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Funk Bros
Funk Bros
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2 brothers doing every challenge, vlog, experiment, flip, scooter trick and crazy adventure all on camera at the FunkYard! We began as pro scooter riders and segued that into a full time youtuber show! We live our life’s authentically through the lens of NLblock and love to spread love and positivity
Hide N Seek Inside A Zoo!
Maand geleden
First To Break Into Car Keeps IT!
2 maanden geleden
Hide N Seek From A Helicopter!
2 maanden geleden
Hide n Seek vs Police Sheriff!
3 maanden geleden
lizette garcia
lizette garcia 5 uur geleden
Omh he ok???? O and love you guys I like video
LaBriaNaje 5 uur geleden
did i just see austin from austin & ally?! he still looks the same... hasnt it been yearsss😂
jaged 5 uur geleden
Mohamed AlMansouri
Mohamed AlMansouri 6 uur geleden
put the water and the dry ice on the sealing
juliem_1986 6 uur geleden
Aw I feel so bad for Capron. He was so disappointed. It was still a fun video though!
Unspeakable fan!
Unspeakable fan! 6 uur geleden
DJ Reaper
DJ Reaper 6 uur geleden
Broooo u guys got to chill with Ryan finch snd his fam that dope as hell keep up ur funk life bros I wish I could live like y’all
kai higgins
kai higgins 6 uur geleden
Show us a hole vidoe in edited pls super pls I have been a follow since 500kb
Mollee Magro
Mollee Magro 6 uur geleden
シmonstr 6 uur geleden
Can someone help me figure out what show I watched when I was little that had Ross in in and one short fat girl no affense
louiza wanjiku
louiza wanjiku 6 uur geleden
i did
johnny feathers
johnny feathers 6 uur geleden
These dudes are like 30 and 40 still making money off of Trampoline Park
Marshall Boivin
Marshall Boivin 6 uur geleden
god dam it fake number did not work
Kenan2000 Lahey
Kenan2000 Lahey 6 uur geleden
i can not hear
Sawyer Fountain
Sawyer Fountain 6 uur geleden
What!?! Austin from Austin and alley?
Dee Remo
Dee Remo 7 uur geleden
this the first video i watched in 3 days because we didnt have wifi in 3 days
Annie Patingo
Annie Patingo 7 uur geleden
You should collab with 2hype
Trey Bean
Trey Bean 7 uur geleden
Bro I was at defy yeaterday
Jordan Hinnah
Jordan Hinnah 7 uur geleden
Hi Ross
Isabella Stokke
Isabella Stokke 7 uur geleden
I almost cried seeing Ross...
Conner Gamboa
Conner Gamboa 7 uur geleden
Funk bros are all ways the best!! I hope one day I could meet them!!❤️🔥
Ryder Holmes
Ryder Holmes 7 uur geleden
Yo is that Ross lynch goat
CuberMaster84 8 uur geleden
Wow. That’s all i have to say. Just wow
Mikey Lanzara
Mikey Lanzara 8 uur geleden
u should bring back the og intros
Ripefingernails Ripefingernails
Do you get chest pain when you fall on you back?
Crazy cool Beats
Crazy cool Beats 8 uur geleden
Were you with Austin moon
knvg almighty
knvg almighty 8 uur geleden
So y’all just know Ross Lynch
KRYSTIL BELLOMO 8 uur geleden
Bro that bomb at the end blew my mind n ears away! Lol! That was sick tho 👌
Elijah Ashland
Elijah Ashland 8 uur geleden
This that austin moon?
James Baker
James Baker 8 uur geleden
I live in Perry Iowa I really want to meet you you guys are really cool
THE draw bros
THE draw bros 9 uur geleden
It’s sick it’s lit
Gabriela Valerio
Gabriela Valerio 9 uur geleden
I loved this video, it felt like the old funk bros videos
Lucy Reed
Lucy Reed 9 uur geleden
4:34 I love the Gang so much🤣 BILL BILL BILL BILL
Deysi Mora
Deysi Mora 9 uur geleden
i love you guys
HIK TV 9 uur geleden
Yo when I was little I wanted to be like Ross Lynch because I watched Austin and Ally all the time😂
REP? A 9 uur geleden
YOO ITS THE DUDE FROM Austin and ally so cool😒....
