Challenged Navy Seal To Obstacle Course Race! 

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We went against a military sergeant through this impossible obstacle course!
Thank you @Austen Alexander

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24 apr. 2021




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Steezy Radio
Steezy Radio 8 dagen geleden
I’m pretty sure that Austin Alexander is not a navy seal he’s just in the regular navy.....I hope I’m not seeing things lol 😂
STUD MUFFIN 15 dagen geleden
LOL I love how he just ignore what he said and the end! 😂😂😂
STUD MUFFIN 15 dagen geleden
10:26 Teamwork makes the dream work idiot! 🤦🏻‍♂️
STUD MUFFIN 15 dagen geleden
6:45 His legs were so fucking tired that he literally fell down as soon as anywhere has been added on him! 😂😂😂
Devon Smith
Devon Smith 18 dagen geleden
My uncle was in the navy
Candice Matoian
Candice Matoian 19 dagen geleden
Hey guys! My son is a HUGE fan! He had the opportunity to meet you when you came to his friends cancer fundraiser at pins n pockets in Elsinore and it's still one of the highlights of his life! Well, the boy is turning 13! In June and I was wondering if you would be able to give him a shout out in a video (we both follow you!)?? We'll be at raging waters 6/26 but his birthday is 6/27 (taco dinner in Elsinore and you're officially invited!)... He has no clue I'm attempting to get a hold of you guys sshhhhh I have every finger and toe crossed that this message finds you! Thank you, lots of love from Lake Elsinore
paisley johnstone
paisley johnstone 20 dagen geleden
In jeans as well 😂😂 bet his balls was on Fire
issy 21 dag geleden
Love your vids
Kelly Garrett
Kelly Garrett Maand geleden
Aiden Kotowski
Aiden Kotowski Maand geleden
cory has insane upper body strength😂
Russell Tsamados
Russell Tsamados Maand geleden
It was good until the couples started going
SimplyyClouds Maand geleden
I wanna be in navy or marines yessir or S.W.A.T
Patricia Reyes
Patricia Reyes Maand geleden
I like your videos but why don't you put one in person okay what you do everyday JK
Christian Dinero
Christian Dinero Maand geleden
Lol Austen is a cool dude but he was a Navy MA not a SEAL
Brittany Major
Brittany Major Maand geleden
I thought that was shark [jack payne]
wesley kampf
wesley kampf Maand geleden
Lol Austen aint a seal
john the bird
john the bird Maand geleden
bruh i just came back to this channel from 4 years ago 💙
Kelly Degenhardt
Kelly Degenhardt Maand geleden
Kelly Degenhardt
Kelly Degenhardt Maand geleden
If I was on that a whatever I would get to the top and then just jump the rest of the way
ItzSquidd Maand geleden
He was an MA, not seal corey haha
YovngLettuce Maand geleden
Would do this whole course faster then anyone there exept the marine dude prob😭
Dabdog Roxdog
Dabdog Roxdog Maand geleden
is it just me or does britt sound like cat from victoria justice? At 4:15
Carlee toler
Carlee toler Maand geleden
Hi funk bros
Just Jax
Just Jax Maand geleden
Billy is the best😂
Gage Ayala-Ortiz
Gage Ayala-Ortiz Maand geleden
Why is everybody else putting in so much work and Hannah’s half assing everything and barely trying
Ignes Pribadi
Ignes Pribadi Maand geleden
i can see austen is not even trying
The American Wolf
The American Wolf Maand geleden
Hanna montana
Sachin Meh
Sachin Meh Maand geleden
Honestly i would love to do this
PHILIPPINES DS Maand geleden
I hope someday my channel success
Aero_LS_1 Maand geleden
Britney sound like Ariana Grande
Cat Man Games
Cat Man Games Maand geleden
Cat Man Games
Cat Man Games Maand geleden
BRENDON GAMES YT Maand geleden
Mann if I was there I’d be like I’m so scared because I have a fear of falling down and a fear of heights
Felix Leshey
Felix Leshey Maand geleden
Happy Birthday Capron🎂🍰
dallin stubblefield
dallin stubblefield Maand geleden
Do an escape room Challenge. Where you are in one giant square box where there’s multiple small rooms and you’re trying to sneak out and there’s only one exit. Like cops and robbers, but rooms with in rooms.
Andrew John
Andrew John Maand geleden
Shut up
Karie Westerfeld
Karie Westerfeld Maand geleden
Tat is so awesome guys
Alexander Mulye
Alexander Mulye Maand geleden
Someone called a4 is copying you with thumbnails and video ideas he’s doing the same thing with Mr. beast you should do something
Alexander Mulye
Alexander Mulye Maand geleden
A4 is the name he is from Russia
J. Bennett
J. Bennett Maand geleden
God and Jesus are great read the bible Jesus is coming back soon turn your life to God before it’s to
Triona Bason
Triona Bason Maand geleden
Wow 😯 That is Crazy
Ann Bourbeau
Ann Bourbeau Maand geleden
1 sec
MrSnItchy Maand geleden
Britt sounded like cat off of icarly when she finished
Israel Sánchez
Israel Sánchez Maand geleden
Israel Sánchez
Israel Sánchez Maand geleden
Israel Sánchez
