Built Lego Treehouse With 50FT Slide! 

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We completed the treehouse city with the final installment! A lego treehouse and a 50ft slide!
Text Us! (1-951-524-7847) @Corey Funk @Capron Funk

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7 feb. 2021




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Nicole Laughton
Nicole Laughton 7 dagen geleden
Ohhhh any Funk Bros video ft. Mama Funk ❤️ is instantly top of my list! Love you guys ✌🏻
PHANTOM SNAKE 3 maanden geleden
You should add a fire pole to one of them
jenny wildman
jenny wildman 3 maanden geleden
your dog is sooooo cute
Chris Ramirez
Chris Ramirez 3 maanden geleden
Hope mr.beast don’t see u guys hitting the tree 🥶😂😂
St Tundra
St Tundra 3 maanden geleden
You should do private investigator again ❤️❤️
Erza Krasniqi
Erza Krasniqi 3 maanden geleden
6.56 I’m ded
Terri Desmarais
Terri Desmarais 3 maanden geleden
Nate White
Nate White 3 maanden geleden
Member the scarecrow from funkisode 1
madi loiselle
madi loiselle 3 maanden geleden
Hello, I have been subscribed since 3 million, good luck,!
Faye 3 maanden geleden
😂 lol😂😂😂😂😂
SNAP Tizzard
SNAP Tizzard 3 maanden geleden
This is just amazing
SNAP Tizzard
SNAP Tizzard 3 maanden geleden
@Riley Ware thanks man. I now stream on twitch and im more dedicated to twitch as its much easier. My twitch is SNAP_Tizzard follow if you want to
Riley Ware
Riley Ware 3 maanden geleden
Omg i actually love your channel its soo good. Can you post more minecraft vids please
cbrogli20 3 maanden geleden
Cool 😎
Brayan Hernandez
Brayan Hernandez 3 maanden geleden
kherington lingard
kherington lingard 3 maanden geleden
Ok is it just me or is Corey kinda cute ?
kherington lingard
kherington lingard 3 maanden geleden
and Capron*
The Washingmachine
The Washingmachine 3 maanden geleden
3:53 Did they call me???
Kadie Galewaler
Kadie Galewaler 3 maanden geleden
What a beautiful mom!
Blayze Hogan
Blayze Hogan 3 maanden geleden
Lol billy 😈🤓
jack Seigler
jack Seigler 3 maanden geleden
Mariah Gutierrez
Mariah Gutierrez 3 maanden geleden
The ending 🤣🤭🥳
Macy Halladay
Macy Halladay 3 maanden geleden
Make some more Mitch
Rebecca Kibitlewski
Rebecca Kibitlewski 3 maanden geleden
I love 0.02 when the stain on the dog
olivia hines
olivia hines 3 maanden geleden
i want to do that
Rhydianos da lama
Rhydianos da lama 3 maanden geleden
Next up a 24 hour challenge
Mahlia aviles
Mahlia aviles 4 maanden geleden
What halpin to Oliver
Asher Kalauli
Asher Kalauli 4 maanden geleden
Can you join me in your you tuber please
Abby Pollington
Abby Pollington 4 maanden geleden
I laughed when Billy was like “Dude it’s like Minecraft in real life” then he made that weird noise XD
Andrea Mayhew
Andrea Mayhew 4 maanden geleden
Sometime you guys should try and build a small or big skatepark in your backyard
Ayla Quint
Ayla Quint 4 maanden geleden
when i started watching your videos my mom started letting me watch youtube and all i do is watch your videos with my little brother and sister
Ayla Quint
Ayla Quint 4 maanden geleden
you are my favorite youtubers
Ayla Quint
Ayla Quint 4 maanden geleden
i love your videos
muf1n 4 maanden geleden
the end haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
jakka.shreyansh Reddy
jakka.shreyansh Reddy 4 maanden geleden
Taylor peeteetuce
Taylor peeteetuce 4 maanden geleden
When ypu done ypu should first do a 24hr challenge
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez 4 maanden geleden
Red Gunss
Red Gunss 4 maanden geleden
7:00 was the best moment
paul dennis
paul dennis 4 maanden geleden
You seem to be coping the dangie bros
Mikestar_123 4 maanden geleden
The best NLblockrs
Tooba 1
Tooba 1 4 maanden geleden
You guys are cheater you guys are cheating of dangie bros .you have the same kind name and some vid cheaters
Belicia RockSmith
Belicia RockSmith 4 maanden geleden
I wanna see a video were you do a build with dangie bros
Aidan Ford
Aidan Ford 4 maanden geleden
24 hrs?????
Tara Stewart
Tara Stewart 4 maanden geleden
I live in Colorado I like G
Brett Klinge
Brett Klinge 4 maanden geleden
Yo I see that you have a vid up but you can’t watch it says the video is private repost it
Fan Of Everyone
Fan Of Everyone 4 maanden geleden
Why is the new video privat:(
Aidan Spraker
Aidan Spraker 4 maanden geleden
you need to add a pool
Dyson Graham
Dyson Graham 4 maanden geleden
The new video isn’t up anymore and I was about to whatch it like the helicopter one 😩
Joseph Guirey
Joseph Guirey 4 maanden geleden
Capron and Corey you should do a video where you billy and drew spent 50 hours in a Freezing cold fridge
Khymani Sammy
Khymani Sammy 4 maanden geleden
why you guys deleted it
RxiderRZN 4 maanden geleden
