$20,000 Christmas Present Scavenger Hunt! 

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$20,000 Christmas Present Scavenger Hunt In Our New House!
Text Us! (1-951-524-7847) @Capron Funk @Corey Funk
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6 dec. 2020




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Graci Lewallen
Graci Lewallen 6 dagen geleden
omggggggg i have the same white holister hoodieeeeee
Lexee Doyle
Lexee Doyle 7 dagen geleden
Printer 🖨
Dustin Fearing
Dustin Fearing 10 dagen geleden
Pls do another one
Jerry carl
Jerry carl 15 dagen geleden
december is my b - day they made it on december 6 my b - day
Rust2reality Gaming
Rust2reality Gaming 22 dagen geleden
If I had a brown and when you guys was going down the slide
Walker Wade
Walker Wade 25 dagen geleden
Do another video like this.
3 PrettyBestFriends
3 PrettyBestFriends Maand geleden
I’m wanting to know if I could send u some drawings for yous but I’m from Uk
BenjaminGames17 Maand geleden
This is one of my favorite videos you’ve done
Carter Mackay
Carter Mackay Maand geleden
I’ve been watching since the first funkisodes
Carter Mackay
Carter Mackay Maand geleden
I’m such a big fan I love u guys
Raul Gonzalez
Raul Gonzalez Maand geleden
I want to see you in reel life Corey.I watch your videos every day and i am subscribed.
lacie platts
lacie platts Maand geleden
i love ya vids there so inspiring i having been watching you vids for ages capron congrats on baby even though its been 4 months
Lexee Doyle
Lexee Doyle Maand geleden
Printer 🖨
Azucena Mendez
Azucena Mendez Maand geleden
Bo Brandt
Bo Brandt Maand geleden
For a second I thought it was a real tiger
Kesha Boston
Kesha Boston Maand geleden
I will love to see a next video
Curtner Vlogs
Curtner Vlogs Maand geleden
When they said "something corey wants to smash but never works' the first thing that came to my mind was Hannah😂
Barb Tobin
Barb Tobin Maand geleden
You guys always sound like you had 5 gallons of coffee in the intro but this time you don’t sound like that
Connor Peters
Connor Peters 2 maanden geleden
I have the same drone
Hanna plaz games
Hanna plaz games 2 maanden geleden
Im the limo when you red the clue i thought of tazers
Hanna plaz games
Hanna plaz games 2 maanden geleden
Abdul Ais
Abdul Ais 2 maanden geleden
Yes I love you guys and can i do a date. Ok if you said yes I’m doing one.I dare you to broke your window
Cindy Gaytan
Cindy Gaytan 2 maanden geleden
cory should do you tube and work somwer that has bilding in it
PJ McNeil
PJ McNeil 2 maanden geleden
You guys are the best NLblockrs I’ve ever watched and you guys are great at scooter riding
Shaemar Cherew-Gordon
Shaemar Cherew-Gordon 2 maanden geleden
Gerber 2 maanden geleden
I realy watnt that mavic mini its so cool
Bubba Cross
Bubba Cross 2 maanden geleden
Tell capron to do videos not about gaming
Funny Dude
Funny Dude 2 maanden geleden
Is the mom and dad divorced
Epic taco Gaming
Epic taco Gaming 2 maanden geleden
Corey be flexing with 6 pack :/
Giselle LeBlanc
Giselle LeBlanc 2 maanden geleden
Eric Miville
Eric Miville 2 maanden geleden
omg i love monsters i’m addictive just like you capron
JEN LIM JIA EN 2 maanden geleden
U should do it for a bday surprise
Mushy Peeps
Mushy Peeps 2 maanden geleden
Bro those are literally the gifts I always wanted but there’s so expensive.
Tucker Hinckley
Tucker Hinckley 2 maanden geleden
HDCrafter15 2 maanden geleden
14:10 oof macbook already obsolete
HDCrafter15 2 maanden geleden
(M1) macbook
Carter Stahl
Carter Stahl 2 maanden geleden
I love ❤️ your dog 🐕
Ava Baxendale
Ava Baxendale 2 maanden geleden
Hi love you guys
CaidenBoy064 2 maanden geleden
I watched this video with a 12 and is was just like I have one of those
Koltyn Lloyd
Koltyn Lloyd 2 maanden geleden
I wanna nother one
Alexplays -x
Alexplays -x 2 maanden geleden
I would love s blah blah blah blah lol
Jeremy Fraser
Jeremy Fraser 2 maanden geleden
Coreys face in the beginning 😂😂
Chevelle TRINNE
Chevelle TRINNE 2 maanden geleden
yes do another video simlar
Jeanne Clarke
Jeanne Clarke 2 maanden geleden
We love your vids
Ali Strong
Ali Strong 2 maanden geleden
When they kicked the giant legos down it sounded like popping popcorn 😂😂
Doreen Renschler
Doreen Renschler 2 maanden geleden
Jager Fam
Jager Fam 2 maanden geleden
I want to be part
Spencer Thompson
Spencer Thompson 2 maanden geleden
Casually take their shirts off during the course of the video
Macey Low
Macey Low 2 maanden geleden
i do
Isabelle McDonald
Isabelle McDonald 2 maanden geleden
How are the so fetching good at this? lol
Rhonda Stephens
Rhonda Stephens 2 maanden geleden
Can i have the air pods
Braedyn Albuquerque
Braedyn Albuquerque 2 maanden geleden
3:25 I was dying 😂😂😂😂
Lonzo 2 maanden geleden
This is off topic but ik corey likes drifting, drift game suggestion (forza horizan 4)
Nigga Ney Ney
Nigga Ney Ney 2 maanden geleden
24 hour sey pilipino onli
Jack Colville
Jack Colville 2 maanden geleden
Stop drinking monster
THICCWAT3R WAT3R 2 maanden geleden
Ehren Hatch
Ehren Hatch 2 maanden geleden
Hi funk bros
Chace Tumataroa
Chace Tumataroa 2 maanden geleden
why did capron truck the iphone 12 away
John Asbury
John Asbury 2 maanden geleden
do this again!!!!!
