Built A Lego Castle With 100FT Slide! 

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Built A Lego Castle With 100FT Slide, What should we make next?
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25 nov. 2020




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Benjamin Blaas
Benjamin Blaas Maand geleden
yo funkbro hehe waddup man I kinda liked ur vid but isn't it crazy how u can't use the slides lol
pp mm
pp mm 2 maanden geleden
I love iT
Donna Presley
Donna Presley 2 maanden geleden
why does capron have danny duncans merch 69 shorts on
GAMING WITH ZAINE 2 maanden geleden
Make a video where you prank rydel and tell her you cheathed on her😀
gunnar 2 maanden geleden
what kind of filter did you use for 5:02-5:04
lexie harrison
lexie harrison 2 maanden geleden
Cayden Pleasant
Cayden Pleasant 2 maanden geleden
You should build a pool
Hudson Smith
Hudson Smith 2 maanden geleden
I have been 4 years
Annie Roszkowski
Annie Roszkowski 2 maanden geleden
Hey guys if u cross your springs over each other and you’ll bounce even higher
Tomairangi Davis
Tomairangi Davis 2 maanden geleden
I like these kind of vids
azyr ileto
azyr ileto 2 maanden geleden
make a water park and make a huge pool
WhiteFalcon Plays
WhiteFalcon Plays 2 maanden geleden
Yo, I wanna see this fortress in a 24 hour challenge
ALPHA Gaming
ALPHA Gaming 3 maanden geleden
Why was it only 5 minutes long
Julian Euston
Julian Euston 3 maanden geleden
@Fred Y -hi-
Fred Y
Fred Y 3 maanden geleden
THE_ BLINDSMAN 3 maanden geleden
Longer videos plz
The Quad
The Quad 3 maanden geleden
Where are Drage and Drew and Nick and Chels and Billy
THE ANIMAL BROTHERS 3 maanden geleden
Amazing chanel and video.
Koz35 yt
Koz35 yt 3 maanden geleden
I just got click baited
Truman Weimer
Truman Weimer 3 maanden geleden
What is 69
ᴋᴇᴛᴤ 3 maanden geleden
I Got One Of Those Bricks Right In My Eye :) It Was Pain.
Kade Schro
Kade Schro 3 maanden geleden
Hey Capron why do you have on Danny Duncan 69 March
وسام البديري
وسام البديري 3 maanden geleden
Julian Euston
Julian Euston 3 maanden geleden
Zach_the_carguy 100
Zach_the_carguy 100 3 maanden geleden
Me casually watching at two o seven in the morning
Colton Weight2
Colton Weight2 3 maanden geleden
You guys should gainer off on to the tramp and then gainer or front flip up the other side
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang 3 maanden geleden
This is so siiiiick
Cora Smith
Cora Smith 3 maanden geleden
Mini-Muncher 3 maanden geleden
you should add more to it and do 24 hours in the lego castle
Cian O'Donnell
Cian O'Donnell 3 maanden geleden
You guys make your flips look soooo easy!!!
PixelboyHveen 3 maanden geleden
Make a drone timelapse next time u building something, please
Joyce go’s crazy Bruh
Joyce go’s crazy Bruh 3 maanden geleden
I’ve been a fan sines they first started youtube
AKA_ Courtney
AKA_ Courtney 3 maanden geleden
This makes me realise how much the funk bro's have grown l remember watching them when they lived with there parents
Time Out
Time Out 3 maanden geleden
i miss the long videos
BH Gaming
BH Gaming 3 maanden geleden
Eddie Perez
Eddie Perez 3 maanden geleden
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 3 maanden geleden
4:37 lit t*tty😂😂
Kaia Connell
Kaia Connell 3 maanden geleden
your content isn’t as long as it used to be, and i know you guys are probably busy. but they get shorted and shorter. i remember when your videos used to be 20+ minutes.
Kaia Connell
Kaia Connell 3 maanden geleden
it’s honestly disappointing because i loved watching you guys. now it just feels like i’m stopping by if that makes sense.
Johnny Home
Johnny Home 3 maanden geleden
The way Hannah was holding Corey
gallap1 3 maanden geleden
Do you still have the rats 🐀
Nelson Castaneda
Nelson Castaneda 3 maanden geleden
Do not do scary videos I was scared there mat be a demon👹👹😭😭👺👺
jake ementon
jake ementon 3 maanden geleden
jake ementon
jake ementon 3 maanden geleden
Jason Leimberger
Jason Leimberger 3 maanden geleden
Do a overnight challenge
Silenze_ripley Y
Silenze_ripley Y 3 maanden geleden
og duckie
og duckie 3 maanden geleden
Can everyone in the comments go check out my NLblock channel
Isabelle rossess
Isabelle rossess 3 maanden geleden
You should cut a u shape at the end of the slide and the too bit the roof bit so there is more space to get out and not knock your head off all so I love u guys so much 🤩💗💗
Conner Quigley
Conner Quigley 3 maanden geleden
You guys need to make longer videos
April Starnes
April Starnes 3 maanden geleden
ricankush 3 maanden geleden
I've been a true fan for over 2 years and I love the content and funk bros but the content has recently been slipping still a fan and will support but gonna give it to u real I know u guys can do better
Tracey Dalby
Tracey Dalby 3 maanden geleden
O5*/. V*b/* //gffgtgf
Giovannirod 555
Giovannirod 555 3 maanden geleden
Who else used to love the funk bros then they started posting 5 min long vids and u didn’t like them no more cus they rush everything
Peyton Collins
Peyton Collins 3 maanden geleden
Can I come ?