I saw the new vid its called hide n seek with a helicopter
lol chungus
lol chungus 4 maanden geleden
flex seal the legos together
PixelboyHveen 4 maanden geleden
Mama funk is a legend
Elusive Kaoz
Elusive Kaoz 4 maanden geleden
Jennifer Mardis
Jennifer Mardis 4 maanden geleden
that dog is adorable
Xion Greaves
Xion Greaves 4 maanden geleden
Your should do a nerf war in the tree house
KFCTOM 4 maanden geleden
You should do 24hours in lego fort
Lisa Durbin
Lisa Durbin 4 maanden geleden
Fortnite jokes in 2021 cracks me up 😂😂😂😂😂
Oisin Boland
Oisin Boland 4 maanden geleden
Do 24 challenge in the tree house city
Roblox Gaming
Roblox Gaming 4 maanden geleden
i just subbed bc i watched yall for a year and i like yall. maybe notifications go to all
Logy boi Man
Logy boi Man 4 maanden geleden
Billy reminds me of Jim Carrey
David Soto
David Soto 4 maanden geleden
what happen to the old bobby
Jaxon Saniti
Jaxon Saniti 4 maanden geleden
Love you guys
domenic .a
domenic .a 4 maanden geleden
Next vido idea: 24 hous in the tree house.
Dylan Skates
Dylan Skates 4 maanden geleden
Do you guys in the funk bros house believe in God?
Chris Stamp
Chris Stamp 4 maanden geleden
My name is Mylah
Charlie Schnurr
Charlie Schnurr 4 maanden geleden
We’res knova?
FrieHole 4 maanden geleden
6:57 I was dying
Cierra Youngs
Cierra Youngs 4 maanden geleden
the editing in this is jus immaculate 🤣😭😭
savoir vivre
savoir vivre 4 maanden geleden
merci de booster ma chaine : @NAQU
savoir vivre
savoir vivre 4 maanden geleden
Ashton Wells
Ashton Wells 4 maanden geleden
Hi I'm a big fan
Olivia Watts
Olivia Watts 4 maanden geleden
When the pond comin🤔
Alex hindley
Alex hindley 4 maanden geleden
I literally just saw capren (did i spell that right) on the news
juliem_1986 4 maanden geleden
'CAN WE get more singles?" everyon below (inlcuding me) shouts "I'm single!" lol
juliem_1986 4 maanden geleden
"This is the first time it breaks" not cool dude! lol
Logan Sped
Logan Sped 4 maanden geleden
Like wow funk bros used to be insane. Now they are all over the place and have no clue what to do or where to do it I love you guys hope you figure your selfs out soon 😓🥲
Frost YT
Frost YT 4 maanden geleden
Litecoin about to pump!!! Look at charts!! $374 coming very soon!!!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Go-Xpro5 4 maanden geleden
I try so hard to make good soccer videos but I’m not growing fast. I wish I did like you. 😔
brittanyfizzy 4 maanden geleden
y'all are so creative! This is dope! 👌
xXcaydenXx 1234
xXcaydenXx 1234 4 maanden geleden
You should Build Coreys dog his own dog park
Chase M
Chase M 4 maanden geleden
was that walter perez i saw if it was tell him i said hi plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Ayden Simington
Ayden Simington 4 maanden geleden
Max mats and at the top of the map (falls)😂😂
Samantha Barrett
Samantha Barrett 4 maanden geleden
Looks like fun
jman415 4 maanden geleden
I wish these videos were longer i’d watch every milisecond
jman415 4 maanden geleden
7:02 😂😂
Liam McLauchlan
Liam McLauchlan 4 maanden geleden
are you going to get another house in the future
jman415 4 maanden geleden
jman415 4 maanden geleden
Dusty Windholz
Dusty Windholz 4 maanden geleden
Shane Moran
Shane Moran 4 maanden geleden
I love you guys plz see this 🤪
Crush Stars
Crush Stars 4 maanden geleden
Me:country for life You:insead of Chipotle
Chunky Cheif
Chunky Cheif 4 maanden geleden
Capron must keep the beard bringing Dadpron to a whole new level
Deviona Heather
Deviona Heather 4 maanden geleden
You should do 24 hours in the tree city I think I would be a great idea.
Pancho Panteras
Pancho Panteras 4 maanden geleden
yay i love this
Sawyer McDowell
Sawyer McDowell 4 maanden geleden
I named my cat Sookie but she ran away like 10 months ago
Jamie Fitzgerald
Jamie Fitzgerald 4 maanden geleden
I’m single
Ry Hag
Ry Hag 4 maanden geleden
Why is there a tape pp
Mr Narwhal
Mr Narwhal 4 maanden geleden
24 hours in tree house city and who ever leaves has to do a bad challenge
Fleetwood Mac Clips
Fleetwood Mac Clips 4 maanden geleden
Hey Capron and Corey what’s your guys and the other and Mrs funk two what’s your guys personality my opinion is Capron: INTP Corey: ENFP or ENFJ sometime INFJ or INFP Drew: ESFP or ISFP Brit: ENFP Billy: ISFP Drage: ENFP or INFP Charlie: ISFP Tyler: INFP or ISFP Hannah: INFP Rydel: ENFP
Fleetwood Mac Clips
Fleetwood Mac Clips 4 maanden geleden
And Bobby ENFP or ENFJ
Alfredo 4 maanden geleden
0:02 i love the stain on the dog lol !
Tyler Wiseman
Tyler Wiseman 4 maanden geleden
5:18 🤣🤣🤣
hampster101 4 maanden geleden
I'd like to be part of ur team I'm crazy and I'm 9 in the uk
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