shaneq potts
shaneq potts 2 maanden geleden
omg yes
lance clipx09
lance clipx09 2 maanden geleden
10 days till crismis
Jake DeWitt
Jake DeWitt 2 maanden geleden
are we gonna ignore the fact that they are buying these gifts for themselves
John Simmons
John Simmons 2 maanden geleden
bruh, imagine being so rich that you can just buy air pods pro, and two iPhone 12's at retail price, and then just give them away. Ya'll should really do a give away. I could definitely do with a new phone or air pods. I mean, I would love to just get the new SE, which is cheaper that the air pods pro. I love Funk Bros, But they need to do a give away.
Maya Jose
Maya Jose 2 maanden geleden
Trev Shaw
Trev Shaw 2 maanden geleden
Do another one! Subscribe
Rew Boyz
Rew Boyz 2 maanden geleden
costa goodman
costa goodman 2 maanden geleden
you and raymond warner should meet up in a video again
Collin Van Someren
Collin Van Someren 2 maanden geleden
When they said bad words I like the thing they used to sound it out 🤣
Reagan Nosek
Reagan Nosek 2 maanden geleden
Nicholas Igiozee
Nicholas Igiozee 2 maanden geleden
Yes yes another scavenger hunt
Power Storm
Power Storm 2 maanden geleden
It seems Like you've been neglecting the Limo, Could you guys do another video in it some time soon?
Power Storm
Power Storm 2 maanden geleden
And also clean it?
Desiray Placencia
Desiray Placencia 2 maanden geleden
hi i want to join but i have to pay
Jeff Horsborough
Jeff Horsborough 2 maanden geleden
I hope you have a good day
Finley Cotterell
Finley Cotterell 2 maanden geleden
I hate these guys so fake
Wrapped Up Fishing
Wrapped Up Fishing 2 maanden geleden
Subscribe to wrapped up fshing
Twitch - xd_Eskimo
Twitch - xd_Eskimo 2 maanden geleden
Coreys’s cry litterly sounded like spong bob. Maybe it’s just me but idk 😂
meaganvlogs 2 maanden geleden
i love how when capron got the laptop the first thing he said was about how bobby could use it.
The B Team
The B Team 2 maanden geleden
Yo that s14 looks hella dope
Luv me26
Luv me26 2 maanden geleden
I'm down to watch this but loke make it a contest and whoever finishes the scavenger hunt first wins a prize
Steven Aubin
Steven Aubin 2 maanden geleden
do it with the whole house!!
Ryxel Ramos
Ryxel Ramos 2 maanden geleden
Micah Porter
Micah Porter 2 maanden geleden
can I have a iPhone 12 please
Barbara Graham
Barbara Graham 2 maanden geleden
Oh how much fun! Hope mama Funk and Daddy Funk are doing okay.
jimmy adams
jimmy adams 2 maanden geleden
I love how they're so excited even tho it's their own money
Makenna Milbrand
Makenna Milbrand 2 maanden geleden
I love the Appa car. I thought that not many people watched avatar.
Mr Mcman
Mr Mcman 2 maanden geleden
i liked this a lot
Xeqxfy 2 maanden geleden
They are cowor lightbulbs for my stweam
Nate 2 maanden geleden
Do this exact video but with fans
SKULLY 2 maanden geleden
10:44 capron should’ve said rydel? sorry if i don’t know the correcting spelling of her name
AngelEricOmar Barajas
AngelEricOmar Barajas 2 maanden geleden
Can you add more thing to your treehose using the home depot gift card please😢😢😢😢😢
Julia Wiedmuller
Julia Wiedmuller 2 maanden geleden
My favorite monster is Kahotic.
Melody Tran
Melody Tran 2 maanden geleden
Capron was happy for his brother, but his brother got jealous over Capron
Andrew Myers
Andrew Myers 2 maanden geleden
Capron and Cory at the start of the vid: Fully clothed Capron and Cory at the end of the vid: Both shirtless
Johonna Bell
Johonna Bell 2 maanden geleden
Um Panda Express got a c on food rating in Mississippi
Roblox gamer Jasson
Roblox gamer Jasson 2 maanden geleden
Do a video with Santa hide and seek video
Xx ranger
Xx ranger 2 maanden geleden
Just stop
Ryder Garriott
Ryder Garriott 2 maanden geleden
Make a nother one
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 2 maanden geleden
Turn to Jesus
Ricardo. z240
Ricardo. z240 2 maanden geleden
You guys should do this around the whole city 😂
Mazz Clan
Mazz Clan 2 maanden geleden
You should do this video but with your friends. But a challenge and make teams to see who finishes first 10 gifts hidden to find
Luke B. Forkner
Luke B. Forkner 2 maanden geleden
they need to say hey funkilishish ppl
Griffin Huizenga
Griffin Huizenga 2 maanden geleden
My parents get me air pods
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