Israel Sánchez Maand geleden
Israel Sánchez
Israel Sánchez Maand geleden
Zahra Mohamed
Zahra Mohamed Maand geleden
The cheating is chefs key
Mateo's Life
Mateo's Life Maand geleden
Happy birthday capron
Malika's Interests
Malika's Interests Maand geleden
This rope triangles give me anxiety 🙈 I smashed my face on the pole at the bottom climbing down of those, I'll never forget the complete panic when I realised the blood was all over my new jacket 😂
Malika's Interests
Malika's Interests Maand geleden
😂 I just love Billy and Nick
Christofer Cardenas
Christofer Cardenas Maand geleden
11:13 😂 lol
Jumana, S TV
Jumana, S TV Maand geleden
Can you give your phone number
kermit the frog
kermit the frog Maand geleden
corey i bet one cent you will not like my comment
ISEN HODZIC Maand geleden
Heather Kushmer
Heather Kushmer Maand geleden
That’s easy
DiamondDmitriy Maand geleden
Ok I was trying to watch an see who faster Corey or drew. Then I see Drew’s comment cmon man 😂
Shelly Maand geleden
Corey amazes me. His upper body strength must be amazing. He doesn’t use his legs much. How does Hannah have such an amazing body and have a hard time at these things. She’s bound to work out a hella lot.
Jackson S.
Jackson S. Maand geleden
If y’all don’t know what squashing is then you ain’t real
alexis taylor
alexis taylor Maand geleden
kacey was so funny lol
Harper Peach
Harper Peach Maand geleden
Cory whopped sway
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Maand geleden
Thanks for coming out! guys But I'm not a Navy Seal
The domnater
The domnater Maand geleden
That's ok ☺️☺️☺️ you are so great at what you are doing
Ashley Spencer
Ashley Spencer Maand geleden
@Tintoxsavage he’s an MP in the navy
Frugal Fam
Frugal Fam Maand geleden
@wesley kampf Undez gang 💁‍♂️😅
wesley kampf
wesley kampf Maand geleden
MA Gang
Austen Alexander
Austen Alexander Maand geleden
@Frugal Fam 😂
Colton Knarr
Colton Knarr Maand geleden
It isn’t the funk bros without capron
7:24 dang 🙃O_o
Alan Brown
Alan Brown Maand geleden
i feel like corey could have gone faster but maybe not, love ur vids guys keep up the good work
patrick rudiger
patrick rudiger Maand geleden
I know austin was in the navy but i didnt know he was a navy seal
arx _YT
arx _YT Maand geleden
Hey everyone forgot about wet socks
Cari Gordon
Cari Gordon Maand geleden
hi corey my name is ryland
john barba
john barba Maand geleden
Lol Austen is harbor patrol not a seal lol
Cari Gordon
Cari Gordon Maand geleden
bro you got 1 second apart
Derren Lovett
Derren Lovett Maand geleden
He is not a navy seal he is an ex security forces officer at naval weapons station seal beach he was riding on a boat protecting weapons not a seal
Colton Harman
Colton Harman Maand geleden
i love how drew and britt are right at the finish line for each other with water
madison b
madison b Maand geleden
Kaycee's burpees are whole mood
SuperFaylon Maand geleden
Britt is like Tarzan
Wheelie Vlogs
Wheelie Vlogs Maand geleden
Lucas_TheOfficial Maand geleden
damn y’all suck
gamer kid
gamer kid Maand geleden
New sub
Brad Morris
Brad Morris Maand geleden
Really drew I can beat you
Josh Baker
Josh Baker Maand geleden
Quick video idea - “Trampoline inside moving truck”
Hezron Kuman
Hezron Kuman Maand geleden
I cannot believe it
CHICKEN PIE Maand geleden
Shemar Parker
Shemar Parker Maand geleden
Mans should have went faster at the end bruh
killers wreckage 1
killers wreckage 1 Maand geleden
I'm just going to say it holy a$$
Ethan hirthler
Ethan hirthler Maand geleden
Thank you for your service
Elle Maand geleden
I freaking love Billy
Andrea W
Andrea W Maand geleden
Andrea W
Andrea W Maand geleden
I can’t believe they got Austin Alexander with them
mac games
mac games Maand geleden
is no one going to talk about how buff corey is
Tommy Mcmurry
Tommy Mcmurry Maand geleden
He’s not a seal he’s an MA stop laying for the views
Elijah Perez-Alleyne
Elijah Perez-Alleyne Maand geleden
Dang Corey is built different
Karson Akins
Karson Akins Maand geleden
Wait, is billy gay?
Chris Rendon
Chris Rendon Maand geleden
Hey Corey FYI there aren't any Sergeants in the Navy (When you post it makes my day though)
Fn_ Clitz
Fn_ Clitz Maand geleden
Corey should join the navy
Fire god !
Fire god ! Maand geleden
Go to haunted Place
Robin R.
Robin R. Maand geleden
Missing the obstacles with water and mud....
Quinn Roberts
Quinn Roberts Maand geleden
why does that look like the easiest shit
Tsm_ Chiuy
Tsm_ Chiuy Maand geleden
0:58 lmao xd Corey casually kicks Drew
Eskimo! Maand geleden
Corey seems like the person to be the next ninja warrior champion or something
Katerena Rakola
Katerena Rakola Maand geleden
Tony Collins
Tony Collins Maand geleden
Leigh Chapman
Leigh Chapman Maand geleden
POV I just liked every single comment
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