Hendrik Karuse
Hendrik Karuse 3 maanden geleden
Today is 27 11 2020 is friday they have to tou ai video
Hendrik Karuse
Hendrik Karuse 3 maanden geleden
Today is 27 09 2020 is friday they have to tou ai video
Gymnastics Fun
Gymnastics Fun 3 maanden geleden
I just subscribed bc I hadn’t had an account yet but I’ve been watching their vids fo two and a half years
Bree Vlasak
Bree Vlasak 3 maanden geleden
I have and this video also came out on my birthday
Cynthia Logsdon
Cynthia Logsdon 3 maanden geleden
You guys should scooter more I liked you scootering
Eithyn Staller
Eithyn Staller 3 maanden geleden
Who else noticed that capron was wearing Danny Duncan merch
DYLLAN YOUNG 3 maanden geleden
I have
Enda Egan
Enda Egan 3 maanden geleden
wrap your limo
STANLEY PH 3 maanden geleden
Memphis Felis Tik Tok’s
Memphis Felis Tik Tok’s 3 maanden geleden
Capron be wearing 5 69 shorts😂😂
ClipseyPlayZ 3 maanden geleden
I love your creativity in vids
Ben Cawthorne
Ben Cawthorne 3 maanden geleden
Lizet RMarcelo
Lizet RMarcelo 3 maanden geleden
Corey is a made genius I love it
Karter Mitcham
Karter Mitcham 3 maanden geleden
On the 20th of December last to leave the Christmas tree at the very beginning Tyler put touched his hand when he was trying to get the dog out of the square
Meredith Couch
Meredith Couch 3 maanden geleden
Wait what about funk girl what do girls do?
BlueJay 3 maanden geleden
England has left the chat
Hayden Browning
Hayden Browning 3 maanden geleden
We all gonna ignore that Capron is wearing Danny Duncan merch
chris Afton
chris Afton 3 maanden geleden
4 years baby
Ford Crane
Ford Crane 3 maanden geleden
Who wants 24 hour challenge vids
Hunter Gordon
Hunter Gordon 3 maanden geleden
You should spend 24 hours
johnny feathers
johnny feathers 3 maanden geleden
These dudes are like 30 and 40 and still making stupid ass videos playing with legos and jumping around trampoline parks...sheesh get a job..
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 3 maanden geleden
God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!!
theamateurcritic 3 maanden geleden
Videos keep getting shorter and shorter. :/
Sam Pezzi Vlog
Sam Pezzi Vlog 3 maanden geleden
Question five minute video
Life to the Max
Life to the Max 3 maanden geleden
I made a tube slide too and made some vids on it too
James Rocket Yt
James Rocket Yt 3 maanden geleden
Who’s watching on thanksgiving
MatthewTV 3 maanden geleden
i never saw the 100ft slide ohh u talking about the 10ft one
Hudson Hare
Hudson Hare 3 maanden geleden
I love e you guys
Malique Strong
Malique Strong 3 maanden geleden
When are you guys gonna start building the pond
Kamden Kidd
Kamden Kidd 3 maanden geleden
are those danny duncan shorts
Anzelika Krasovska
Anzelika Krasovska 3 maanden geleden
I’m so happy to get your merch
Pug Bez
Pug Bez 3 maanden geleden
My day ate my bed
James Matthews
James Matthews 3 maanden geleden
capron did shadow clone jutsu
Benjamin Morrison
Benjamin Morrison 3 maanden geleden
The funk bros have the best lives
James Carroll
James Carroll 3 maanden geleden
Whens the pond coming back
Ali Hibbard
Ali Hibbard 3 maanden geleden
You guys should spend 24 hours in their!! That would be so gnarly!
Jennifer Pruett
Jennifer Pruett 3 maanden geleden
I have been a fain for a long time they are the best and capren you should name Baby funk braylon or aden
James Drover
James Drover 3 maanden geleden
I like the Danny Duncan shorts 69
Danny Danny
Danny Danny 3 maanden geleden
El BEAN 3 maanden geleden
There should be a drifting video with sprinklers shooting water at the drift spots
Hanna Szendrei
Hanna Szendrei 3 maanden geleden
Guys you should make a pool there where the slide ends then yall can slide into the wotah
Cason Hughes
Cason Hughes 3 maanden geleden
I love y’all so much I hope I can meet you one day and y’all are the greatest youtubers
Emery Pauley
Emery Pauley 3 maanden geleden
Capron has on Danny Duncan shorts on
Rylan Zinkin
Rylan Zinkin 3 maanden geleden
Don’t care
Craig Heckman
Craig Heckman 3 maanden geleden
MountinDont 3 maanden geleden
WTH. We waited all that time and didn't get to c it
Jordan Seggerman
Jordan Seggerman 3 maanden geleden
Hi please read my comment I have watched all your videos on the funk bros please put my comment in a video I’m actually poor
Damian flippin Antor
Damian flippin Antor 3 maanden geleden
who else loves this channel but doesn’t know what to comment
Kobe Clarke
Kobe Clarke 3 maanden geleden
Damn haven’t watched you guys in a while you’ve changed a lot I miss the old scooter vids but it’s Alr, the first vid I ever watched was 4 years ago and when you filled a skate park with packing peanuts luv you guys
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