Timmy Odarchuk
Timmy Odarchuk 9 uur geleden
Where is this
Timmy Odarchuk
Timmy Odarchuk 9 uur geleden
Plz tell me
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow 9 uur geleden
I like your cut Corey
Anthony Giro
Anthony Giro 9 uur geleden
when i saw ross there it just reminded me of every austin and ali episode
Nathan G
Nathan G 9 uur geleden
Wait Payton and Jason are boyfriend and girlfriend
Carter 9 uur geleden
Is there still a way I could get the “Be You” hoodie because I really want it. Funk bros please but it back on the store
Gracie Ford
Gracie Ford 10 uur geleden
I mean Ross
Gracie Ford
Gracie Ford 10 uur geleden
I’m guessing that’s your cousin brought rooks looks like the guy from Austin and Ali he looks like Austin
Ardon Zanghi
Ardon Zanghi 10 uur geleden
What’s a Mexican without a car Carlos a.k.a. Carlos
Dylon 10 uur geleden
Is it just me but did I miss when ross lynch be come part of the funk bros
jman415 10 uur geleden
Billy and the question marks SENT me 😂😂 5:23
jman415 10 uur geleden
The Funks AND The Lynchs in a video? AT A TRAMPOLINE PARK? AWESOME. I love this old style video 🥲 Also, respect to the Funk Bros for not using Ross Lynch as clickbait 😂🤝
TAV_Princess Princess
TAV_Princess Princess 10 uur geleden
I think Corey hurt Drages dads feelings a little. That wasn't nice.
Cam Smith
Cam Smith 10 uur geleden
Tell Ross that I used to watch Austin and Ally all the time when I was little love you guys❤️
Among us 1
Among us 1 10 uur geleden
U guys just made my day I’ve been having a rough day but thank u fr changing that❤️
jam kids
jam kids 10 uur geleden
Stay blessed if you read this
Dylan 10 uur geleden
For the most smoke you got to use boiling water
Tsm_ Chiuy
Tsm_ Chiuy 10 uur geleden
I like how both Corey and the other guy tried to drink the water... That was funny
Psyclonic Clan
Psyclonic Clan 10 uur geleden
Am I the only one in 2021
ummm. kaylie
ummm. kaylie 10 uur geleden
Super trakpoline tser hude n seek. Almost
Derrick Gaming
Derrick Gaming 10 uur geleden
Austin and Alley
Remdog 56
Remdog 56 10 uur geleden
Ice 🧊 Ice 🧊 Baby
Triona Bason
Triona Bason 11 uur geleden
Tyler MOORE 11 uur geleden
Is that Austin from Austin and ally
rylan Beyer
rylan Beyer 11 uur geleden
Yo wad that dudes name rylan or nah
Dakota King
Dakota King 11 uur geleden
2fps bray
2fps bray 11 uur geleden
is that the guy from austin and allu
Kelz 11 uur geleden
i cant wait till super is doing all that stuff with them its gonna be so fun for us and for you im so happy for you capron
Sam Hanson
Sam Hanson 11 uur geleden
Does anyone recognize Hannah never participates
Emma Gurl!
Emma Gurl! 11 uur geleden
Does anybody else miss these type of videos but COVID happened witch Mintbno more fun video
TAV_Princess Princess
TAV_Princess Princess 11 uur geleden
I love that Capron drives a car with Rydels face all over it. 💙💖💙
Tiff ღ
Tiff ღ 12 uur geleden
Jaiden 12 uur geleden
this video reminded me that ross lynch is capron's brother in law. pretty cool
DO IT WITH NATE 12 uur geleden
Did you guys ever check the bushes by the gate
Zacari Sprowl
Zacari Sprowl 12 uur geleden
Is that Austin from Austin and ally
Rider Fox
Rider Fox 12 uur geleden
Next time put it under the tramplines
Cole Bisel
Cole Bisel 12 uur geleden
Ali Asghar
Ali Asghar 12 uur geleden
seeing john back just brings so many memories
Finn Nesfeder
Finn Nesfeder 12 uur geleden
Faze rug did this too
Dinoking 11
Dinoking 11 12 uur geleden
This is all fake
Brett Harmon
Brett Harmon 12 uur geleden
How bussin is that like bussin bussin or
Jayricko Ricky
Jayricko Ricky 12 uur geleden
Aiden Shepherd
Aiden Shepherd 12 uur geleden
That blonde dude is on Netflix
Aiden Shepherd
Aiden Shepherd 12 uur geleden
Ross is on Netflix
CrimsonRed Kingdom
CrimsonRed Kingdom 13 uur geleden
What up! I had to pause the video to make sure but holy crap that’s Ross Lynch from Austin and Ally. This is the best video ever
Queen_ Dee
Queen_ Dee 13 uur geleden
Ross 😳