happy and laugh by watching your guys videos :)
Casey boi
Casey boi 3 maanden geleden
Who hert Kasey
CloudD4rk 3 maanden geleden
Unspeakables was better
Jasayla Oviedo
Jasayla Oviedo 3 maanden geleden
AntsGoated 3 maanden geleden
Did u give justdustin credit for the video
AntsGoated 3 maanden geleden
I feel stupid it said it a the beginning
Liam Curry
Liam Curry 3 maanden geleden
Unspeakable did this to
brody laudenglos
brody laudenglos 3 maanden geleden
i would like to see the pond back at the new house
Braden Rosengreen
Braden Rosengreen 3 maanden geleden
You guys should make a channel of u guys teaching scooter tricks
Basic Understanding-shorts
Basic Understanding-shorts 3 maanden geleden
Hey capron can you do tramp wall agin
Ben Lohr
Ben Lohr 3 maanden geleden
You guys should make a mini house out of 100 pieces of cardboard
Seth Lee
Seth Lee 3 maanden geleden
pov you know justdustin did this first.
Kimberly Redding
Kimberly Redding 3 maanden geleden
I was just wondering if you can do another video with unspeakable
Kimberly Redding
Kimberly Redding 3 maanden geleden
Play funk Bros
kingblacktop 3 maanden geleden
Fire lord suki
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith 3 maanden geleden
Unspeakable ? In your game?
Motlatsi Shale
Motlatsi Shale 3 maanden geleden
700th comment
call um
call um 3 maanden geleden
I thought this was similar to unspeakable
Olivia Flores ( Student )
Olivia Flores ( Student ) 3 maanden geleden
I think you guys should fill a pool or moving truck with skittles, by the way I love your videos!
MaBr B25
MaBr B25 3 maanden geleden
Dose anyone miss the old intro.
Tom Bonomini
Tom Bonomini 3 maanden geleden
Cam 3 maanden geleden
i like it capron and Corey give credit, bc a lot of creators dont
Ronan Pradon
Ronan Pradon 3 maanden geleden
I think cory got board doing it 😂
Rebecca Moore
Rebecca Moore 3 maanden geleden
You should start suki a destructive channel 😂
Makhi Outdoors
Makhi Outdoors 3 maanden geleden
Come on. Bring the scootering back.
The Hurricane
The Hurricane 3 maanden geleden
You guys are the best and you inspire me
Kayla’s Life Uncut
Kayla’s Life Uncut 3 maanden geleden
Gaming YT
Gaming YT 3 maanden geleden
Man i love you guys ive watched you for like 3-4 years now
Yrn.theodor 3 maanden geleden
Can you give credit to faze rug?
Elijah Tuttle
Elijah Tuttle 3 maanden geleden
bro kackey is going at it
Daniel bailie
Daniel bailie 3 maanden geleden
Everyone slingshot :suki cardboard tastes good
gamer291 lol
gamer291 lol 3 maanden geleden
why are so many people doing this card board challenge (justdustin unspeakable ) i dont know any more
Lindsay Campbell
Lindsay Campbell 3 maanden geleden
You guys are the best NLblockrs ever
Adelaide Koroscil
Adelaide Koroscil 3 maanden geleden
For one of your videos you should do last to leave your hand from the wall
Avery A
Avery A 3 maanden geleden
good job kacey lol ❤️
Maria janelle keith T sismar 💖
Brody Harmon
Brody Harmon 3 maanden geleden
Are you copying unspeakable
I see you cocomelon
I see you cocomelon 3 maanden geleden
Croc gang
Andrew Bessin
Andrew Bessin 3 maanden geleden
@justdustin just did this like 2 weeks ago
HaydenTBC2010 3 maanden geleden
I love ur vids but I think ur copying unspeakable
YT SortFire
YT SortFire 3 maanden geleden
Zuki is so cute and Kacey bruh she is my type lmao
Kinohi Kaupu
Kinohi Kaupu 3 maanden geleden
So everyone is trying to break to 100 layers of cardboard box’s first unspeakable
Half and Half
Half and Half 3 maanden geleden
Sks Kim’s
Benjamin Wilson
Benjamin Wilson 3 maanden geleden
Why do you guys don't live stream anymore on Twitch. I'm just wondering
Chris Dawes
Chris Dawes 3 maanden geleden
So aggressive
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