Funk Bros
Funk Bros
Funk Bros
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2 brothers doing every challenge, vlog, experiment, flip, scooter trick and crazy adventure all on camera at the FunkYard! We began as pro scooter riders and segued that into a full time youtuber show! We live our life’s authentically through the lens of NLblock and love to spread love and positivity
Last To STOP Riding Wins!
3 maanden geleden
Marshall Plays
Marshall Plays 49 minuten geleden
This is cool but spooky
Sofie Hegdal håland
Sofie Hegdal håland 50 minuten geleden
Can you do last to leave THE pool
Aaden Wampole
Aaden Wampole 51 minuut geleden
When the ghost hunter was trying to find him look in the background really closely does a girl walking bye
Euphoria 2 uur geleden
Lmao I’m so glad billy mentioned pacific rim at the start, that was the first thing I thought of when Corey was holding that tool
furkan ALİ ÖZDEMİR 2 uur geleden
Waylon Danyluk
Waylon Danyluk 2 uur geleden
The sound does not work
Tristin Luther
Tristin Luther 2 uur geleden
I live in Buffalo New York
Windows 3.1 Vip Edition
First ];
MSC_Swif-i 3 uur geleden
Phasomphobia irl lol
Scuffed _minecraft
Scuffed _minecraft 3 uur geleden
69! MMMMM WHAT A? GooD CHOic like just reply with yes if u know
Josephine Wakefield
Josephine Wakefield 3 uur geleden
The last time I watched you guys was like a year ago and I completely forgot about you but last night I ✨REMEMBERED✨ just sayin
Viphou _Playz
Viphou _Playz 4 uur geleden
15:20 there’s like a black figer behind her
X_ Gangsterboy_X YT
X_ Gangsterboy_X YT 5 uur geleden
I live in the Netherlands don’t think your coming here for a coin
Tik Tok
Tik Tok 5 uur geleden
I subscribed and turned on notifications
S.m Al
S.m Al 5 uur geleden
Sylvia Mendenhall
Sylvia Mendenhall 6 uur geleden
Go 24 hours in it
Eman AlMarri
Eman AlMarri 6 uur geleden
when natal got hurt a capon was talking to Cory was chilling in the background
Untoxify 6 uur geleden
Jason breaks a bone: ah dang it man
Litalia Hafizh
Litalia Hafizh 7 uur geleden
SuperRoman Gaming
SuperRoman Gaming 7 uur geleden
Jasmine Pillidge
Jasmine Pillidge 8 uur geleden
William Makoare
William Makoare 8 uur geleden
Tina’s Toy Box
Tina’s Toy Box 8 uur geleden
They need to make a other under ground bunker but filled with ball pit balls that would be insane! I would love to see that, like if you agree so they will see it
Misael Ortiz
Misael Ortiz 8 uur geleden
i love you 😘😘😪😍😍😻😻😎😎😴😀😃😄😌☺😪😘
Misael Ortiz
Misael Ortiz 8 uur geleden
so fynny i love you videos so funny hahahahah
Xavier Rodriguez
Xavier Rodriguez 8 uur geleden
I loved the hide and seek games they are very funny when
Misael Ortiz
Misael Ortiz 9 uur geleden
es so kool i hav dat en mi home you or the best youtuber en so fune
Ariette Cheer
Ariette Cheer 9 uur geleden
I love you I love you videos and I love that one better than all the ones I don’t one where are you going to treehouse
Stephen curry
Stephen curry 9 uur geleden
And y does john scream so much
Stephen curry
Stephen curry 9 uur geleden
Lol i did
ZipZapZoop Jones
ZipZapZoop Jones 9 uur geleden
For what you do you deserve more subs Continue like that your the best im following from 2017
Pedro Ribeiro
Pedro Ribeiro 9 uur geleden
Muito foda
Paxton Porter
Paxton Porter 9 uur geleden
This is one of the first videos I watched
Jenny Rudis
Jenny Rudis 9 uur geleden
How do I turn on notifications
Shabba BlessedSquad
Shabba BlessedSquad 9 uur geleden
They all got out of it to do flip
Vani Jayaram Raju
Vani Jayaram Raju 10 uur geleden
Gold colour
Dylan_is_not_human YT
Dylan_is_not_human YT 10 uur geleden
Me waiting for the dog to go in 😂❤️that would be cute
Marcus Hall
Marcus Hall 10 uur geleden
Its 750
Faze Thunder
Faze Thunder 10 uur geleden
Drage is my favorite
LTN0401 10 uur geleden
All fun and games until someone gose on the trampoline and they don't know someones on the pool 😂
Brian Radetich
Brian Radetich 10 uur geleden
I love the eagles
Khiryn Bailey
Khiryn Bailey 10 uur geleden
That’s a bad cookies but I just realize he have a gun
Thiago Guitar Player
Thiago Guitar Player 10 uur geleden
Wtf is this clothes man
Alejandro Ochoa
Alejandro Ochoa 10 uur geleden
Corey and capron can I have ten thousand dollars it for my family plz
Silvia Breaux
Silvia Breaux 10 uur geleden
No way so close
Silvia Breaux
Silvia Breaux 10 uur geleden
Purple balloon with toyr eyes closed