Funk Bros
Funk Bros
Funk Bros
Abonneren 6 mln.
2 brothers doing every challenge, vlog, experiment, flip, scooter trick and crazy adventure all on camera at the FunkYard! We began as pro scooter riders and segued that into a full time youtuber show! We live our life’s authentically through the lens of NLblock and love to spread love and positivity
Best Trick On Slip N Fly Wins!
15 dagen geleden
we are splitting up...
22 dagen geleden
Last To Leave Ferris Wheel Wins!
2 maanden geleden
Hide N Seek Inside A Zoo!
2 maanden geleden
Last To Leave Wet Concrete Wins!
3 maanden geleden
First To Break Into Car Keeps IT!
3 maanden geleden
Hide N Seek From A Helicopter!
4 maanden geleden
STRJ Gaming
STRJ Gaming 22 uur geleden
Idea from Ryan trahan
Jaxx Peglau
Jaxx Peglau 23 uur geleden
I have a little crush on drew
Stay Positive With Shy
this is happing with me to but they. are scared that they are getting sued 🥺😞😔☹️
Gamer Wolf
Gamer Wolf Dag geleden
Bring back the old intro
Debbie Harrison
Debbie Harrison Dag geleden
Charles Eades
Charles Eades Dag geleden
Mari T. Echevarria
Mari T. Echevarria Dag geleden
Bro just a minute ago there was a skeleton ghost right next to me and it’s head was moving closer to me so I was like NOPE and closed the app😂
Cole b 69
Cole b 69 Dag geleden
Mustrd squad
Nichola Gay
Nichola Gay Dag geleden
I love you guys
M J Gaming
M J Gaming Dag geleden
Ryan Trahan were you at
Sam Quasi
Sam Quasi Dag geleden
Finally! Somebody who introduces oobleck as a non-neutonian fluid! I can now finally know what people are talking about now!
Candy plays
Candy plays Dag geleden
And Corey has a new girlfriend named Hannah
Itsz AustinYT
Itsz AustinYT Dag geleden
“its a private park” its a godam public park
carlos gonzales
carlos gonzales Dag geleden
Hawa Waheed
Hawa Waheed Dag geleden
7:45 is it me or did cory just say the n word
DailyJaider Dag geleden
Oliver tree:hold my scooter
Pierre Smith
Pierre Smith Dag geleden
Don’t forget we have to give capron 30$ if Corey and Hannah get married
Lucas Cooper
Lucas Cooper Dag geleden
Florida plz come
god joker
god joker Dag geleden
god joker
god joker Dag geleden
Back wards full quad
Alec Chesney
Alec Chesney Dag geleden
Who else hates billy so much
meaganvlogs Dag geleden
When he said the gay joke like honestly it’s just stupid
That is no jello.Jello is more solid than that
Kaitlyn Daedy
Kaitlyn Daedy Dag geleden
Rydel is my hero
SCOOTER_Clipz Dag geleden
Yes it dus
Giana Cesario
Giana Cesario Dag geleden
Who's here when Capron and Rydel are married and have a kid? 👇
Kaelee Wooldridge
Kaelee Wooldridge Dag geleden
I love how caprons all happy he got 10 dollars donning scooter tricks while Cory is over there chillin with 25 dollars after just doing backflips or just getting the money for free 🤣
Cooper Ebert
Cooper Ebert Dag geleden
Why did you guys delete all the videos on the mob can you bring them back please
Cooper Ebert
Cooper Ebert Dag geleden
Almost a year ago this was filmed but it feels like it was like a month ago
Fated_assasin17 18
Fated_assasin17 18 Dag geleden
Oh shurisley!
1379 Gage
1379 Gage Dag geleden
This is my favorite destruction video
Melody Sims
Melody Sims Dag geleden
I have fun
ItTravyM Dag geleden
Love you guys but you guys got to go back over your decimal placements
Michael Mautte
Michael Mautte Dag geleden
I would have went to a yard sale got something for free and sold it and just kept doing that
dyla6560 dyla6560
dyla6560 dyla6560 Dag geleden
Tyler Edwards
Tyler Edwards Dag geleden
I doesn’t matter just live your life you a my impression
gimnastic world
gimnastic world Dag geleden
CM VIDS 225 Dag geleden
When the loop actually happens 11:56
Jaxx Peglau
Jaxx Peglau Dag geleden
Tryper Dag geleden
*scooters are gay* LMAFOOOOOOO i laughed so hard when capron went silent. but nha scooters are cool
Aaron Bennett
Aaron Bennett Dag geleden
Good job and your NLblock channel is cool and awesome keep up the good work and done
Aloha Girl
Aloha Girl Dag geleden
Thanks for the police 💙
Jeff Koch
Jeff Koch Dag geleden
Let’s be far funk bros are the best NLblockrs ever
Henry Mason
Henry Mason Dag geleden
Love this vid ideas so much
Carter Macklin
Carter Macklin Dag geleden
Capron "I'm a good bully" lol
Soccer Girl
Soccer Girl Dag geleden
Hi love your vids
Vinny Thegreat
Vinny Thegreat Dag geleden
Capron is the merch free when we text you
amber thurkettle
amber thurkettle Dag geleden
Great video 😊
Leah Rutherford
Leah Rutherford Dag geleden
I love how resilient he is :)
Riley Jarrett
Riley Jarrett Dag geleden
Y'all are crazy
Space Gamer
Space Gamer Dag geleden
Bruh Capron is such a bad brother
Space Gamer
Space Gamer Dag geleden
My respect for Capron 📉📉📉📉📉📉📉
KroczFN Dag geleden
bro seth is the best uber driver
Jaslynn Png
Jaslynn Png Dag geleden
If I could go there, that place is as good as dead 👌
Jaslynn Png
Jaslynn Png Dag geleden
Please don't ****ING roast the game Corey🙏
zizmo gaming
zizmo gaming Dag geleden
Why you not do it 3 am
Dumitru Stefan Oproiu
Those anyone know what 24 hours mean? ITS NOT 10 MINUTES ITS A DAY YOU IDIOTS
Dustin Hawkins
Dustin Hawkins Dag geleden
Molley Haase
Molley Haase Dag geleden
Space Gamer
Space Gamer Dag geleden
If I had the card I would just get a gaming room
LIAM *-*
LIAM *-* 2 dagen geleden
Scooters aren't gay🤬
Darcy Ferguson
Darcy Ferguson 2 dagen geleden
This is post ready for my 12th birthday I’m outside and 14
ADITYA CHOURASIA 2 dagen geleden
Seriously!! You guys always keep winning our hearts ❣️❤️ The fact that you are going through difficult times still you donate that money means a lot and shows why you guys are different from every other ❤️❤️✨
Aliesya Maisarah
Aliesya Maisarah 2 dagen geleden
Bro i hear babi him calling jason and he say babi
Leonardo 2 dagen geleden
You boy are so nice to others and such loving people
Damin Larsh
Damin Larsh 2 dagen geleden
That guy that’s like can you just go is no fun haha and always has something wrong haha 😂
Mothethi Sebashe
Mothethi Sebashe 2 dagen geleden
You should invite JackPanye
Aditya Shinde
Aditya Shinde 2 dagen geleden
Next time try steel cutter with diablo steel cutting blade It will take just few minutes to cut that tiny box
Mitchel Will
Mitchel Will 2 dagen geleden
You all are supposed to be trading to $100, you just doing things for people to give you money. Your not trading at all.
venom anaya
venom anaya 2 dagen geleden
The glass one called you straight kids
Leah Rutherford
Leah Rutherford 2 dagen geleden
I feel like that guy thinks he is hard but he isn’t lol
Leah Rutherford
Leah Rutherford 2 dagen geleden
The guy that stole stuff.
Wondering _hand09
Wondering _hand09 2 dagen geleden
Should have gave it to someone else tbh
Soviet Axo
Soviet Axo 2 dagen geleden
I love packing peanuts
Jie Ouyang
Jie Ouyang 2 dagen geleden
juliem_1986 2 dagen geleden
Is it bad I thought Corey was gonna win before it even ended? lol
Emma Gall
Emma Gall 2 dagen geleden
super trampoline park hide and seek
That One Miata
That One Miata 2 dagen geleden
Sheesh that guy that said scooters are gay is definitely a b*tch haha trying to impress that girl he is with i guess 😂
Jackson Carter
Jackson Carter 2 dagen geleden
It’s crazy how everyone is so used to the masked by now so a lot of people still recognize y’all in public with them on.